Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 740

Chapter 740:

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He walked slowly to Lei Ruofeng's side, his eyes full of anger.

"Do you know who caused you today!" Lei Jiuzhou's icy words seemed to pierce Lei Ruofeng's heart with a sharp knife, making her tremble with a terrified look.

He has never seen this little uncle so angry, this is definitely the first time.

"I...I..." Lei Ruofeng said a few words in a row, but did not say the following.

"Remember today's punishment, our Lei Yu clan will almost make you tired!" Lei Jiuzhou's first sentence was spoken to Lei Ruofeng, and the second sentence was resounding in her sea of knowledge. .


Lei Jiuzhou kicked Lei Ruofeng's belly directly and kicked her out.

"Slap!" Everyone could clearly hear a slight cracking sound from Lei Ruofeng's lower abdomen. Lei Jiuzhou even kicked her blood of Dantian blood, making her lose her qualification to continue practicing.

Of course, if there is a magic elixir, elixir, or magic medicine that can reshape the flesh, the elixir can still be restored!

However, how can this kind of elixir or elixir be used by a person who has caused a huge disaster. The Thunder Prison family is the guardian family, and the law enforcement in the family is like a mountain!

"Uncle!" Lei Ruofeng hit the wall once, and fell down heavily. Her face was sad. She didn't expect that things were more serious than she thought. The person in front of you called Zhao Yuande could actually threaten The power of the Thunder Prison family, she felt that she was not wronged, and she almost became a sinner of the family.

Everyone in the Lei prison family has a strong sense of belonging to the family. Even though Lei Ruofeng is a different kind of family, the thoughts instilled from the elders of the small family have made her feel a strong sense of belonging to the family.

She knew that the uncle did this to get rid of the last trace of musty in the other person's heart. Although she was abolished by the blood of Dantian, the spirit still exists. As long as she continues to practice hard, she is not hopeless to cultivate the kind of merit in the family. law.

"Brother Lei!" Zhao Yuande glanced at Lei Ruofeng, looking at the fear and repentance in the other person's eyes, and it was considered to have put this matter down.

"Brother Zhao, my niece is not sensible, but I have to be sensible. Her approach has seriously touched the threshold of my Lei Hei clan, which should be punished!" Lei Jiuzhou waved his hand and pointed to the two humanities of Minghui Zen Academy not far away. , "How did Brother Zhao intend to deal with the two?"

"The two of them are some backers in Wanjie City. I don't care if I am alone, but there are still many families related to me, and I still have some bogey!" Zhao Yuande laughed helplessly.

"Let them go! I went back to beg the master to go to Wanjie City and say hello to the ancestor. Looking at the face of the master, the ancestor might not be investigated anymore!" Lei Jiuzhou thought for a while. He replied, "But recently you better warn your familiar family, don't let them go out of the world of the East Emperor. The master is recruited by a big man in the upper world to ask questions, it may take a month or two to come back."

"It turns out so! Well, I warn them!" Zhao Yuande nodded. "I'll deal with this matter first. Let's sit down together. I will let you taste the world's first food!"

"Ask for it!" Lei Kyushu's eyes lit up.

He listened to Zhao Yuande's legend, and his ears would have been cocooned.

The name of the world's best food has made him fascinated for a long time!

In a magnificent palace in the city of all realms.

A long-browed monk slowly opened his eyes, and a glimmer of light shot out of the eyes.

He whispered softly: "Brother! Are you dead?"

The long-browed monk stood up slowly, he was tall, and the moment he stood up, he felt like a majestic mountain standing.


One monk, two vulgar and two tolerant, stood respectfully in front of the long-browed monk.

"Okay, A Liang! Your Uncle Zhengyuan is dead, and died in the world, you immediately find out what happened to me!" The long-browed monk's eyes sharply continued coldly, " I havent appeared in the eyes of many people for hundreds of years. It seems that some people have forgotten the origin of my Buddhas anger.

"Master!" Both were tall and majestic, and at first glance had a terrible flesh and strength. They bowed and stooped and slowly exited the palace.

By the time they left the palace, the two were already sweating!

"Master is more powerful than ever! It seems that this retreat has a breakthrough, and I don't know when we will reach this level!" The monk called Clear is particularly lingering, but his face is more envious and yearning.

"Brother, don't dream!" A Liang patted Dust's shoulder. "We are only God Emperor Realm now. If we want to reach the realm of Master's old man, it will take at least thousands of years of hard work. My least estimate!"

"A thousand years? I don't think it's more than that!" Mo Chen shook his head.


Soon the two returned home in a hurry, neither of their faces looked good.

"How?" The old white-browed monk looked at the two disciples and said lightly, "Why did your uncle die at the beginning?"

When the white-browed old monk opened his mouth, an invisible killing intention suddenly condensed in the air, and the two people's skin stung for a while.

"Uncle Shi was killed by a young man named Zhao Yuande in the Eastern Emperor Great World!" A Liang didn't even believe that his uncle would be killed by a young man, but this is indeed what the newspaper said. He can only tell the truth.

"A young man? What the **** happened?" The old white-browed monk's voice suddenly froze, and the air around him seemed to freeze at this moment.

"It is said that...It is said that the three uncles went to the Eastern Emperor Great World to find the Jiang family to make a statement. As a result, there was a verbal conflict with this Zhao Yuande, and finally Uncle Zhengyuan was defeated!" , Trembling and finished the information.

"Be defeated by a young man? This..." The white-browed old monk couldn't believe it. "What about the other two of your uncles?"

"It seems to be blocked by the Jiang family, and the scene was blocked by the Thunder Prison family. Our intelligence was not accurate!" A Liang also felt incredible, but the intelligence said so.

"What is the origin of this Zhao Yuande?" The old white-browed monk slowly calmed down and continued to ask.

"This person comes from an ordinary small family, and encounters a lot of adventures. It is said that he also holds a secret recipe that makes the alchemist master ashamed, which can make people practice more secrets! When he appeared in the trial team of the Wa Palace, when might he have a relationship with Lei Zunla! By the way, he is the Chaos Eucharist!" A Liang said all the materials about Zhao Yuande's origin Listen to the master.

"Chaotic Eucharist! Lei Zun! Food inheritance! Interesting... It's really interesting! I heard a little curious, I don't know what kind of adventure this guy has in order to make him grow so fast, and even be able to defeat the Emperor Realm. Early disciples. Even people like me from the beginning are rare." The white-browed old monk wore a trace of dignity on his face and waved to his two disciples. "Go down! Let me think about it. ."