Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 748

Chapter 748: A Chance

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"Master Chen, this child has a mysterious origin, and may have a very powerful force behind him. Especially if you look at his combat power, he can easily overcome Zhiguang in the mid-term of the Divine Emperor, maybe he is standing behind a giant power, I After seeing Master Chen, you still have to think twice!" Elder Lin walked over to salute the old monk in red and slowly said the above words.

"Lin Pingyuan... you shut up for me!" Chi Kuang hysterically shouted, "Master... I'm finished, my Buddha's heart is broken, I lost hope, just kill me!"

The old monk in red looks very ugly. This disciple has always had high hopes. He hopes that he will one day be able to surpass himself and become a supreme power beyond Gods realm. Unexpectedly, such a thing will happen today, which makes him a bit dilemma. .

There are many young people from all over the world who are famous in the world of all realms. There are countless powerful young masters, and some of them are super powerful. Even the master cant afford it, he is most afraid that the young man in front of him belongs to this. Kind of force!

"Master... kill him! Kill him!" Zhiguang, the red-clothed monk, still roaring, sounding extremely painful.

The majestic red-robed monk Zhiguang just now seems to be crazy at this time, with a huge contrast between before and after.

"Hey! There is no way! I have to ask the master for help if something goes wrong! I hope my luck is not too bad!" The old monk in red gritted his teeth and walked over to Zhao Yuande, "Little guy, don't blame me Blame, you blame yourself for not knowing that the sky is thick and thick, and it provokes my disciples, now you die!"

"Bah! It's shameless! There is no good thing for a bald head! Old bald head, I also have my responsibility just now, and you have the ability to kill me together!" Intentionally rolled his eyes at the other party.

"Little beast! Do you dare to humiliate me so much! Let me die..." The old monk in red looked terrible, and originally wanted to shoot Zhao Yuande's palm and shot towards Lin Jin'er.

What is the status of the old monk in red, and his master is one of the few surviving strongmen in the whole city of Wanjie, not to mention the young people, even those who are the same as his cultivation are respectful and slightly cultivated. A little lower, seeing him even more trembling, but the girls in front of him were so arrogant, and the killing intentions in his heart rose, no matter whether there was any backstage behind the other party, raising his hand would kill her.

"Bold!" At this moment, a deafening shout came from far away, and a magic rainbow came across the sky and shot directly at the old monk's chest.

The old monk in red felt a very dangerous breath in this divine rainbow. If he wanted to kill the girl in front of him, this blow would have to be strong and firm, which is definitely not cost-effective.

His body backed up again and again, avoiding this magic rainbow, only to discover that this magic rainbow was a magic sword with golden brilliance.

"Dust! Do you want to cause Zongmen war?" An old man with red hair took the golden sword that was circling in the sky, and faced the murderous sensation of the old man in red.

"You...Jia Yuandao! What do you mean?" The old monk in red looks a little bit unnatural. The old guy in front of him is the elder of the virtual Dao Sect, and his cultivation practice is not under himself. Could this girl be like this? Does the old guy matter?

"Do you know who this girl is?" Jia Yuandao, with his red hair and a loud voice, said, "This is my brother's only personal disciple, my teacher's nephew! If you hurt her just now Nothing, my younger brother will directly kill your hometown and find Zheng Yi's monk face to face theory!"

"She... is he that disciple? Or the only one!" The old monk in red shuddered, and he remembered the man's horror.

The master told his brothers and sisters a few who talked about who was the strongest person in the beginning. The contemporary suzerain who once mentioned the virtual Dao Sect had already surpassed the realm of the **** emperor, and even the master said frankly. If it is a discussion, the opponent should not be his opponent, but if he is fighting against each other, he is not his opponent.

This person has a powerful space magical power, and it is a headache!

I almost killed the proselytized disciple, and I thought I felt a hair behind me!

"Brother Jia, I'm sorry, I really don't know her identity!" The old monk sincerely apologized, and he didn't dare to kill any more in the face of the disciple.

Zhiguang, who was still roaring there, also stopped at this time, and the identity of the other party exceeded his expectations.

He was not really stupid or muddy, and he knew how to judge the situation.

He knew that he would never kill the man if he continued to make trouble. He could only find another way. He asked the master to help him recover from the injuries in his body.

"Huh! Forget it, since you don't know, then I can't blame you! Let's go!" Jia Yuandao waved his hand, feeling a little disappointed.

"Jia Shibo is so majestic!" Lin Jin'er gave a thumbs-up to the red-haired old man Jia Yuandao, with a smile of worship on his face.

"Hey! Okay!" Jia Yuandao was a little embarrassed. "Hey, why did you get them? If it wasn't for me today, would you lose your life to know?"

"Huh! I just picked up a leak and bought a piece of innate gold essence, and they became red-eyed and wanted to **** it! Thanks to Brother Zhao for protecting me, otherwise things will really be robbed!" The little girl took the piece The innate gold shining with golden light dangled in his hand, with a smug smile on his face.

"Brother Zhao? Was it the Zhao Yuande who saved you last time in the world of Devil Scorpion, son Zhao?" Jia Yuandao looked at Zhao Yuande up and down with a satisfied smile on his face, and thought, Master Nephew is really good eyesight, At first glance, this young man is well established!

The old monk in red was planning to leave with his disciples, but when he heard Zhao Yuande's three words, his eyes suddenly lighted up!

A cold smile appeared on the corner of his mouth, and he came to several people in one step, and said to Zhao Yuande: "Little guy, your name is Zhao Yuande? It is you who killed my uncle Zhengyuan in the world of the East Emperor!"

"Oh! Recognize it!" Zhao Yuande looked at the dust without any surprise. "You are really hindsight, now I recognize me!"

"It's dust! This is the life-saving benefactor of my teacher's nephew, don't mistake yourself!"

"Okay! Brother Jia, this matter is not my little thing anymore! He is the person whom his old man is looking for!" Dust looked at Jia Yuandao with a somber face. "Know what matters, so hurry up." Take the teacher nephew away, otherwise my two brothers will come soon, they are not as good as me to talk!"

Jia Yuandao heard the two brothers suddenly changed their face, but the two were definitely stronger than themselves, and the two usually appeared at the same time, which is simply unsolvable, as long as it is not beyond the supremacy of the Divine Emperor Realm The strong cannot stop them.

The most important thing is that the other party is not asking for this teacher's nephew, but her friend. Even if the younger brother will definitely not go outside the branch, and will not fight against an outsider and the old guy.

Zhao Yuande didn't speak at this time, but looked at the Taoist elder of Xu Daozong lightly.

He intends to give the other party a chance, a chance to get his friendship, depends on whether the other party can grasp it.