Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 746

Chapter 746: Set

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"Finished, the patrol guards of the Wanjie City, the mid-century..."

"Master Knot!" Elder Lin, dressed in Tsing Yi, saw this person and could not help but frown slightly and took a step back, the other party was too alcoholic.

"Master Patrol, this person..." Murong saw the red monk's eyes suddenly showing excitement. This person was reckless and extremely short-sighted. It seems that this time the other party is going to be bad luck. He hurriedly repeated what he had just said to the old man in the blue shirt.

Zhao Yuande could not help frowning when he saw this monk in red, but this kind of dress was so vulgar. He really lost Zen's face, and he immediately felt sick of the other party.

"What? How dare you be so unscrupulous!" A pair of red-eyed monks stared fiercely at Zhao Yuande, grinning his final white teeth, and said coldly, "Little guy, it seems that you don't know that I have finished the name of the master ! Murong Qing, go up and take him to me. If he dares to resist, I will kill him on the spot!"

"This..." Murong Qing was stunned. He was not the opponent of the other party. If the other party really wanted to resist, wouldn't he want...

"Don't go yet!" The red-clothed monk glared at him, and Murong Qing was suddenly scared, and no longer dared to delay.

"Slow!" Elder Lin, dressed in Tsing Yi, squeezed Murong Qing's hand and turned to look at the red monk and smiled. "It's over! Murong Qing said only one-sided words. If they dont match, you should listen to the other party to explain a few words!"

"Elder Lin? You are not mistaken!" The red-clothed monk took a sip of wine very uncomfortably and squinted at Elder Lin. "You are the elder of the Wanjie City Chamber of Commerce. Go, play while!"

The monk in red was obviously very unfriendly to Elder Lin, and his eyes revealed a trace of disdain.

"Finally, I am helping you, not hurting you!" Elder Lin snorted coldly.

"Fuck you, who will help you!" The monk in red said, "Murong Qing, do you still need my own hands? Don't hurry!"

"Humph!" Elder Lin was not pretty, but he resisted the urge to turn around and walked, but stood not far away and looked at the red monk coldly.

"Yes!" Murong Qing saw the expression of the monk in red, and his face was white, but he knew the temper of this patrolling lord. If he procrastinated, I am afraid that what he was waiting for was a beating, although he could not lose it. Life, but lying in bed for ten days is no problem!

In desperation, he only walked toward Zhao Yuande with a scalp.

"Are you here to die?" Zhao Yuande looked at it for a long time, and probably can see that the relationship between these people seems to be intricate, but he was too lazy to think about it, watching the other person approaching him step by step, he could not help opening his mouth, revealing a trace A faint smile, "You have to think about it, as long as you dare to shoot me, I will never be merciless! It is not as simple as the few men around you!"

"Huh! Are you threatening me?" Murong Qing was already suffocating enough. Now when he hears the words of Chi Guoguo like Zhao Yuande, his face suddenly twists.

"What's wrong with Murong Qing today? Where's that majesty in the past?" Someone suddenly made a slight chuckle not far away.

"Counsel! He is not an opponent of others, this is called bullying and fear!"

"Due to it, such a person has to cure him, otherwise his nostrils will not be lifted to the sky!"

"It's better to kill him alive. This guy looks like a man, but it's broken to the bone..."


After listening to the whispering and whispering around, Murong Qing couldn't bear it any more, shouted, and a long sword in his hand pierced Zhao Yuande's eyebrows, and at the same time, a majestic world appeared behind him, the green mountains, green water, wild animals, fish and insects.

"Hey! If you don't listen to good people's words, you will be at a disadvantage!" Zhao Yuande sighed softly and greeted the long sword with a punch.

He naturally also heard a round from the people around him. He felt a sudden disgust for the behavior of the person in front of him, and he unconsciously increased his strength in his hand.

Everyone looked at Zhao Yuande just to pick the sword with his fist, but he was a little disappointed.

"Isn't this person crazy? Could my fist be stronger than a sword? Especially in Murongqing's hands, but the ultimate treasure made by a piece of innate material, even the Divine Emperor might not dare to do this. Pick it up!"

"Not necessarily, look at that man's expression, with a touch of confidence on his face, maybe it can be..."

"He is too arrogant, it seems that what we expect will not happen!"


But when these people were disappointed, they turned their heads away and did not watch the tragedy.

Suddenly there was a sound of breathing in the air all around, and then a clear sound was heard.

They couldn't help turning their heads curiously, and suddenly saw a scene that made them stunned.

They only saw that the young man in white shattered the long sword made of the innate material with a punch.

The fist seemed not to be blocked at all, then bombarded on Murong Qing's chest.


A bitter sound of bone cracking sounded, Murong Qing seemed to be a short-line kite tossed into the distance.

" strong this guy has to be!" The people who had come back could not help but all opened their mouths!

"That's innate material, but he was smashed by a punch? What is this guy doing? What could a **** emperor be like a pig and a tiger!"

"Are I dreaming, Murong Qing's scourge was beaten? That's great!"

Some people even burst into tears when they were excited! It can be seen how much this Murongqing is not seen on weekdays.

At this moment, even Elder Lin couldn't help but stunned. He knew that the young man in white was very powerful, but he didn't expect it to be so ridiculously powerful.

He thought he couldn't do it all.

"Boy, you are looking for death!" The red monk ended, his eyes shot fiercely, he threw the hip flask down to the ground, and firmly held the mace on his shoulder, and then stomped on the ground fiercely. The body rises up like a big ant.

The body of the red monk was like a blazing flame, and the huge mace was like a giant mountain, and it was suppressed when facing Zhao Yuande.

"Hey!" Zhao Yuande didn't seem to see the advent of the monk in red, but instead turned around and sighed softly at Lin Jin'er, "Wonderful city turned out to be this style, which really disappointed me! "

"Brother Zhao..." Lin Jin'er apologized. She pointed to the mace that was about to fall on Zhao Yuande's head. "You still have to solve the matter in front of you!"

"Why do such people appear everywhere? Is it my luck?" Zhao Yuande shook his head helplessly.

He pointed his finger lightly at the mace that was about to fall and sipped in his mouth: "Sure!"

At the same time, he took a step back quietly.


After a loud noise, everyone saw the red monk lying on the ground like a dead dog, and the mace fell to the ground.