Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 767

Chapter 767: Fight

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Zhao Yuande burst into the dark cracks, and his eyes were as bright as the stars in the night sky. The eyes of the sky opened, and hundreds of miles were bright under his eyes.

"Black Wind Canyon is over there!" Zhao Yuande saw a black grand canyon spreading tens of thousands of miles in the distance, extending to the endless distance. Zhao Yuande knew that the opposite side of the black grand canyon was the Heavenly Demon Realm!

This Demon Realm is a subdomain of the Demon Realm. The strong people in the Demon Realm are more prosperous than the original realm. Therefore, for many years, no matter how many additional practitioners are added to the original realm, there is no way to rush the other party back to the Demon Realm. The opponent advances more and more in the Black Wind Canyon.

He gradually approached the Black Wind Canyon, and suddenly felt a strong pressure, he can only honestly fall into the black canyon.

Looking at the void in the canyon that was as broken as a mirror, and the gaps where black storms gushed out, this is the source of the black storm.

On the other side, all kinds of meteorites of various sizes are piled together. There are often gaps between meteorites, and some are wide and tens of feet wide. There are whine sounds inside, like the void leading to the location. Some cramps just allow people to pass.

"It's very suppressed here, the soul can't explore a long distance, it needs a little search, where can they be trapped?" Zhao Yuande's figure flew through the Black Wind Canyon quickly, and the powerful soul continued Scanning the Quartet, trying to find a group of people from the East Emperor Great World, but they were disappointed again and again.

"By the way, in the Black Wind Canyon, there is a place called the Magic Light Market, where there is a huge natural maze, where they may be trapped!" Zhao Yuande suddenly blinked his eyes, because he had heard of the previous life, there was The team at Zhishijie was trapped there, and no exit was found for a whole year. Only dozens of bones were found.

After recognizing his direction, he dashed into a huge meteor gap after flying a distance.

I don't know how far away, a team of people is slowly moving in a gloomy black channel.

"Dad! When will we go out?" A beautiful girl looked at the middle-aged man with a pair of watery and clear eyes.

"Should be soon!" The middle-aged man's face was pale, his leg was still lame at this time, he was breathing a little fast, and he seemed to be pulling the bellows in his chest.

"I'm going back this time when I go out. Grandpa once sent a message that it was Brother Zhao..." The girl's sad face suddenly showed a bright smile.

"Shui girl, you can rest assured that we will find the exit!" an elderly man with white beards beside him comforted softly.

"Well! I believe!" A tear of tears shed in the corner of the girl's smile.

This is a group of people from the Eastern Emperor Great World. They were betrayed while fighting side by side with the people of the Glorious World and forced into the Magic Light Market.

Shui Cangyun was badly wounded by a vicious technique. Until now, there is still a burning gas in his body that has not been removed. If it were not his ancient avenue, it might be a dead person now.

The girl Shui Juekong fell unharmed, but watching her father become weaker every day, her heart seemed to be disturbed by a knife.

The original carefree, grumpy, and arrogant young lady seemed to have changed her personality in this trial of the first ring battle, and everything has changed.

At this time, there were only more than 30 people left in the East Emperor Great World team. Just yesterday, they encountered a fierce magic light python, which was silently shuttled through the black channel and was eaten by seven or eight people in a row. Only then did they find the culprit.

However, in the fight with this magic light python, this fragile channel of the magic light market was broken, and a powerful space storm was used from outside the channel, instantly tearing dozens of practitioners.

Fortunately, the magic light python was also torn in two by the space storm, dying, otherwise they will soon be wiped out by the whole army.

"Look! What is that?" Suddenly someone in front of the team saw a light not far away, and suddenly pointed at the light with excitement. "Could we have reached the exit?"

"It's an exit! Otherwise, how could there be light." Someone was pleasantly surprised and ran towards the light.

They were trapped in this magic light market for a month. Their mind and will were already magic light. Once a little hope appeared, they would lose their reason and become crazy.

"No! You stop me!" The old man's eyes beside Shui Juekong lit up a little golden light. At the next moment, his face suddenly changed and he shouted, "That's a magic light python! A **** emperor! The magic light python of the realm, come back to me!"

The few people who ran the light before, when they heard the old man's words, first froze, looked carefully at the light, and suddenly looked like the earth, they turned and fled back.


A loud sound that made the scalp explode came, and the light was getting closer and closer. Only then did everyone see clearly that this is a black python with a full thickness of more than ten feet, and the light is its one eye. Its body flashes like a passage from time to time, extremely deceptive.

The magic light python's speed is incredible, and it immediately catches up with the previous ones. With a big mouthful of breath, several people fell into the mouth of the magic light python involuntarily.

"Ah! Save me..." These people had been swallowed by the magic light python in abundance before they made a complete cry for life.

"Shui girl, run away with your father, old guys, we block this beast!" The old man looked at the twilight old man, his face showing a determined color.

"Yes! Anyway, we are old and life is running out. Early death and late death are all dead. We fight it!" Another old man gritted his teeth and took a step forward.

"Hurry up, if you leave, you will have more hope!"

"Hurry up! The group of cubs who escaped in the Glorious World revenge for us!"

"Slain this beast!"

These elders were irritated and rushed towards the magic light python.

Most of their cultivation practices are in the Emperor Realm. Although they joined forces to temporarily block the magic light python, they can be seen at a glance. They are burning their lives and fighting. They have spent almost a month without supplement. It's all at the end of the crossbow, this state can support a dozen breaths is already good!

"Juekong, you go quickly, I will stay to help them!" Shui Cangyun pulled her daughter away, and flew towards the magic light python.

Shui Cangyun knew that the fire poison in his body had penetrated into the bone marrow, and he could not be cured without removing it. There was no elixir, no aura, and no supplies. According to the current speed of fire poison, I am afraid that after three days Become a waste person, when you escape, it will be a burden.