Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 742

Chapter 742: Wanjie City

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Looking at the cleanest spotless food in the world, Zhao Yuande couldn't help but feel a little grateful to Wan Shengzong's Zhu Wanqing. Since he came out of the **** market, this bamboo Wanqing has been helping himself take care of his store. , Can be considered attentive, saying that one day he must entertain him.

The people stayed here, and Zhao Yuande called Rushuang out again, and then they began to contact Hope Zong. They sent their invitations to the Ji Family, the Northern Wild God Mountain, and the Water God Palace.

Zhao Yuande originally wanted to send a copy to the guardian family of the hidden world at the top of the extreme north, and gave it to Yi Menggui, but after thinking about it for a long time, she gave up. She still needs to find it herself.

Many shops around the world's first gourmet have been ordered by Zhao Yuande to be purchased by Liu Dongquan.

He re-commanded people to repair the place and open several shops to become a bigger shop.

Soon Ji Yuling and Zhai Linxuan arrived one after another, and their parents came with them.

Zhao Yuande was greeted with confusion, and finally, under the inquiries of the two bombardments, he finally couldn't support them, introducing them all to the other side of the world, and allowing his parents to receive them.

The son has the ability to find so many daughters-in-law, the father and mother must have a face, and they have just returned to the Jiang family, and they are in a good mood. This started a negotiation between relatives.

Zhao Yuande was so happy that he took his four daughters to swim in the world on the other side of the world.

The conclusions negotiated by the parents and the third-party relatives made Zhao Yuande somewhat surprised. They unanimously decided to push back after the marriage period, waiting for the girl Shui Jukong to come back together.

Zhao Yuande is both moved and pleased!

Both the Ji and Zhai families took a fancy to Zhao Yuande's other side of the world, and asked Zhao Yuande to mark a place for them to build their houses. In the future, they will also have their family business.

Zhao Yuande is naturally very happy, he is the master of this world, and it is easy to build houses from time to time.

In fact, these two really have the urge to move in and live. To know the speed of Zhao Yuande's cultivation, I am afraid that it will not take many years to become an immortal. By then, the other side of the world will definitely be taken to the fairy world.

You can directly enter the fairy world to practice without crossing the robbery. Imagine it makes people feel excited.

In fact, cultivators will also have their own inner world after practicing in the world. However, the rules in these inner worlds are incomplete, and all are filled with the rules of the strong in the inner world. If they live in this world for too long, You will be assimilated by the power of the rules in the inner world, subtle images of your cultivation, if you do not go, in the end, you may always only be able to follow behind this strong man, and can never be exceeded.

Looking at the joyous appearance of the three families, Zhao Yuande couldn't help turning his head to look at Zhu Luan beside him.

"Bring your mother and your aunt together!" Zhao Yuande smiled.

"Okay!" Zhu Luan cheered.

Zhao Yuande's wind and dust quickly rushed to the entrance of the underground world, and soon brought Zhu Luan's mother and aunt back.

There is another family in the other side of the world, which is even more lively.

Zhao Yuande quietly left the other side of the world.

"How about we go shopping in Wanjie City?" Zhao Yuande looked at Heifeng, Yi Jie, Po Tian and Qin Xingyu.

"Wanjie City! Where is the most mysterious place in the whole realm! Really take us?" Black Wind heard the three words of Wanjie City and couldn't help but show excitement on his face.

"Listening to the backstage of Huichen Temple is in the World of Ten Thousand City, we rushed past like this, not great!" Yi Jie was hesitant.

"Afraid of a bird! The soldiers came to cover up the water and the earth, it's a big deal. We fight with them!" Heifeng didn't care.

"Uncle Black Wind, I don't want to die!" Qin Xingyu glanced at Black Wind very dissatisfiedly. "I'm only a teenager. I'm so talented.

"Your uncle! I just said something casually, who said he was going to die! Uncle, I haven't found a cute female bear, and I don't want to die!" Heifeng rubbed on Qin Xingyu's head, and rubbed his head His long hair is mellow and messy.

"My uncle died a long time ago! You said my master!" Qin Xingyu wanted to escape the grip of the black wind, but he struggled for a long time, but he was really annoyed and let him rub it away!

"In fact, I have acquaintances in the world of cities. If the old guy really dares to shoot me, I will make him regret it for life!" Zhao Yuande smiled at the corner of his mouth, he thought of a person, an unscrupulous person!

"Since this is what to wait for! Let's go!" Black Wind's excited eyes shined, "Wonder City, Uncle Black Wind is here!"

"Wonjie City! Waiting for the arrival of Master Qin, trembling under the power of Master Qin!"

Wanting to go to Wanjie City is not easy, Zhao Yuande first found the Wantong Chamber of Commerce, and then took the teleportation to the broken star ring,

The broken star ring was occupied by the power of the desolate field for a period of time, but with the withdrawal of the desolate field, the broken star ring became prosperous again.

Zhao Yuande they once again set foot on the starry sky in the broken star ring.

This large-scale transmission of starry sky was built by Wantong Shanghe and several huge forces from the beginning, and it cost a lot of money, so the transmission fee is very expensive.

However, this did not disturb Zhao Yuande and threw a few guys into the trial space of the Eternal Tower.

At this time, the time flow rate inside the Eternal Tower has reached a ratio of ten to ten outside, and the trials in the Eternal Tower have been completely unraveled. They can scream while enjoying the trials brought to them The same as the upgrade!

As for Zhao Yuande, he has already embarked on the starry teleportation array. The starry teleportation array of the Wantong Chamber of Commerce. It took about tens of billions of high-grade spirit jade to send all the way. He appeared in a magnificent teleportation array.

He looked up and saw a chaotic sky above his head, and three fiery red stars shining on the earth, full of red light.

This is a vast continent floating in the starry sky. A great coastal city is located on this continent, occupying almost one third of the area of this continent.

This continent is a little bigger than the divided Eastern World, but this big city is not as magnificent as the Wa Palace, but it is already shocking.

The masters here are like clouds, and there are a few more powerful than Lei Zun. They are stationed in the four directions of east, west, south and north of the big city, and Zhao Yuande slowly feels.

"Huh? There is a familiar breath. She was... it was really here." Zhao Yuande suddenly had a strange look, and a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth. "Well, I am relieved if she is here. Do you want to go first?" How about seeing her? Forget it, I still have to inform Lin Jin'er to find the white tiger statue!

Zhao Yuande remembered the piece of virtual Taoist jade sent by the little girl when she left, and immediately inspired Yufu to deliver a message to Lin Jin'er.