Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 754

Chapter 754: Poke

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They walked all the way to the top floor, there was only one room on the top floor, and the door was closed.

The middle-aged woman gently knocked on the door and respectfully said in the face: "He Taishang, there is a big deal to invite your old family to decide."

"Come in!" After a while, an old voice rang in the room, and the door opened at the same time.

The two walked into the room. Zhao Yuande looked around and found that the room was clean and simple. On a jade bed made of white jade, a gray man sitting cross-legged.

At this time the old man's eyes opened, and there was no flashing golden light in it, but it was really like an ordinary person, looking old-headed.

At this time, the old man's eyes were also looking up and down Zhao Yuande.

"He Taishang!" The middle-aged beautiful woman saluted the old man respectfully, not knowing whether she was excited or nervous, but trembling slightly.

"Speak! What a big deal?" The old man looked at Zhao Yuande several times. Except for the **** body of the body and the extraordinarily strong body, the other person did not find anything particularly fascinating. He has seen many such young people. It's not like there are big deals that can be done with Wantong Chamber of Commerce.

"This son..." The middle-aged beautiful woman explained the cause and effect of the matter to Zhao Yuande's request and told the old man. Finally, she looked at the old man with anxiety and said, "The other party is looking for the **** emperor strongman who was millions of years ago. This person is still alive now, maybe he has already ascended to Immortal Realm, and he may have become an Immortal Emperor. This kind of information still needs him to come and decide."

"Well! You did a good job, go out first!" The old man waved at the middle-aged beautiful woman, beckoning her to leave.

"Yes! He Taishang!" The middle-aged beautiful woman walked carefully to the door.

"Hey! This lady, help take care of some of my friends. No matter what they buy, wait for me to pay!" Zhao Yuande remembered the following four people.

"Master, rest assured." The middle-aged beautiful woman nodded, and then walked out of the room.

When the middle-aged woman left, the old man smiled slightly at Zhao Yuande and pointed to a chair in front of him.

Zhao Yuande did not have the slightest restraint, and the big lala sat up.

"Can you tell the old man's name?" The old man looked at Zhao Yuande.

"Senior would say it without asking me, otherwise you might not dare to take this sale!" Zhao Yuande smiled, "My name is Zhao Yuande! I believe that Senior must have heard my name."

"You... you are Zhao Yuande! The Zhao Yuande who became the disciple of Zhang Ling's predecessor in the trial of the Bajing Palace?" The old man's eyes widened and he could no longer keep calm.

"It is the junior!" Zhao Yuande smiled faintly, and the old man's reaction was as expected.

As a disciple of Zhang Ling, not many people in the heavens and the world really know it. If it werent what he said, he believed that even the Wantong Chamber of Commerce would not get this kind of news.

"Mr. Zhao, I often listen to your story, and even I listened to some excitement. It is really a blessing to be able to see Mr. Zhao today." After this, Mr. He learned the identity of Zhao Yuande , Suddenly became very enthusiastic.

Like Zhao Yuande's evil spirits, and also a disciple of Zhang Ling, how could their Wantong Chamber of Commerce be unenthusiastic.

"Seniors blame me!" Although Zhao Yuande said grief, it was still indifferent. If the other party knew that he had won the Wa Palace and became the owner of the Wa Palace, he would be more enthusiastic, but the other party obviously I don't know, of course he won't say it.

"Information I Wantong Chamber of Commerce helped Zhao Gongzi to collect, without taking a penny!" He Taishang smiled all over his face.

"Well, the Wantong Chamber of Commerce still has to do business." Zhao Yuande waved his hand hurriedly.

"Actually speaking, my heart is my granddaughter. You have saved your heart many times. I still don't know how to be grateful. For such a trivial matter, I still have a face and Zhao Gongzi collecting money!" He Taishang showed a sincere face, He took out a crystal clear jade card and handed it to Zhao Yuande said, "Mr. Zhao, this jade card represents my super VIP of the Wantong Chamber of Commerce. You can take all the items to my Wantong Chamber of Commerce in 40% off!"

"Then thank you Senior He!" Zhao Yuande was pleased in his heart. This thing is very important. There are not many super VIPs in the Wantong Chamber of Commerce. The maximum number is not more than one hundred, and they are all old antiques. Fortunately.

"I don't know where the son lives now? How should I notify you in case of news?" He Taishang asked.

"I live..." Zhao Yuande said the location of the shop to the other party.

The two chatted for a while, and Zhao Yuande got up and left.

Came downstairs, at this time the black wind they have selected some treasures, are being served by the middle-aged beautiful woman with good tea and snacks.

"Boy, you are finally down!" Heifeng saw Zhao Yuande appear, and immediately pulled a big red face, "Hurry to pay to leave, the girl's eyes are watery, and my heart almost tickled out, Im afraid Ill be bestowed by staying on again!"

"Uh!" Zhao Yuande heard Heifeng's words, and he almost didn't choke on him. He looked at the middle-aged beautiful woman with some apology.

If the black wind is so straightforward, the weathered middle-aged beautiful woman can't help but blush slightly.

"It's a bad concubine! It's a bad concubine!" The middle-aged beautiful woman apologized again and again, but she was thinking, how could such a gentleman have such a gentleman around him.

"Don't blame you, it's the black wind too..." Zhao Yuande couldn't find words to describe the black wind, "Let us settle it!"

Zhao Yuande took out the jade card representing the super VIP and shook it in front of the beautiful woman.

The beauty of the woman's face suddenly became very wonderful, she was even more respectful, and the price finally stated surprised Zhao Yuande, cheap!

Zhao Yuande waved his sleeves generously, paid Lingyu generously, and strode out of the Wantong Baolou with all the excited faces.

The middle-aged beautiful woman looked at Zhao Yuande, who was disappearing, and finally couldn't help but say strangely: "At this age, I got such a jade card. It's really enviable!"

Everyone returned to the shop, and was seeing Zhao Yixin boredly sitting at the gate, dragging his cheeks to look at the bright galaxy in the sky.

"What's wrong?" Zhao Yuande walked over and sat beside her, looking at her with a strange expression.

A few people from the Black Wind walked away very interestedly, and each went back to their rooms to fiddle with their harvest.

"Somewhat sad, I'm going to Immortal Realm right away. I always feel that it's not vigorous enough to do something earth-shattering!" Zhao Yixin's words made Zhao Yuande stunned. He didn't know what was in this guy's mind.

"This... Actually, I have something that can pierce the sky. I don't know if you dare to do it." Zhao Yuande thought of the woman among the white tigers.

"What! Poke the sky? Hurry up and talk, I'm just getting bored!" Zhao Yixin heard Zhao Yuande's words, his eyes brightened at once, and he was a restless master.

Zhao Yuande gave a detailed account of what happened in the square, and then took out the picture scroll and handed it to the other party.