Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 759

Chapter 759: Rule

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"The old guy is here and has been waiting in front of the white tiger statue!" Zhao Yuande whispered to her quietly.

"I saw it, we simply went straight to fight with him!" Zhao Yi's eyes flashed fiercely.

"No, we will go directly to chat with him and wait for your access channel to open. We will start as soon as the channel appears!"

"it is good!"

"Senior, what a coincidence! Are you also visiting the stalls?" Zhao Yuande smiled and looked at the old man, and waved to him.

"It turns out to be a son, and the son is also very interested." The old senior man showed a kind smile on his face, but he was muttering in his heart. This guy will not really conspire with this white tiger statue! Why the more he walked in, the more I felt wrong?

"Seniors don't know, but I have hot eyes, and I found a piece of innate gold on this square yesterday! But I was caught by a few people who don't know what to do..." Zhao Yuande said with an eyebrow, he said what happened on the square yesterday Again.

The elder Gao was actually aware of this, but he didn't expect it to be the son.

In fact, he also had a relationship with Master Zhengyi, but he was unexpectedly beaten to death by a punch!

Obviously the murderer was the woman in front of him. He watched Zhao Yixin's eyes become more alert.

"Son, why don't you just stroll around?" The old man was obviously catching up.

"It's okay! I have time. It's hard to meet seniors. I still don't understand some of the cultivation issues. It's better to talk to seniors for a while and help me solve the puzzles!" Unexpectedly, this guy Zhao Yuande showed The kung fu, who was out of the way, even stood here and did not leave. He also raised a lot of weird cultivation problems.

The old man is neither hurried nor hurried, and his face is embarrassed like an ant on a hot pot.

Sometimes he really wanted to slap this noisy kid to death, but when he saw the young girl staring at him and thought of Zhao Yuande's sensitive identity, he immediately dismissed the idea.

"Why is the sky suddenly dark?" Suddenly, there was darkness between the sky and the earth, and a little golden light illuminated in the dark, and the golden light became brighter and brighter, and it was constantly rotating, driving the surrounding darkness to rotate together.

A huge black vortex enveloped the entire starry sky. The center of the vortex, the larger and larger golden light spot, sent a huge suction. The Wanjie City was cultivated as a relatively low cultivator, feeling The body seems to be attracted to the sky by this terrible power.

The huge vortex in the sky seems to be the mouth of a horrifying beast, which makes people feel that there are hairs in their hearts, as if there is only one way to die if they are sucked in.

The cultivators fled around in fright, found the nearest shops and palaces, and a swarm of bees rushed in. Some had no time to escape and hugged objects around them, such as stone pillars and statues, which made them feel safer.

"It's finally here!" Zhao Yuande looked up at the sky, a look of anticipation in his eyes.

"This is... this is the fairyland channel! You were discovered by the fairyland people!" Tall old man looked at this channel and couldn't help but change his face. He suddenly felt that the girl next to him became extremely dangerous in an instant, a powerful fairy Spiritual energy is rippling around her body.

The elder Tall hurried back, he was the man of the Pantheon, and the Pantheon and the Immortal Realm were enemies. If a powerful immortal monarch appeared in this passage of the Immortal Realm, I am afraid he would shoot him directly without hesitation!


The golden light spot is getting closer and bigger and bigger, and finally expanded into a golden channel with a width of hundreds of feet. In the channel, a white fairy is looking at the direction of Wanjie City and opening gently.

"Your time is up! Hurry and follow me back to the fairy world!"

The fairy in white raised his hand slightly, and a huge force of suction came from the vortex, coming in this direction.

"Take care!" Zhao Yi gave Zhao Yuande a serious look and nodded to him.

"Let's rest assured!" Zhao Yuande waved at her, and his eyes signaled the white tiger statue.

At this time, the old man who was far away clearly saw Zhao Yuande's movements, and he was shocked, but he still didn't dare to step forward, but he faced Zhao Yi with some anger: "You dare to destroy the white tiger goddess, I will not let go Have passed this kid!"

"Break me!" Zhao Yixin's threat from him, at the moment when he was attracted by the powerful forces of Immortal Realm, he punched the White Tiger Idol with his fist!

It's a pity that the tall old man wants to stop it!


Although the idol was wrapped in a heavy array, but immediately after the traction of the fairy world was lowered, all the arrays immediately lost their effect. The white tiger idol burst into a blow with this fist, and countless golden silk threads were exposed. The golden thread floated up and down.

Everyone was stunned at this moment. Everything just happened was beyond their imagination. Someone soared on the ground, and this soaring person even smashed the statue of the White Tiger standing in Wanjie City for millions of years. After the white tiger idol was exploded, this strange scene was revealed!

But at the next moment, these golden silk threads exposed to the pulling power of the fairy realm seemed to lose their spirituality at once, and turned into a dull silk thread. The silver light ball in the middle suddenly shattered from the middle. Opening, a dead bone fell from the silver ball of light, and a little golden light flickered between the dead eyebrows.

"Come!" Zhao Yuande pulled a picture in his hand at this moment, and the mountains and rivers were picturesque. A sword-dancing woman came to life on the picture.

The dead bone was rushed into the scroll with a handful of golden light.

"Bold! Leave the picture to me!" Until Zhao Yuande put away the picture, the tall old man shouted angrily, trying to slap him to shoot Zhao Yuande to death.

Only then did he know that the other party was premeditated and wanted to save the woman in the white tiger statue.

"Ying Hongyu! You have to think twice. You know his identity and who is behind him. If you dont follow the rules, I am afraid that even the real master of your pantheon cannot stop you. The anger that lived there!" Zhao Yixin succeeded in one blow, first waved at Zhao Yuande, then turned his head and sneered coldly at the tall old man.

The elder Tall trembles, and his back suddenly burst into cold sweat. If he really shot just now, he would be dead! And it's not as simple as death, even the hope of reincarnation will be wiped out.

"Regulations! Right! Regulations!" Tall old man suddenly thought of the word Zhao Yixin said, suddenly a trace of cruelty appeared on his face.

"Everyone listens, who can win this young man under the emperor, I reward a congenital treasure, and I only need the picture scroll of his treasure!" The old man stared at Zhao Yuande with a touch of mouth. With a greasy smile, he did not believe that the city's cultivators could not win a young man with five fields.

Almost everyone in Wanjie City breathed quickly, and they stared at Zhao Yuande with greed and fierceness in their eyes.