Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 768

Chapter 768: Finally Come

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"Dad!" Shui Juekong's face was instantly full of tears.

"Go away! Otherwise Dad will die in vain! Go back and let the kid avenge us!" Shui Cangyun almost broke his steel teeth and shouted at his daughter, "Only he has this ability... You can rest assured to him!"

"No! Dad, I won't go, I will fight with you too!" Shui Juekong's character is stubborn, how can he leave his father and leave alone at this time, she followed his father's footsteps without hesitation To the magic light python.


Shui Cangyun wanted to say something, but this time everyone fled to the rear, this time came a panic yelling.

"Another one! There is another one behind us, we're done! It's over!" These people showed hopelessness on their faces, and before they ran back again, a larger magic light python meandered from behind.

"Okay! No one can escape this time, let's fight together!" Shui Cangyun looked desperately at this later magic light python, whose strength was almost equal to that of a strong man at the peak of Divine Emperor. The Black Wind Canyon is basically invincible.

"Don't be afraid of the big guy! Now that we have gone to the dead end, since we already know that we will die, we simply fight with these two beasts! We can make a kill by making a profit!" An old man, while fighting the magic light python, encouraged him to escape again Everyone.


Moguang Python's tail pulled him out fiercely. He had blood all over his body. The bones on his body did not know how many pieces he had broken. The chest cavity was deeply sunken, and it crashed into the passage.

"The old man fights him first!"

The old man shouted sharply and rushed towards the magic light python directly.

The magic light python opened his mouth, a huge suction came out of the mouth, and the old man was involuntarily sucked into the magic light python's huge mouth.

"Beasts, let's all die together!" The old man snorted and his body exploded.

Although the magic light python is powerful, it is still fragile in the mouth. The old man directly detonated the world in his body, and suddenly the mouth of the magic light python was blown away.

The wounded magic light python body frantically whipped around the passage. The terrible force tore the passage out of several big mouths. A black storm surged in from the big mouth. Several people who could not dodge were instantly torn by the storm.

"Lao Tzu is not alive!" Another old man roared and rushed to the injured magic light python, intending to kill him if he tried to kill him, otherwise the channel completely collapsed, and there was even a trace of hope No more.

At this time, the more powerful magic light python has also rushed over. This magic light python is obviously much more cunning than the other end. Its body coils up in the passage, blocking them fiercely, and a tail sweeps continuously. Several old men rushed to fight this magic light python, but they simply couldn't find a chance to die together.

"Boom!" The old man who just rushed past was directly pumped by the injured magic light python's tail, and involuntarily fell into a constantly spinning black storm.

The old man was the cultivation of the Divine Emperor Realm, but he was suppressed too much by this place. After struggling a few times, he was still broken by the storm.

"No! You must completely solve this animal, otherwise the channel collapses, and there is really no chance! Youkong, you help them resist, and dad went to the animal!" Shui Cangyun gritted his teeth, writhing desperately. The body's magic light python rushed over.

"Dad!" Shui Juekong's face was full of tears, but she couldn't stop her. She could only keep up with her father's footsteps. "I will go with you too. I have a golden light from my ancestors. Can protect us once!"

"Very empty... Hey! Okay! If we were to die today, our father and daughter Huang Quan would be considered a companion." Shui Cangyun knew that there were so many evils today, so he nodded gently.

The magic light python's head was shattered, but it was not dead. The endless anger made it more and more crazy. The huge body whipped the passage. More and more cracks appeared. A black whirlwind appeared to wreak havoc.

However, the magic light python's body is very powerful. Those black storms cut on its body, leaving only a trace of blood, but it can't really hurt its life.

The magic light python flicked the long tail irregularly. The newly advanced father and daughter of Shui Cangyun were instantly drawn by the long tail. If it wasn't for a flash of golden light, the two might be crushed.

But even so, the father and daughter were in a severe pain, and did not get up after several struggles.

On the other hand, another magic light python has killed seven or eight practitioners of the Eastern Emperor Great World in succession, and several elderly people have also died. This magic light python is more cunning than humans, making everyone want Even Yu Jian couldn't find a chance. The Snake Mountain was entrenched high, advancing a little bit, and the cold and ruthless eyes glanced at only a dozen people left.

"It's over!" Shui Cangyun looked at the two behemoths and couldn't help sighing, "Juekong is just a bit sorry for you! Father shouldn't bring you."

"No, Dad! It's my wish to be here, I don't want to be a burden!" The girl bit her lip and looked at the far distance of the channel, showing endless sorrow, "Unfortunately, I will never see Zhao again. Brother!"


At this moment, they suddenly heard a trembling loud noise.

Everyone only saw that a figure flew over the passageway, and a punch hit the head of the magic light python in Pancheng Snake Mountain.

The magic light python's head shattered with a bang, and his body fell to the ground like a pool of mud, motionless.

"Peerless! Peerless!" A flickering figure appeared directly in front of the father and daughter of Shuijeikong. They saw the two lying on the ground covered with blood, and their faces suddenly changed.

This person is naturally Zhao Yuande. He shuttled through the magic light market. Hearing the fierce fighting sounds here, he naturally guessed that some people were fighting in this battle.

"Finally here!" Shui Cangyun saw Zhao Yuande's figure, his face was loose, and his head was crooked, and he passed out.

"Brother Zhao! Is it you?" Shui Juekong's eyes lighted up suddenly, but suddenly became gray again, and his mouth was murmured, "I must be dreaming, dreaming! I don't want to wake up , I can only see Brother Zhao in my dreams, I dont want to wake up!"

Zhao Yuande almost burst into tears, but he still resisted the violent patting feeling in his heart. A huge life energy in his body directly poured into the water void, only in a short moment, the injury in the water void. It recovered, and there was a little rosy face.

"Peerless, it's me!" Zhao Yuande smiled at her gently.

"Ah! Brother Zhao... Quickly save my dad!" Shui Juekong felt that his body had healed, and suddenly thought of his father.