Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 750

Chapter 750: Died

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"Master Zu..." Seeing this, several little monks stood in a state of horror and were at a loss.

One of the little monks boldly stepped forward and touched the wrist of the ancestor, and was immediately scared to the ground.

"Master Zu...died! Died!"

Jia Yuandao stood inconceivably on the spot, his mouth open so he could squeeze a few fists, he murmured a little dementia: "It turned out to be true! What he said turned out to be true! My hypocrisy... missed!"

The remorse in his heart at this moment is simply beyond words. The cultivation of this little girl has exceeded his imagination. He doesn't know what realm he wants to say. Anyway, he is ten times and a hundred times more powerful than his teacher!

The other three powerful men who showed the giant dharma body, all turned their eyes to Zhao Yixin. After seeing her face clearly, they were all terrified, and they took back the dharma body without saying anything!

They seemed to recognize Zhao Yixin, let them do so, what may have happened before.

"Okay! Once and for all, I will solve this little bald donkey!" Zhao Yixin patted his palm.

"That's right..." Zhao Yuande tried to ask.

"Dead! I was beaten to death with a punch!" Zhao Yi shrugged. I just shot a little bit harder. I didn't expect him to be so fragile. He was shattered by the soul, and now there is only one flesh!

"Okay!" Zhao Yuande swallowed a sip of saliva, only to feel his heart beating. What the **** is this?

"Let's go! Look at my sister's site!" Zhao Yixin pulled him and disappeared into the square in an instant.

The moment before Zhao Yuande disappeared, he turned to glance at Jia Yuandao who was holding Lin Jiner, and a sneered smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

Jia Yuandao shivered and almost didn't fall to the ground directly. Thinking of what he just said, he couldn't help but feel a little afraid.

"Hey! It was my old dizzy eyes that made Xu Daozong miss this great opportunity!" Jia Yuandao sighed heavily, turned and flew away, "I only hope this young man can continue to communicate with Jin'er. It's Jin'er's blessing."

The central square of NuoDa University, after Zhao Yuande left, was silent for about a dozen breaths, and then seemed to be thrown into the sea by a deep-water bomb, which caused a huge wave.

These people who came to the stalls came from the heavens and the world, and they all talked about what happened just now.

Zhao Yuande's strength, Zheng Yi's arrogance and arrogance, the most is the last Zhao Yixin, unbelievably powerful!

Today's events will be their talk for a long time to come. I'm afraid that within a month, the whole world of Ten Thousand Realms will spread what happened just now in the Ten Thousand City.

"What is this place?" Zhao Yuande looked at the place where Zhao Yixin took him.

Just looking outside is a bustling main street, where shops are lined up with shops of various powers. He also saw the tallest building with the words "Wantong Baolou" written on it.

And he is now in a shop, which is in a mess, as if he has just experienced a fight, and the ground is still bloody.

"This is my shop! Wrong, I don't know how many thousands of years ago the shop, and the piece outside, belongs to me!" Zhao Yixin pointed to the entire street.

"Now now?" Zhao Yuande seemed to understand gradually, and understand the three super powers. Why did they all leave after seeing Zhao Yixin in disgrace? Obviously they must have contacted with Zhao Yixin because of this street.

"It's still all mine! But it's not good if so many powers offend me together, just let them rent for a while, and I'll just collect the rent!" Zhao Yixin sat lazily on a piece of paper that didn't fall over Bench.

"Do this here? You won't keep it like this!" Zhao Yuande looked at the mess in the shop.

It seems to have been a panacea store here. Many potions were scattered on the ground. A large number of bottles and jars were shattered, revealing the various potions. However, these potions seemed to have lost their effectiveness, obviously exposed to Too long in the air, the effect of the medicine has long disappeared.

"Hey! I'm too lazy to tidy up, do you want to help me?" Zhao Yixin looked at Zhao Yuande, and suddenly his eyes lighted up, "Otherwise I will give you all of these shops! Also save me the trouble, distract him Gu, I still want to be promoted to the realm of immortals!

"So what state are you in now?" Zhao Yuande was not too happy to hear that the other party was going to give the shop to himself. Lingyu is just a matter of number for him now. What he cares about most now is cultivation.

"The peak of the fairy, that is, the immense realm of practicing the devil! Although this physical foundation is not as good as my real body, it is already very valuable. I think there is still the potential for progress, so I dont want to waste time on these miscellaneous things. "Yi Xin" can be regarded as an explanation for why he has been living in this mess of ruins.

"Okay! I was defeated by you!" Zhao Yuande said helplessly, "I will find some people to organize here, you can practice with peace of mind!"

"No hurry! I have something to discuss with you." Zhao Yixin pulled him.

"What's the matter?" Zhao Yuande wondered what would happen to this ancestor and sister who didn't have any form.

"I... I'm afraid I can't live here for a long time!" Zhao Yixin said with some difficulty.

"Where are you going? You have to travel through many domains to find a breakthrough opportunity?" Zhao Yuande asked puzzled. "What should I discuss with me about this?"

"I'm going to Immortal World!" Zhao Yixin whispered, "I taught the old guys a few days ago. As a result, they attracted the princesses of the heavenly angels. They said that my strength has exceeded the limit of this world, so let I hurried away, I figured out that there are probably days to go!"

"So fast!" Zhao Yuande felt that the news came abruptly, which made him unexpected.

"No way! At first, I was a little bit unscrupulous, and I beat the guys all over the ground. You know that these guys are the spokespersons of the fairyland here. I humiliated them so much!" Zhao Yixin Sigh gently.

"Then you killed Zhengyi today, isn't it..." Zhao Yuande was worried.

"It's just a different one, he's not a good bird! He is a man in the Pantheon, and the three people who killed him might be stolen!" Zhao Yixin was a little bit angry, just now the three old guys could have stopped me One punch killed Zheng Yi, but they did not stop in time.

They clearly want to take advantage of this opportunity to make me and the Pantheon turn their faces, so they can only be promoted to Immortal Realm as early as possible.

"Okay! Since I have to go. I can't help it, but I want to tell you that this fairy corpse is likely to have a bright future. You still have to change your appearance when you arrive in the fairy world, otherwise it will cause trouble and... " Zhao Yuande was a bit nagging and told her something he thought he should pay attention to.

Even Zhao Yixin was a little strange himself. Why did he always feel a little escaped, why didn't he feel annoying when listening to the other party, but felt a warm heart.

understood! I am his ancestor, or his sister, this feeling should be normal!