Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 753

Chapter 753: Purchase Information

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Zhao Yuandes soul returned to the body and instantly knew what was happening in the belly of Bai Hu,

His eyes stared at the tall white tiger statue, with mixed feelings in his heart.

He admired the woman's tenacity very much, and could spend hundreds of years just to convey the voice!

He asked himself if he had been trapped here for tens of millions of years, would he be able to persevere, would he have the perseverance?

He soon thought of a detail. This woman was able to live in a low-level powerhouse before the ascension of that year. How much she must be against the sky, I am afraid that her combat power will not be more than Zhao Yixin now!

Only this kind of tenacious person can achieve that kind of height by virtue of cultivation, and can only persist for such a long time.

"I must rescue her!" Zhao Yuande clenched his fists and whispered softly.

"Master, who are you going to save? Is that the person inside Baihu alone?" At this time still standing beside him, looking at the huge white tiger statue stunned Qin Xingyu, when he heard his words, he asked in a small voice.

"Hush! Go back and say more." Zhao Yuande made a forbidden gesture to him, and took his call to the black wind and a ring that were bargaining with people not far away.

"Oh!" Although Qin Xingyu was a little curious, he didn't say anything.

The crowd made a few more turns on this square, and Zhao Yuande led the four to a towering treasure building not far away.

The four large characters shining on the Baolou are the Wantong Baolou.

"Hey! Boy, you still understand me! I know that I have recently practiced the Devourer's body, and I lack some materials!" As soon as Heifeng entered the Baolou, his eyes lit up. He looked at the dazzling goods, especially those goods, which were obviously better than the square. The appearance is much better, and I immediately put on this request with a cheeky face.

"Just pick and tell me after picking! There is also a brother, don't be polite, just buy whatever you need!" Zhao Yuande waved to the two. "I'll go find someone first."

"Master! What about me?" Qin Xingyu asked in anticipation.

"Okay, just pick it if you want! But don't buy it indiscriminately, the master will want to check it out at last." Zhao Yuande patted his head, and there was a trace of compassion on his face.

"What about you?" Zhao Yuande looked at the broken sky standing beside him.

"I... no... want!" Po Tian shook his head.

"Okay, pull! Let's go together! Don't hesitate to see what we do, we will fight a battle soon, even if we prepare in advance."

"Good!" Breaking the sky is not polite, and went directly to the place where Lingbao was sold.

He looked at everyone's excitement and couldn't help but walked happily to a middle-aged beautiful woman in blue.

At this time, the beautiful woman was sitting in the middle of the treasure building, and two beautiful little maids were waiting beside her.

"This lady, I want to find you the principal of the Wantong Baolou!" Zhao Yuande can see that this beautiful woman is in the emperor realm, and the status of the leader must not be too low, so the words are more polite.

"Are you looking for the master?" The beautiful woman looked Zhao Yuande up and down, and found that the other party was not good at the field, and it was not expensive to wear. Although it looked calm and confident, she could not see anything special about Zhao Yuande. .

The Wantong Baolou in Wanjie City is the second largest scale in the beginning. It is a strong man in the late Emperor of the Emperor, and a little guy with five folds in the area wants to see the name of the late Emperor. Strong! Please, this is not a child's play house. If this emperor's strong man is angry, even if he reports himself, he may be punished!

"What do you do is the same as I said, I am the deacon on the first floor!" The beautiful woman showed her identity, thinking that the other party should want to come over and sell what baby, as long as the price is not outrageous, you can almost make the decision, even It is too precious, and you can continue to report it. There is no need to disturb the strong man in the late Emperor.

"Oh! Okay!" Zhao Yuande looked at the beautiful woman and probably guessed the other party's thoughts. He didn't blame the other party too much, just said lightly, "I want to buy intelligence."

When I heard Zhao Yuande say this, the woman immediately showed a smile on her face, and intelligence trading was the most profitable business, accounting for almost a third of Wantong Baolou's income.

"Guests, please come with me!" The beautiful woman smiled slightly at Zhao Yuande before leading the way.

Zhao Yuande did not hesitate, and followed directly behind her.

The two entered a luxuriously decorated elegant room, located separately.

"I dont know what information the son wants to buy? Is it the fairy cave mansion, or the rare mineral vein, or the information of an enemy, even if it is a defect of the ancestor of a certain sect, as long as you can afford Lingyu, We can all buy and sell." The beautiful woman looked at Zhao Yuande's eyes with a look of anticipation.

"I don't want any of these. I want you to help me find a person! Just find out where the person is now and what his identity is!" Zhao Yuande said.

"I don't know what this person is doing? Who is the surname?" A slight disappointment appeared on the beautiful woman's face. This is the simplest intelligence collection, and the price is the cheapest of all intelligences, but she is still very professional. Morality does not show disgust because of the cheapest price.

"This is probably a character from a few tens of millions of years ago. At that time, Xiu Wei should be a **** emperor named Luo Xiuer, a woman!" Zhao Yuande was not worried that the other party would expose his words. Strictness is not a blow. Unless the beautiful woman does not want to live, she will never dare to violate the rules of the Metrohm Chamber of Commerce.

"What! Tens of millions of years ago was the emperor!" The middle-aged beautiful woman exclaimed. There was only one thought in her heart at this time. The other party would not be kidding herself!

"Yes, her age is similar to that of the invincible Divine Emperor who finally rose to the fairy world." Zhao Yuande added, but he did not dare to say more.

"Zhang Jiyang? Now the Spiritual Emperor Emperor of Immortal Realm?" The middle-aged beautiful woman immediately guessed.

"Yes! This is the fairy emperor!" Zhao Yuande suddenly thought of a question and asked the middle-aged beautiful woman, "Will your Wantong Chamber of Commerce have a way to help me take a sentence to the fairy realm emperor?"

The middle-aged beautiful woman was terrified by the question raised by Zhao Yuande and gave a talk to a supreme fairy emperor in Xianjie. They had no such ability at Wantong Chamber of Commerce.

"I can't answer this question for you. If you really want to buy the information just now, or order the information just now, I will take you to meet the elder Taishang!" The middle-aged beautiful woman looked at Zhao Yuande and continued, " Remember, after seeing the elder Taishang, if you said that these words were just a joke, don't talk about you, even I can't live."

"Lead the way ahead!" Zhao Yuande had time to joke with her, he didn't have so much idle time.

The middle-aged beautiful woman glanced at Zhao Yuande and found that the other party was still bland. She suddenly believed a bit and hurriedly led the way.