Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 765

Chapter 765: Zhenmoguan

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"Okay! Give me a face!" Lao Bai stood between the two, blocking them. The powerful murderous impact hit him as if the wind was blowing, and there was a slight anger on his face, "You got me down The boat, love to drop, drop to drop, as long as it is on my ship, I must be honest! Otherwise, I will get down immediately."

"Bai Lao breathed his anger! Breathed his anger!" Song Xia, with his face full of flesh, hurriedly put away his murderous intention and accompanied with a smile, "We are just too bored to quarrel, it will be really hands-on! Is it Brother Wei Zhang."

"Yes! How dare we do it here. Misunderstandings are all misunderstandings. Don't be angry, Bai Lao, come and drink to dispel gas!"

They dare not provoke the old man, let alone say that the old man's cultivation skills far exceed them, even if the old man's identity makes them feel awe, this is the father of General Guan Bai!

"Young people, don't blame them. They are also rough people. They have become accustomed to life and death all day long, and their temperament has become a lot of whatever they want!" Bai Lao looked at a large ship that he saw nearby, hanging on it. Full of white flags, "You see that the ship pulled all the corpses. The battle between the two realms has continued for tens of thousands of years. The people who have survived have learned to adjust their forms. If they have been following the rules, the mentality may have collapsed!"

"I know!" Zhao Yuande nodded silently. Zhao Yuande really intended to give them a lesson, but he also found this group of people too difficult to hear Bai Lao's words.

Seeing Zhao Yuande nod, Bai Lao breathed out a soft breath this time, and his face also showed a warm smile.

They looked not far from the Zhenmo Pass, but the flying boat had been driving for three days and three nights before it really came to the Zhenmo Pass.

"Young man, pay attention to safety!" Lao Bai sent Zhao Yuande off to the flying boat and waved to him, "Remember what I said!"

"Relax!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand and strode toward the gate of Zhenmoguan.

The Zhenmoguan is built on a huge floating continent. The opposite of the Zhenmoguan is a damaged space with black holes. The Demon Realm directly under the jurisdiction of the Demon Realm is on the other side of the damaged space.

"Are you here to find someone or take part in the battle? Leave your name and where you belong." There are three gates in Zhenmoguan towards the world of Zhenmo. All people have to enter through these three gates, and Zhenmoguan It's a big place for soldiers, and there must be no carelessness.

Therefore, the inspection here is extremely strict, not only to be recorded, but also to be irradiated by a top-level congenital treasure Emperor Mirror, and only after determining that it is not an alien.

Zhao Yuande did not write down his real name, but filled in the name Zhao XIV! He used the name XIV in the trial of the Wa Palace and now he picked it up again.

In fact, he had already changed his physique and appearance as soon as he walked out of the big town of the town of demons, and became another identity.

Passing the innate treasure above the head safely, the Emperor Realm shone, and he finally stepped into the Zhenmo Pass.

As soon as he entered the gate, he felt that there were several strong breaths on the tall tower of Zhenmoguan. These people should be the powerful emperors of the emperor.

"Boy, we have been waiting for you for a long time!" The scarred big man didn't know from which corner of the horn he came out. He and the one-armed big man blocked Zhao Yuande before and after. The scarred big man looked at Zhao Yuande sarcastically. At that time, it seemed that I didn't care at all, or you could give us some brothers, don't have too many top-grade Lingyu!

"Is the two of you here?" Zhao Yuande squinted at the scarred man. "Call them together!"

"Hi! Your kid is pretty crazy, but he has a lot of fields, so he dare to talk to the uncle like this!" The scarred big man looked terrible, and the long knife held in his hand bit out the sheath.

"Wei Zhang, you rubbish! A little kid with such a small face can't be shocked, it's really embarrassing!" The man named Song Xia also came out of the darkness, he looked at Zhao Yuande with a playful face, "Boy, I am more real and greedy than they are. I want everything in you!"

At this time, a lot of people have seen what happened here, but no one stepped up and said a word in his eyes. There were a few soldiers in armor glanced at them, and shook their heads away.

Zhao Yuande sighed in his heart, it seems that this kind of thing is common in this town of magic pass, many people are numb!

He originally wanted to slap the three of them, but Bai Lao's persuasion made sense.

These people fight against the strong outsiders and live a life where they can die at any time, so the psychology of these people has also become somewhat distorted, so that they can spare their lives.

"Hey! Thanks to Master Bai for pleading for you, otherwise you will die today!" Zhao Yuande looked at the three with pity, and was about to see Shui Jukong, he was in a good mood now, and decided to listen to that Bai Lao's persuasion.

"Go to your mother, you little boy to death!" Scarred Han heard Zhao Yuande dare to speak so arrogantly, suddenly angry, and slapped towards Zhao Yuande.

"Fuck me!" Zhao Yuande brushed his sleeves and swept a powerful force.

For the first time, the big scarred man only felt that a big mountain had crashed down towards him, and his body flew out like a short-line kite.

Song Xia, who was full of flesh, and Cao Song, who was one-armed, were shocked when he saw the scarred lord flying across, knowing that he had kicked the iron plate and wanted to turn around to escape, but was shot directly by a force. Behind them, they spouted a big mouth of blood together, and their face was pale for a moment, as if they had had a serious illness.

"Look at the fact that you once fought for the beginning, I spared your life, and next time if I provoke my head again, I will make your souls go out!" Zhao Yuande's voice sounded in their ears like a thunderstorm They bleed through their seven holes, and their heads are dizzy. They almost died.

"Humph!" Zhao Yuande didn't look at the three men, striding meteor to the Zhenmoguan.

Someone was watching the three people lying on the ground with seven holes bleeding, pointing at them.

Don't look at the three people's extremely miserable appearance, but there is no worries about life. They sat on the ground for a while, and finally staggered up, looking at Zhao Yuande in the direction of disappearance with a grudge, toward the inside of the Zhenmoguan Stumble in one direction.

When Zhao Yuande was the Divine Emperor in the previous life, he once came to the Zhenmo Pass and was still familiar with it.

The light car came to the east of the town of Tianguan, in front of a dense camp. These camps have different colors and different patterns and carvings. Each one represents a big world!

The color and ornamentation representing the East Emperor Great World is a golden clock, which is taken from the former Emperor of the East Emperor Great World, the East Emperor's mouth!