Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 76

Chapter 76: Two Foodies

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In Shengdanbaolou, the old man De Kang respectfully greeted Zhao Yuande and Master Yi Jie, his face full of respect.

De Kang felt that the young man in front of him was simply his idol. He entered the ranks of Xuan-level Danshi at a young age, and was also favored by his ancestor-level character "Zhen Yangzi". In the future, he will have a promising future on Dandao. .

It was the same Dan room three days ago, and Zhao Yuande walked in happily.

And Yijie was led to a quiet and elegant room where fragrant tea and exquisite snacks were presented.

The black bear couldn't wait to get out of a ring gown and attacked the snack on the table.

One ring is the intoxication of savoring the face of the tea.

Zhao Yuande entered the Dan Room and found that not only Zhenyangzi was here, but also a mentally slender old man who was staring at himself.

"Xiaoyou, this is the three elders of "Shengmingzong" who is my Saint Danzong. This time he and I will test it for you." Zhenyangzi smiled kindly.

"Seen Senior Cassia!" Zhao Yuande hurriedly respected Shi Li.

This one is extremely powerful at a glance, even a little more powerful than Mako Yoko. Now he doesn't dare to neglect.

"Well! Let's get started!" Jumei live did not say much, and directly asked Zhao Yuande to start alchemy.

Zhen Yangzi handed a storage ring to Zhao Yuande, and Zhao Yuande's soul digged into it, and found that the materials in the period can be refined into three-color tributary pill, and it is the three attributes of thunder, fire, and void.

He suppressed the impetuous mood. He had refined this panacea several times in the previous life. He had full confidence in refining the panacea, so first of all, the mood was quiet, and the best state of alchemy was no joy.

The two strong men couldn't help but nodded slightly when they saw this scene. Young people like Zhao Yuande could calm their minds in an instant, and their minds could be called evil spirits.

However, both of them sighed at the same time. Such a wicked qualification turned out to be the first waste body that has never been seen. This is really a misfortune.

At the beginning of Zhao Yuande's alchemy, the two found that his technique turned out to be the mysterious fire-fighting technique, and the technique was pure. Even the two of them couldn't help but change color.

"This..." Zhen Yangzi pointed at Zhao Yuande in shock and wanted to say something.

The cassia real man grabbed him and shook his head at him.

Zhao Yuande's alchemy speed is fast, refining materials, purifying, and entering the furnace in one go!

It's just that the step of smelting in the ground fire is a little slow due to the lack of Reiki.

One day later, under the watch of the two powerful men, the lid of the dan furnace suddenly flew away, and nine dangling elixirs rushed out of the dan furnace with a dim light.

Zhao Yuande's eyes are fast, and a jade bottle has long been waiting. He directly put nine pills into the bottle.

"It's wonderful! Nine top grades, every moment is worth the price!" Zhen Yangzi raised his hand in admiration, his face showing an excited expression.

"Okay! It's perfect to have nothing to say, even the old man dare not say that he can do better than you!" Jue Ming's expression was excited, and he looked at Zhao Yuande with some shaking, and made a heart at this moment. It was decided that he set his mind on Shinto, "Zhao Yuande! As long as you are willing to join me, I will provide you with all the cultivation resources until you break through the realm of Yin-Yang unity!"

Hearing the other party's words, Zhao Yuande couldn't help but feel shocked, and he looked at the other party with some surprise.

"Senior knows that I am the Chaos Eucharist, and I still want to help me? Is it because of my alchemy talent?" Zhao Yuande looked at the old man opposite, and continued, "Senior can really rule the Saint Danzong?"

"Zhao Yuande! This is my contemporary patriarch of the Holy Sect, do you say he is qualified?" Zhen Yangzi was not surprised by the decision of the real person. This was originally the result of discussion between the two.

"It turned out to be the Master Sovereign!" Zhao Yuande looked sullen, this big man in Zhongyu, the top power's decision maker.

"Okay! In fact, there is another reason. You are my personal disciple of Zong Danding's ancestor!"

"It turns out that the predecessor knew it already!" Zhao Yuande showed a shocked expression. In fact, he was thinking about how to justify himself. Dan Ding hung up a long time ago.

"Since you said that, I can't agree if you call me senior again!" Jumei said with a smile, "According to seniority, Danding's ancestor is my ancestor, and I still want to call you Uncle Shi!"

"Senior is kidding!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand hurriedly.

"I can give you time to think about it! But I hope you won't let me wait too long!" The real person of Jueming is very solemn, and he can see how much he values this matter.

"Predecessors collected this bottle of Elixir first!" Zhao Yuande handed the jade bottle to Zhen Yangzi. "I will not return the remaining herbs, and I am not completely sure that I can make them into two furnaces, so it is fair! "

"Sliding head!" Zhen Yangzi did not say much, just smiled slightly, and put away the Dan Ping.

"The two seniors! I think I'm still wandering outside for a while!" Zhao Yuande thought for a moment. "Being able to see more wind and rain outside will allow me to grow faster! In case one day I want to join Zong The door is bound to join Sheng Danzong!"

"That's it!" Cassia clearly showed a trace of disappointment on his face, but it disappeared in a flash. "That's fine, how can I grow without experiencing the wind and rain, my Saint Danzong will always be your home, as long as you want to come back one day, I welcome any time!"

"Little friend! I look forward to the day when you can grow into a yin and yang unity!" Zhen Yangzi smiled slightly at Zhao Yuan, and then threw a badge to Zhao Yuande, "This is the badge of Xuanji Danshi. All right!"

"Thank you two seniors, we will see you soon!" Zhao Yuande bowed down and left.

After Zhao Yuande left, Zhen Yangzi sighed slightly and said, "Sect Master, why don't you let him leave the ancestor's side?"

"No hurry, no hurry! I know at first glance that he is a man, and he knows how to be grateful, and this kind of person can only be good to him! Let him feel the sincerity of my Saint Danzong and make him willingly become my disciple of Saint Danzong. Best strategy!"

"Sect Master Yingming!" Zhen Yangzi nodded with admiration. "My brother, I still have short-sightedness! But can he really break the last curse? If not, wouldn't my Zhen Yang Zong do this cost-free business?"

"I believe in the ancestor's vision!" Jumei sighed, "I don't know where the ancestor is now?"

"Lao Zuji people face..."

Zhao Yuande walked out of the Dan room and couldn't help but spit out a long breath. Just now he was really afraid that these two men would fight against himself. He could bet on the character of the other party. If he lost, he would have to waste that last chance and fall into the trap. Among the endless pursuits of Sheng Danzong, I am afraid that it will never end.

However, he has now won by betting, not only won the support of Sheng Danzong, but also got the freedom he wanted, and two furnaces and 18 tricolor Yuan Dan, he was very excited to think about it.

He wore the badge of Xuanji Danshi on his chest, and there was a little excitement in his heart, but this represented his current status. The ordinary small martial arts saw this sturdy stamina.

"Let's go! Two foodies!" Zhao Yuande walked out of Shengdan Baolou in a cheerful mood with Master Yijie.