Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 761

Chapter 761: Sister

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The battle on the central square is still going on. Zhao Yuande's giant is completely beyond everyone's imagination.

In less than a quarter of an hour, he beheaded a powerful presence above the fifty or sixty emperor realms, and there was no way to count them under the emperor realm. Their weak bodies were in a violent collision It will be smashed in an instant, and even a little meat residue will not be left.

At this time, the ground of the central square had already been stained with a blood red, and a heavy **** stimulus stunned the mind of the person for a while.

Above a tall building, He Taishang, dressed in grey, looked away in this direction, and his body, which was shocked by Zhao Yuande's terrifying combat power, was trembling constantly!

He finally believed the most terrifying rumors recently, and he did have the strength to kill a powerful early Emperor.

Although he really wants to go out to help him now, so that the relationship between Zhao Yuande and their Wantong Chamber of Commerce can go further, but he does not have the courage, but there is a powerful presence that looks down upon him.

The other party obviously had some scruples and dared not kill Zhao Yuande by hand, but if he helped him, the other party must have no psychological pressure to kill him.

Zhao Yuande became more and more courageous in battle, and a ray of light suddenly flew out of his head. An identical Zhao Yuande appeared in front of everyone. He was holding a large seal like a mountain, and fell down towards the powerful besieged.

After this seal went down, it killed all of the eight emperors. The wailing of gods and spirits around Dayin, and some of the broken souls who fled and fled, were all pulled by the strong suction from Dayin. Went in.

At this time, less than half of the strong man besieging Zhao Yuande was left. In contrast, Zhao Yuande was getting more and more courageous at this time, and he also summoned a powerful avatar into the battle. The cultivator with a hot mind was stimulated by the promise of the tall old man. We suddenly calmed down.

"We are not opponents! Run away!" Someone whispered to his partner.


Soon many siege practitioners retreated in a hurry, leaving only Zhao Yuande and his avatar on the field.

"Senior, is there anyone else? If not, I will leave!" Zhao Yuande looked at the tall old man not far away with a smile. The other party was obviously a booby with him, and he had a deep concern about not being able to do it himself.

The taller the person, the more afraid of death. The strong man who has gone through countless hardships and entered countless realms to the elders of the tall, knows that it is not easy to practice, so he is more afraid of death. Although he hates Zhao Yuande, he wants to live and strip. He, however, did not dare to be reckless, because as long as he did something to him, he might be punished by that person, even the true master of the Pantheon could not save himself.

It's just a legend, one may let him tie his hands, which shows how careful he is.

Zhao Yuande was able to kill the Quartet precisely because of his caution.

"Damn!" The elder Tate gritted his teeth, turned and walked away, and in the end he didn't have any thoughts to kill Zhao Yuande.

It was only at the moment of turning his head that there was anxiety in his heart. He wanted to report the matter to the master immediately. I don't know if the master would directly shoot himself after he knew it.

Seeing the old man leaving, Zhao Yuande smiled slightly, his body slowly shrunk, and his body merged into his body.

He looked around the square. Under his storm-like terror attack, the whole square almost became a ruin. The big and small pits did not know how many. The biggest one was the place where the chaotic sky had just fallen. With a radius of hundreds of feet and a depth of tens of feet, it directly created a large pool for the central square.

The four-spirit idol, the white tiger idol, was directly smashed by Zhao Yixin, and the blue dragon idol was swept into two halves by Zhao Yuande's halberd. The Suzaku idol was bombarded by chaotic sky seal, and his body was covered with cracks. Only the Xuanwu Statue is complete.

After this battle, the central square was already in disarray.

Zhao Yuande looked around, and suddenly found that many strong men left a lot of treasures after their death. Although they were all bloody, Zhao Yuande did not dislike it.

"These are all treasures!" Zhao Yuande instantly turned into a diligent cleaner, but he cleaned not the corpses and blood stains on the ground, but the treasures buried in it.

Countless eyes fell on this square at this time. Their previous admiration for Zhao Yuande became surprising and incomprehensible with Zhao Yuande's hard work.

What kind of person like this would do such a thing? This is a bit unreasonable, right?

And those cultivators who originally planned to come out to clean the battlefield, at this time they hated the roots of their teeth, and they kept cursing Zhao Yuande, a greedy ghost, in their hearts, but they dared not go beyond the Leichi half a step, and could only stay outside the square. Watching.

"Haha! Let's go!" Zhao Yuande was also skinless. After seeing so many people staring at himself, he also felt a little faceless, and after searching all the things he thought were valuable, he turned into Changhong and left directly. central square.

When he left, a large group of practitioners rushed in.

"Who the **** is this! Even Lingbao was taken away, does this fit his identity?"

"I depend! The spirit jade bag on this guy was also hollowed out, leaving only a few pieces of inferior spirit jade!"

"This did not destroy the Qingling precious jade inlaid on the Lingbao..."

"I'm going crazy"


Listening to a wail from behind, Zhao Yuande's ground-breaking cheeks were slightly hot.

However, he soon returned to normal, and he repeatedly said in his heart, "Skin can't be eaten as a meal!"

Back at the shop, close the door.

He took the picture out and spread it on the table.

"That...sister-in-law, the crisis has passed, and now it is safe!" Zhao Yuande called out to his sister-in-law, always feeling awkward.

"Thank you, Junior Brother!" The woman with the sword on the scroll slowly walked out of the scroll. Although her body was a little faint, she gave a very real illusion.

"I still call you Sister! The name of sister-in-law is awkward. I haven't seen my brother, I don't know if he recognizes me!" Zhao Yuande scratched his head with embarrassment, how could there be a murder in the Central Square just now Quartet's momentum.

"Just call it Sister! I'm a half disciple of Kongshan Daozu!" The woman nodded with a smile.

"Since Sister is free, I don't know what you plan to do?" Zhao Yuande was a little curious about this. She said she wanted to rebuild her true body, but she didn't know how to rebuild it.

"I only have one bone left in my body, and I can only slowly regenerate my flesh and blood. This requires huge energy and a long process! If I can find a vein of the ancestral dragon, it would be the best!" She looked a little sad, she knew this kind of thing was inexplicable, and a large world might not have this ancestral dragon vein.