Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 752

Chapter 752: Woman's Identity

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"Save me..." The voice is intermittent, as if it has been transmitting it for thousands of years, it has become extremely mechanically numb, but this seems to be the other party's only hope, as long as it does not die, it will never stop.

"Who the **** are you?" Zhao Yuande's soul asked the silver sphere of light. He has a feeling that this sphere of light is definitely related to the woman in the picture.

"Save me..." After a long time, there was still such a voice in the silver light ball, as if the people inside had died, only this voice continued to reverberate.

Seeing this, Zhao Yuande could not help frowning slightly. Is the other party really dead?

"Do you know Zhang Jiyang?" Zhao Yuande tentatively said Zhang Jiyang's name.


Suddenly there was a soft sound in the silver sphere of light, as if an eggshell had been broken, and one arm suddenly came out of the silver sphere of light, waving desperately in the direction of Zhao Yuande.

"Zhang Jiyang...Zhang Jiyang..." A hoarse woman's voice came from the silver ball of light, more and more quickly, more and more clearly, and finally some hysterical shouted, "Jiyang! Save me!"

This voice is extremely sad, people can not help but feel a pity and intolerance.

Brother Zhang! Zhao Yuande was shocked in his heart. Was this woman really related to Zhang Jiyang?

"How can I save you!" Zhao Yuande's voice calmed down, fearing that the other party's emotions would become unstable again.

"Who the **** are you?" The woman's voice gradually calmed down, "How did you discover the secret here?"

"I got a little inheritance from the ancestors of Kongshan, barely regarded as Zhang Jiyang's brother!" Zhao Yuande said frankly, "I got a picture of my brother at the auction, with a woman painted on it, and a friend of mine With a hollow eye, she once vaguely saw your face in the belly of White Tiger. He said that you are exactly the same as the woman on the scroll. I had to come over and prove it."

"That's the case? What did you learn about the ancestors of Kongshan Dao? Can you show me." The woman seemed to need further confirmation.

"Cut Heavenly Finger!" Zhao Yuande smiled bitterly, "This piece of Heavenly Finger means that I have only practiced a few times, and the practice is not good!"

Zhao Yuande's soul raised a finger and swiped in the space.


A golden silk thread broke.

"Sure enough, it's the sky finger!" the woman exclaimed with a trace of joy in her voice.

"How can I go out with you?" Zhao Yuande asked.

"Cut all the golden silk thread, or smash the white tiger statue!" The woman's voice was full of anticipation, "but..."

The woman seemed hesitant and did not go on.

"But what?" Zhao Yuande asked curiously.

"But it's difficult, and it's very easy to be discovered by the strong man. Once he lowers the wrath of thunder, I'm afraid you will be wiped out in an instant." The woman hesitated a little, and still told the truth of the matter, "The man was already a creation. Jing Xiuwei, after so long now, I am afraid it will be stronger."

"Is there no other way?" Since the other party is really related to Zhang Jiyang, he can't just stand by and stand alone. I can't ask Zhao Yixin for help.

"Yes, there is a strong man in the fairyland, and it takes a long time to be silent." The woman sighed, "It is too difficult to find a fairy in this lower realm. !"

"It's not difficult, just how long does it take? If it is too long, my friend may not agree!"

"It takes about a month to quietly open this large seal. This is just a preliminary estimate. If there are any unexpected circumstances, the time will be longer!" said the woman.

"No! It's too long. My friend had only a few days to stay in the lower realm. Someone in the upper realm discovered his existence and asked him to fly up quickly!" Zhao Yuande shook his head.

"Then... Hey! I just have to wait!" The woman's voice was a bit sad, full of despair.

"What kind of power is needed to break this statue?" Zhao Yuande asked.

"The statue is not strong, but the power of Heavenly Dao contained in it cannot be broken by ordinary people. You can break the statue with the cultivation of the peak of your Divine Emperor Realm, but it will be killed by the powerful Power of Heavenly Dao contained in it. No excuse!" Because Zhao Yuande's soul has reached the threshold of the Divine Emperor's Realm, she logically thinks that Zhao Yuande is a strong man at the peak of the Divine Emperor.

"The power of Heaven's Dao? If Tian Lei came down, I don't know if it could destroy the power of Heaven's Dao?" Zhao Yuande suddenly had a whim, and he just happened to hold back a thunder disaster without use. His power of thunder disaster was at least equivalent to a **** emperor The strongman in the early stage of the realm, and thunder calamity is also a kind of power of heaven, and the two pairs of offsets may really blind the heavens.

"This idea is very interesting, or you can give it a try!" The woman is obviously slightly different.

"Can I ask about your relationship with Zhang Jiyang? And what happened to the picture?" Zhao Yuande still felt that he needed to figure out these issues before saving the woman.

"Hmm!" the woman whispered. "Actually, I was his wife. When we were about to take off, we were counted, and we were almost beaten down again. I tried to fight him, and finally missed In the time of flying together, he went to Immortal Realm first, and I stayed in the Realm, and I will never say goodbye to the world!"

"Then why don't you fly up again?"

"I was fighting with the man, I hurt my source, and I couldn't recover it in a short time. But I didn't expect to be counted by a domestic servant and sealed by the enemy in the white tiger statue. The enemy wanted to make Jiyang feel I didnt reach me, but I also used the four psychic powers to seal my breath together! Poorly, I felt countless times that the spirit of Jiyang swept through the protection, but I couldnt find me. The rest of the star power came to convey my voice, and it took hundreds of years to finally pass the voice out of the body of the white tiger...Unfortunately, during the hundreds of years, the spirit of Jiyang was never sensed again. Probably thought I was dead!" The woman said more and more sad, and finally sobbed slightly.

"As for the picture scroll, it was a celestial treasure he made for me! My body is completely withered, and only the soul is still there, but I can live in the picture scroll, and the picture scroll is also one of mine. Doppelganger," the woman said quietly. "When I was only doing scrolls, Ji Yang painted me on it. I joked at the time that even if I died, I could be reborn with the scroll, and it would be considered that the lifespan reached eternal realm ahead of time!"

"It turns out so!" Zhao Yuande nodded softly, he continued in a bit of thought, "What was the name of the servant who betrayed you then?"

"Her name is Luo Xiu'er! She was a **** emperor. Now she doesn't know how many years have passed. She should also have come to the fairyland or entered the pantheon!" The woman sighed lightly, but she didn't blame her at all. Her love lover was caught by the other party, she was also bitter. "

"Okay! Wait for my good news!" Zhao Yuande knew the truth of the matter, and he naturally had a count in his heart, and turned away from this space of golden thin lines.

"Jiyang! This boy is my last hope anyway! I hope you will bless me in the fairyland and you can just escape from here!" The woman's voice faintly came out of a silver ball of light, but as soon as the voice touched those golden threads All were chopped up, and there was no way to pass a half.