Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 766

Chapter 766: Batu Gorge

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Zhao Yuande saw the pattern of the golden clock from afar, and his eyes lit up suddenly. He was a little excited. How long has the girl Shui Juekong not seen it, he still missed it in his heart.

However, there are enough figures in other camps, but there is not even one figure in the camp of the Eastern Emperor Great World. Zhao Yuande cannot help but wonder.

He took two quick steps, approaching the huge camp, and found that it was empty.

"What's the matter?" Zhao Yuande frowned, and strode into the camp.

The mess in the camp was like a thief in the house, things were turned upside down, broken armor and weapons were all over the ground.

Behind the camp, there is a hole of one size, it seems that someone has once entered and exited this hole.

Zhao Yuande had a very bad hunch in his heart. He rushed out of the camp and saw two young guards at the door of a camp not far away. He came to them in one step.

"Did the two people who knew the world of the East Emperor go there?" Although Zhao Yuande was anxious, he still kept a little polite.

The two young guards were probably terrified by Zhao Yuande's speed, and their bodies were tensed uncontrollably, but when they heard each other's problems, they relaxed again.

"The people of the Eastern Emperor World have been out for more than a month, and they haven't come back. At all, our guess may be that they met a large foreign army and were caught or killed!" One of the guards saw Zhao Yuande's face anxiously. Pointing to a big camp not far away, said: "That was the big camp of the glorious world. They last went out on a mission together with the East Emperor Great World. They all returned yesterday. You can ask them or there will be results. ."

Zhao Yuande followed the guard's finger in that direction, and really saw a camp. A red sun hung high above the camp. A three-legged monster bird flying in the red sun was flying. It really was a glorious world.

He strode over, and before he approached the camp of the Glorious World, he heard bursts of laughter from inside.

There were a large group of cultivators drinking and having fun outside the camp.

Inside, there are two powerful people in Divine Emperor Realm whispering privately.

Zhao Yuande frowned slightly and listened to his ears.

"Haha! The group of East Emperor Great World..."

"Be quiet, be careful with ears across the wall!"

"What are you afraid! The world of the Eastern Emperor has been wiped out. From the top to the bottom, the 132 strong men are all trapped in the Black Wind Canyon, and there will be no way to live!"

"Hey! Actually we don't want to..."

"Humph! Eastern Emperor World relies on the power of the Thunder Priest Family. When will our glorious world be seen in the eyes, this time...hehe!"

"Okay, we did a little bit more this time!"

"Humph! Fake benevolence, righteousness and compassion, who came up with this idea? It's you..."

"I regret it or not!"


Zhao Yuande's eyes shot fiercely. He really wanted to rush in and kill the two men, smashing the entire camp, but now that many of the powerful people in the Eastern Emperor's World do not know his life or death, he can only give up temporarily.

He didn't want to fight the grass and startle the snake. If he could save the people from the East Emperor's World, he would come back and wipe out the group of guys and catch him and send him to Zhenmoguan Daying. If he can't be rescued, he will kill the clutter and avenge them for the water!

He really knows the Black Wind Canyon, this is a black canyon between the two domains, on one side are broken fragments of void, on the other side are dusty meteorite stars, the canyon spreads long, and the crisis is lurking here. With many starry sky monsters, there are black storms that can erupt anytime, anywhere.

At that time, I did not know why the terrain like the stars, but here is the main battlefield of the battle between the two realms.

Zhao Yuande's shape was like electricity, and then he rushed out of the Zhenmoguan.

"Slow down!"

A majestic voice came from behind.

Zhao Yuande turned his head and found that a group of soldiers with distinctive armor appeared not far behind him, but was headed by a burly and tall man.

Zhao Yuande looked at this burly tall man unexpectedly. The opponent's cultivation was not weak. It turned out to be the late Emperor Realm. This is already a first-class strong man.

"What's the matter?" Zhao Yuande is now anxious to go to the Black Wind Canyon, but don't want to delay any time here.

"You just injured a few of my men, now go back with me!" This emperor's strong man, his eyes are cold and ruthless, as if he were a **** of killing on the battlefield.

"Do you know what your subordinates have done?" Zhao Yuande glanced at the emperor's strong man, but he didn't get angry for the first time, but his patience reached the limit.

"They blackmailed you, it was indeed their fault, but it was your fault that you injured them! I am a reward and punishment, and I will give you a fair sentence!" The emperor's strong voice was dull, with no expression on his face. .

"Wait for me to come back! I'm going to the Black Wind Canyon to save people, and I will definitely find you when I come back!" Zhao Yuande turned around and left, not wanting to be entangled with this guy at all.

"Humph! I still want to go. I want you to save the people in the Black Wind Canyon with your cultivation base. I think it's true that you save people. It's true that you want to betray me!" , Suddenly, my heart was full of anger, "Give me the traitor from the beginning, take it alive!"

"This is you looking for death!" Zhao Yuande was really angry, why this kind of person can always let himself encounter, the anger in his heart can no longer be suppressed, turned back and strode towards the emperor strong.

He stepped in front of the emperor strong in one step, talking about slapping towards the emperor strong.

The Emperor Strong felt a terrible power burst from the opponent, his body trembling, and suddenly felt like a little lamb in front of the tiger, as long as the opponent was willing to eat one bite.


The emperor strongman was instantly slapped, his face was beaten like a rotten watermelon, and his blood and flesh were blurred.

"Huh! Come back and settle accounts with you again!" Zhao Yuande didn't have the mood to bully with him here, and turned and drove towards the **** crack far away.

"General!" The soldiers responded, and rushed to support the general.

At this moment, the general was unable to say anything, and his eyes were full of despair.

Zhao Yuande was very anxious, and his speed had reached his limit. From afar, he saw a black light and shadow flickered away, and even many starter practitioners who had withdrawn from the **** cracks just felt a dazzling and then lost Out of trace.

"What is this man doing? Is it a strong man above the **** emperor?" An old lady looking at the disappeared figure in shock at that moment, puzzled, "There is no agreement between the two domains, God Will the Emperor Strong appear on the battlefield? Why does this person appear here?"

"Take care of him! No matter what our business is, go back and rest!" An old man beside her shook her head helplessly. "After running for tens of thousands of miles, my old arms and old legs are about to break!"