Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 749

Chapter 749: Act Recklessly

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"Jin'er, we may not be able to control this matter!" Jia Yuandao looked at Lin Jin'er with an apology on his face.

"Master Uncle! What are you talking about? Don't you know that Brother Zhao saved me? He is my benefactor, and I won't allow him to be hurt!" Lin Jiner shook Jia Yuandao away and took her hand, only I feel that this old man is a bit strange.

"It's not worth it!" Jia Yuandao explained weakly, but he knew Lin Jin'er couldn't listen.

"No! Absolutely not!" Lin Jin'er broke away from the old man and came to Zhao Yuande somehow, "Brother Zhao, let me help you!"

While talking, he gently lifted his forehead's hair, and a vertical eye appeared in Zhao Yuande's eyes.

"Brother Zhao, isn't it ugly!" The little girl lowered her head and dared not look at Zhao Yuande's eyes, for fear of seeing disgust in the other party's eyes.

"No! Not ugly, but beautiful... Actually I do!" Zhao Yuande's eyebrows opened slowly, revealing a chaotic eye, and a silver electric light flickered in the eyes.

"Jia Yuandao..." glanced at Jia Yuandao, who was in a daze, and urged, "I will give you three breaths to take your niece away, otherwise when my two brothers come, they I'm afraid I don't have so many scruples~"

"Relax!" Jia Yuandao clenched his teeth and strode toward Lin Jin'er.

"Brother Zhao, I will open a void channel with a hole-eye in a moment, you just have to take the opportunity to rush in! I will immediately cut off the connection between the void channel and the outside world, and you can escape!" Lin Jiner looked at Zhao Yuande Some sadness on his face.

"Jin'er, don't use this, have you forgotten what I told you? I still have a way!" Zhao Yuande smiled at her slightly.

"Jin'er! Don't be self-willed, your hollow eyes haven't been fully inspired yet. If you open it rashly, you might be worried about life!" Jia Yuandao shouted anxiously.

"Then ask Master Shi to take action and take Brother Zhao away!" Lin Jiner said stubbornly. "Otherwise I will open the hole."

"Hey!" Jia Yuandao approached Lin Jin'er and sighed softly, showing a doted expression on her face, and gently said to her, "Okay, Uncle..."

Jia Yuandao suddenly shot, stunned Lin Jin'er directly with a palm, clamped her in the waist, then turned to Zhao Yuande and said: "Zhao Yuande, you can do it for yourself! Our virtual Dao Zong will not fall for you and Zheng Yi Yes, dont blame me, you will definitely do the same.

"I won't!" Zhao Yuande didn't stop the other party, just smiled and continued, "Hey! I wanted to give you a chance for the virtual Dao Zong, a chance to get my friendship, and now it seems that you have lost this opportunity! "

"Little guy, could it be that you have lost your mind, your friendship..." Jia Yuandao sneered. "You still have to pass this level first, and then say this!"

"If you weren't Jin'er's teacher, you would die here today!" Zhao Yuande's voice was dull, and gradually became a little indifferent.


Jia Yuandao sneered and said, "I was a little grateful to you. You have always saved Jin'er, but now... Hey! I'm here to see who else in this world can save you , Who dares to save you!"

"Okay! I'll let you see!" Zhao Yuande turned to face behind him, chuckling in one direction, "Zhao Yixin, don't come out soon, brother will be beaten to death again!"

Everyone listened to his shouting and couldn't help but want to laugh. Jia Yuandao almost wanted to laugh.

Let the younger sister come out to save himself, is he guilty of losing heart?

"Brother! You're really boring, there's no danger you are asking someone to come out and do something." A 14- to five-year-old girl among the crowd squeezed out with a smile, and frowned at Zhao Yuande.

"Okay! Now there is no danger, but some people want to see my backer in advance, I can only call you out!" Zhao Yuande shrugged helplessly and pointed to Jia Yuandao.

"Humph!" Jia Yuandao glanced at both of them, and whispered softly, "It's a surprise, your backstage is this girl? He's not as big as Jin'er!"

"People can't look! Seawater can't be weighed!" Zhao Yuande's expression was indifferent. "You will soon turn away, and you will regret it soon, and regret how shortsighted you are!"

"I do not believe!"

"Brother! Is it true that you found Zhao Yuande in your letter?" At this moment, the two figures floated in front of the dust.

"The two brothers are absolutely true, right there!" Li Chen pointed to Zhao Yuande.

"In that case, we will take him down!" He looked at Zhao Yuande and frowned slightly, because he found a strange little girl beside Zhao Yuande, who seemed familiar.

"Shoot together, foolproof!" A Liang shouted and shot first, rushing to Zhao Yuande.

"People are here, I see how miserable you will be in the end!" Jia Yuandao stepped back slightly, giving way to a large open space.

"It seems that I am going to stretch my muscles!" Zhao Yixin stretched hard, and his figure was graceful and graceful, which made people feel a wonderful feeling in his heart.

It was at this time that when Zhao Yixin stretched his lazy waist, he seemed to be a little careless, leaning his body forward, and pressing the palm of his palm as if deliberately and undoubtedly forward.

A Liang, who had just rushed, exploded directly with a loud blast, and a black **** screamed in horror, and he was about to rise to the sky.

"It's naughty!" Zhao Yi scratched in the empty space, and the spirit that had escaped thousands of miles away was broken directly.


I only heard the sound of swallowing saliva in the throats of everyone present.

At this time, half of the dust rushed away and fled, shouting in horror: "Master, help!"

"No one can save you!" Zhao Yixin lifted his fingers slightly, facing the virtual point behind the dust.

A finger larger than the mountains appeared behind the dust, and the pressure of terror seemed to come down directly as if a real big world.

"Please ask the girl to show mercy!"

A giant Buddha with a height of tens of thousands appeared in the sky above the World of Ten Thousand City. The big Buddha was standing on top of the earth, almost covering the whole sky, and a very unreasonable palm swept across the huge finger like a mountain.

"Late!" The finger disappeared in the void in an instant, and pressed directly on Chen at the next moment.


It was like piercing a soap bubble with your finger, the dust was pierced directly, and it was broken into undetectable fine particles, even the soul did not leave a trace.

"I fought with you!" The big Buddha opened his mouth with an angry roar, and the huge palm that could cover the whole Wanjie City was photographed angrily towards Zhao Yixin.

Two of his favorite disciples, two disciples who can inherit the mantle, were squeezed to death in front of him. One of his Buddha hearts was close to collapse, he was already in madness and rage, and he never looked back Going here is the World of Ten Thousand City, angrily shot with all his strength.

"Zheng Yi! Stop me!" At this time, in the other three directions of Wanjie City, the three powerful beings turned into three giants, and they joined hands to resist the palm that was shot by Zheng Yi. The guardian of Jiecheng must not watch Wanjie City destroyed in Zhengyi's hands.

"I really don't know life and death! Get away!" Zhao Yixin looked at the horrible giant palm and would slowly fall. He couldn't help but frown, pinched his fist and hit the sky with a fist.

A golden divine light shot from his fist, flickered in the void, and appeared in front of the big Buddha when it appeared at the next moment. At this time, its volume is already comparable to the size of a small planet, as if it looks bright. The gods shook like a sun so that everyone could not open their eyes.


The Buddha shattered in an instant, and the golden Buddha light scattered in the sky, almost shining the sky into a golden ocean.


In a hall, the first one who was kneeling on the ground suddenly opened a mouthful of blood arrows, and the whole person fell to the ground all at once, his head put a loud noise on the ground.