Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 763

Chapter 763: Sinban

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"Huh? Why is there one missing, right?" The fairy in white glanced at the three below.

"Returning to the angel, I was killed by a female fairy, and the female fairy has been recalled to the fairy world!" The middle-aged Taoist named Ming Tang replied respectfully.

"Oh! I said that when I walked through the channel of the fairy world, I saw the brother brought one person back, it was so!" The fairy in white whispered to himself, but he soon refocused his attention on the purpose of the fairy world.

"The gate of the fairyland once every eight thousand years is about to open..."

Although the purpose of the fairy world is thousands of words, Zhao Yuande finally summed it up into a sentence, the fairy door opened, the fairy class started, and the fairy species gathered in the city of the world!

But what Zhao Yuande didn't think was that after reading the purpose of the fairy world, the immortal envoy didn't go, and fell directly into the city of the million world, surrounded by three strong men and walked toward the center of the city of the world, before a towering hall.

This hall is adjacent to the central square, with the word "Xiandian" written on it.

On normal days, the gate of this fairy temple was closed, and the huge yellow seal with golden light shone on it. Now the golden seal fell into the hand of the fairy, and the door slowly opened!

An unshakable white spirit flowed out of the immortal palace, and instantly flooded the entire city of the whole world.

"What a pure and pure aura!" Zhao Yuande took a deep breath, and immediately felt comfortable all over his body, as if to be fluttering.

No matter where they are in Wanjie City, no matter what people are doing now, they sit on the ground almost at the same time and begin to absorb this sudden and strong aura.

With a move in his heart, Zhao Yuande returned to the shop and spread out the scroll.

"Sister, this aura is rich, you hurry up and absorb it!" Then Zhao Yuande walked out of the shop and sat cross-legged outside the gate while absorbing the aura while silently guarding.

I don't know how long it took before Zhao Yuande felt the aura disappeared, and he returned to the shop.

The picture scroll flew up and down in his hand, and Wan Yao's voice came out: "Aura with a very high rank is higher than the ancestral dragon veins, and it is even infinitely close to the fairy, but unfortunately it is too little, Its better than nothing for me! Even the little toes are not condensed!"

Zhao Yuande opened his mouth, not knowing what to say.

"Wait! With your combat strength, someone will send you an invitation soon." Wan Yao smiled, "Maybe I can follow you a little light!"

"Sister Sister knows the beginning of the gate of the fairy world?" Although Zhao Yuande heard the content of the fairy world's will, he did not understand the inside story.

"Naturally know, I also joined this kind of fairy class at the beginning, and also stood out, and finally achieved this kind of cultivation practice!" Wan Yao seemed very proud, she continued, "Know that joining the fairy class is all The strongest young people in Tianwanjie, all of them are brilliant and beautiful, each of them... what are you talking about, I wont say anything like that!"

"Oh! It's nothing, I have a toothache!" Zhao Yuande hurriedly covered his mouth, he was indeed deflated just now, because he had experienced the trial of the Eight Kings Palace and the Palace Master of the Wa Palace, and he saw many worlds and worlds. The strong, just found that Zhang Fan can be compared with himself, those so-called strongest young people are simply not enough!

"Okay! Don't think I don't know what you are thinking. Although you are strong, but the worlds are very big, no one dares to say that they are invincible...Forget it, you will know when you meet the strong!" Wan Yao simply did not entangle with Zhao Yuande on this, and continued, "After joining the fairy class, fairy world will help you open many mysterious trial channels, many cultivation secret realms, and even immortals, immortal medicine, the most important thing is After the first screening, Xianchi will get opportunities to practice Xianchi at different times according to your performance!"

"Xianchi, that's the strongest welfare of this class. You must take advantage of this opportunity. As long as you can practice in Xianchi for three days, you can temper the flesh once, or you will continue to evolve into a fairy body! Of course, you Dont think about it, you are no longer possible for the Chaos Eucharist! But the help for you is still huge!" Wan Yaozheng said with excitement, but thought of Zhao Yuandes physique, he was also a little bit distracted. He is already one of the four holy bodies in the world!

"Okay! I still look forward to this fairy class. I only hope that this genius will not let me down. Only a few strong people like Zhang Fan are interesting." Zhao Yuande murmured.

Zhao Yuande bored around the street a few times and found that there was no one on the street at all, and everyone was digesting the high-quality auras he had just absorbed.

"Hey! Just because I have nothing to do, I'll go back to retreat and practice for a while!" Zhao Yuande returned to the store helplessly and began to practice cross-legged.

However, he is now squeezing the Heaven Tribulation, and his practice is a bit scary, which is really uncomfortable.

"Simply study the Tiantian Fingers!" Zhao Yuande has been focused on practicing since he got the skillful boxing technique, focusing on practicing, and temporarily abandoning all other exercises, including the Tiantian Fingers.

However, in retrospect, since this is the most powerful exercise of the Kongshan Taoist ancestor, it must be extraordinary, otherwise it will not allow the Spiritual Emperor Emperor Zhang Jiyang, his brother, to beat the invincible hands of the world and successfully ascend to the fairy world.

I don't know how long it has passed yet.


Suddenly there was a knock on the door.

Zhao Yuande opened his eyes, gently lifted his finger, and the door was gently pushed open.

A boy in white stood outside the gate, holding a golden invitation.

"Is it Zhao Yuande's son Zhao?" The boy in white voice was immature, bowed to Zhao Yuande, and handed his golden invitation letter to his head, respectfully said, "This is an invitation to the Xianban! Please also accept Mr. Zhao. "

"Oh!" Zhao Yuande didn't get up, and the invitation letter was drawn to him by a force.

He glanced at the content of the invitation and nodded suddenly: "Okay, let's go!"

The boy in white turned around and left, seeming relieved.

"One year later, the fairyland of the Wanjie City will be opened, and I will definitely come by then!" Zhao Yuande put the invitation letter into the storage space, with a knowing smile on his face.

"Now that you have already received the invitation letter, you can leave. Come again a year later!" Zhao Yuande got up, strode out of the shop, and closed the door gently.

But as soon as he went out, he heard various arguments on the street.

"I heard that this time the Xian class opened, all the forces belonging to the subordinates of the fairy world can send people to learn, but the age and cultivation limits are required. I dont know what the limit is?" A somewhat thin young man asked curiously Tall bearded.

"It seems to be under thirty years old, above the realm of the field, the cultivation is not capped!" The corner of the mouth of the beard slightly raised, and there was a trace of contempt in his eyes.

"I... hopeless!" the thin young man sighed softly.

"You can buy an invitation at a great price!" Luobei smiled narrowly. "As long as you have an invitation, there is no such limit."

"How much does it cost?" the thin young man asked hopefully.

"Probably...probably...Selling your Xuanyang Sect is not enough! Haha!" Luobei laughed.

"Go!" The thin young man's face showed anger.

"Okay, don't daydream! Even your brother Xuanyangzong is not qualified to study in Xianban, die this heart!" Luobei suddenly sighed, "Hey! Even our Tianyuanzong It is also not qualified! At least the disciples of the super powers are qualified. This is the only way to cut off the only road of Xian Road we have mounted!"