Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 743

Chapter 743: Innate Gold

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But what I did not expect was that the news that Zhao Yuande had just delivered had a response.

"Brother Zhao, have you come to Wanjie City?" Chuanyin Yufu remembered Lin Jin'er's voice.

"Yes, I haven't stepped out of the teleportation team yet!" Zhao Yuande laughed.

"Wait there, I'll pass immediately!" There was a pleasant voice among Chuanyin Yufu.

Zhao Yuande was stunned for a moment. At this time, he could already see a figure rushing from a distance, and appeared in front of himself at the next moment.

"Brother Zhao! You are really here!" Lin Jin'er appeared in front of him, his face full of joy.

"I'm here, Jin'er!" Zhao Yuande smiled on his face. "Why are you so here, Jin'er?"

"People have been waiting for Brother Zhao in Wanjie City, and I am afraid that Brother Zhao will not find me in Wanjie City." The little girl was very shy and her face was slightly red.

"You have been waiting here all the time?" Zhao Yuande looked at the little girl. "Don't you need to practice? Don't you need to return to Zongmen?"

"You can also practice in the World of Ten Thousand City, and the practice room is higher than our sect, as for the sect... I am a disciple of inheritance, no one cares about me!" The little girl explained to Zhao Yuande patiently, fearing that she might misunderstand herself. Love cultivation.

"That's it! That's my misunderstanding! I'm not familiar with Wanjie City at all, so please take me around with Jin'er!" Zhao Yuande didn't plan to get that guy out of the scenery and stay with a little girl In case these guys have your big mouth in front of Zhuan Luan, its not easy to explain yourself.

"Then let's go!" Lin Jin'er smiled and led the way.

If Wan Yuan City was so huge, it would have been deeply shocked if Zhao Yuande had just returned from the Wa Palace.

"Jin'er, why don't we go to see the white tiger stone statue first, I want to see if there is really a woman," Zhao Yuande suggested.

"I'm planning to take Brother Zhao first to go there first!" Lin Jin'er reminded Zhao Yuande carefully, "But I first remind Brother Zhao that if you get it, don't move, but there is the central square of Wanjie City, There are too many people in the daytime!"

"Okay! I know. If there is really any reaction, I will come back in the evening to explore it." Zhao Yuande knew that the masters in this big city were like clouds, and he didn't dare to move.

Lin Jin'er soon took Zhao Yuande to this huge central square.

In the four directions of the square, stand the four great beasts of the blue dragon, the white tiger, the Suzaku Xuanwu, and the four statues are up to thousands of feet, as if the four true gods guard the four directions.

At this time the square was full of bustling cultivators, and it seemed like a messy open-air trading market.

A large number of cultivators set up stalls here, selling goods.

Zhao Yuande swept a little, and even the emperor's strongman sat on the ground without a picture, with a lot of things in front of him.

Zhao Yuande even found an innate spirit treasure inside!

When was Innate Lingbao so worthless! Zhao Yuande's heart could not help but slander.

His eyes swept a few times around him, and finally he set his sights on the white tiger statue thousands of feet high.

"I didn't expect this statue to be so huge. Who was the one who built this statue?" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but sigh. "I'm afraid this kind of generosity can only be achieved by a powerful creation world!"

"The four statues are said to have been left by a strong man. The strong man doesn't know how powerful it is, but he seems to be able to manipulate time and is called the **** of time!" Lin Jiner said.

"Time God? Never heard this name." Zhao Yuande searched the stomach and didn't remember the name, he couldn't help shaking his head.

"It is said that it was recorded in the history book of Wanjie City, and my master told me." Lin Jin'er said.

"It's too far apart, let's go over and see!" Zhao Yuande suggested.

"Okay! But there might be good things in the stall. Let's go and watch!" Lin Jin'er obviously has a common problem with women and likes shopping!

Zhao Yuande had no choice but to follow her behind with a smile.

Zhao Yuande soon understood why Lin Jin'er was so keen on shopping.

This girl has a hollow eye and can see things that many people can't see. Soon they will gain something. They have bought an innate material for hundreds of high-grade spirit jade.

This is a black stone, but it is black but there is a hint of spiritual aura. The seller said that it is black gold stone, and the asking price is 800 yuan.

Black gold is just a kind of ordinary cultivation material. A slap-sized piece can sell for up to three hundred. The other party sees that the two are young people, and they begin to speak.

Lin Jin'er felt that this guy looked like a profiteer, so he tried to bargain with him, and finally won it with four hundred top grade jade.

Lin Jin'er, who took the stone, proudly took out a gleaming dagger and cut the stone gently.

Before the sword was completely cut through, I saw a golden ray of light shining out of it, and the shining four sides were all golden.

"This little girl is lucky!" Suddenly there was a look of envy on everyone's face.

"Such a good thing even sold 400 high-grade spirit jade!" The old man in the stall next to him said to the stall owner, "Li Ping! Eat a grain of grass and grow wisdom, this time I should pay the tuition! This tuition is high enough, this stone is worth at least hundreds of thousands!"

"This is...innate gold essence!" At this time, an emperor strongman passed by this place, and at a glance he saw the following of this thing.

His eyes were bright, and he would buy this innate gold essence when he rushed up.

"This little girl, you make a price! I'm asking for this innate gold essence!" This is a middle-aged man in armor, and his eyes looked at Lin Jin'er's hands for a moment. Black stones.

"I keep it for my own use and don't sell it!" Lin Jin'er will not transfer this kind of thing to others casually. Xu Dao Sect has a mysterious refining method. This innate gold essence can be refined into a piece that is not weaker than innate. Lingbao's golden sword sword gourd!

Refined into a golden sword sword hoist, at least it can increase the value of this innate gold essence ten times, and the golden sword sword hoist has great power, and contains the innate gold essence gas. Chongbao.

"I'll pay ten million!" The Emperor Warframe directly offered the price.

"What! Ten million top-grade spirit jade!" The owner of the stall called Liping, a man with five short statures, suddenly jumped up when he heard ten million, "I will not sell you this stone! I will not sell it!" "

He anxiously took out the four hundred top-grade spirit jade that Lin Jiner had just given him from the storage ring, and he had to hand it to Lin Jin'er. The other hand was going to grab the innate gold essence in Lin Jin'er's hand.

"Humph! You black-hearted profiteer, don't even think about it! Brother Zhao, let's go!" Lin Jin'er politely pulled away the other's hand and pulled Zhao Yuande to leave.

"Don't go!" The five-short man is also a strong man in the early stages of the world. He yelled out when he hurriedly opened his throat, "Someone forced to buy and sell! Come to control!"

The Warrior Emperor did not rush away at this time, and quietly voiced Li Ping, who was five short in length: "You and I cooperate to get this piece of innate gold fine, how about three million selling me."

"Did you not just bid 10 million?" Li Ping's eyes lit up and he hurriedly bargained.

"Forget it!" Emperor Warframe, turned and pretended to go.

"Good! Three million transactions!"