Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 769

Chapter 769: Back To Zhenmoguan

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"Relax! How can I make Lao Zhangren have an accident." Zhao Yuande also injected a life energy without healing the water and clouds, but he felt a strange flame power raging in his body.

"Humph! Qinglian accepted it for me!" Zhao Yuande snorted, and a child in Tsing Yi appeared on the back of his hand. He opened his mouth and sucked into Shui Cangyun. A black flame was sucked directly from Shui Cangyun's body. Came out.

The black flame jumped, struggling, but was swallowed by Tsing Yi Tong.

"Well! Good fragrance!" Qingyi Xiaotong exclaimed with satisfaction, and then re-drilled into the back of Zhao Yuande's hand, leaving only the imprint of a blue lotus, "It's okay, I'll go back first!"

"Ah!" Shui Cangyun groaned comfortably and slowly opened his eyes.

"Son-in-law, you came in time!" Shui Cangyun changed his old indifference and arrogance and grinned at Zhao Yuande.

"Brother Zhao!" Shui Juekong directly plunged into Zhao Yuande's arms and hugged him quietly, never wanting to leave again.

Just now she thought that she would never see Brother Zhao again in her life, but she didn't expect a godlike voice to appear in front of herself at the next moment, saving herself and her father, and so many partners.

"Very empty! Okay, let me help you out of trouble first!" Zhao Yuande patted her on the back gently, said softly, "I will send you to a place first, and then let you out when it is safe."

"Huh!" Shui Juekong nodded gently, a small face became coy and pleasant.

"Let me pass, I will send you to my world first, don't resist!" Zhao Yuande glanced at the crowd. At this time, the surviving people had gathered around and looked at Zhao Yuande's grateful face, they knew Zhao Yuande No harm to them, they nodded together.

With a big sleeve, Zhao Yuande sent these people into the space of the Eternal Tower.

Why did they not send them to the other side of the world, Zhao Yuande was actually selfish, because he had not obtained the consent of the father and daughter for the wedding, so he didnt want Shui Juekongs father and daughter to meet others when he was not present. , The province said it was embarrassing.

Although the seriously injured Magic Light Python is still twisting, the frequency is obviously a bit lower. After he solved it, he threw the bodies of the two Magic Light Pythons into the other side of the world. This is a very good ingredient.

Along the way, he has left his own imprint of the soul. Although the spirit is suppressed here, he still successfully walked out of the Black Wind Canyon one day later.

But what makes Zhao Yuande a little strange is why he walked in the Black Wind Canyon for such a long time, but he did not find an alien, did the alien retreat?

After thinking for a long time, he didn't find the answer, so he didn't care about it.

Looking at the succumbing pass that stood in the distance in the stars, his mouth showed a bit of coldness. Although he did not know why the glorious world would betray the world of the emperor, but this hatred was concluded, and he could not replace the emperor himself. The big world seeks justice.

He released the only dozen or so cultivators of the East Emperor Great World.

"It's finally out of danger!" Everyone's face showed the expression of the rest of the life.

"Uncle, I don't know why you are forced into the Black Wind Canyon by the Glorious World. What happened in the middle?" Zhao Yuande looked at the water and cloud, before he helped the East Emperor World to get justice, he had to understand the matter. The truth.

"Huh! It's not because of the sky!" Shui Cangyun looked at her daughter's face pale, and suddenly knew that she hurt her daughter, and patted her shoulder gently, "It's not really your fault, but glory." That kid in the big world, he is not a thing!"

"What the **** is going on?" Zhao Yuande heard this and suddenly stood up.

"Brother Zhao, actually..." Seeing the expression on Zhao Yuande's face, Shui Jukong hurriedly took Zhao Yuande's arm and explained the cause and effect of the matter in detail.

The more Zhao Yuande's face looked uglier, it turned out that one of the younger generations of the Glorious World who came to Zhenmoguan to participate in the battle this time was a disciple named Feng Xiaotian who was very important to the ancestors of the Glorious World!

Although this person is unknown in the beginning, but his strength is very strong, but with the practice of the sixth level of the field, he can fight with the ordinary emperor strong.

During the battle, he was repeatedly commended by the Zhenmoguan and became a figure of the young generation.

But this guy took a fancy to Shui Juekong, and came to the door many times and Shui Cangyun proposed to marry.

Shui Cangyun will naturally not agree, and it is said that Shui Juekong has already had a marriage, and he will get married this time.

Unexpectedly, the other party went away, saying that Shui Cangyun was perfunctory.

It was later learned that this was just an excuse for him. This master Feng Fengtian was injured by the strong man of the Thunder Prison family and lost face in the Eastern Emperor Great World Divine Ruins. He just wanted to come this time Suppress the East Emperor Great World and avenge Master.

This person continued to harass Shui Juekong. How could Shui Juekong's temper be able to withstand this kind of person, and he suddenly shot and almost kicked the opponent's underneath.

If it were not for the high level of the Zhenmoguan, the practitioners of the two circles almost made a big move for it.

But in the end, Zhenmoguan asked Shui Jukong to publicly apologize to Feng Xiaotian and make corresponding compensation.

Under pressure, they did as they did, and this matter subsided.

A few days ago, Zhenmoguan sent them two teams out of the border to block an alien team, but did not expect to encounter an alien team, but was suddenly violent by the people of the glorious world, they had no choice but to escape. Into the magic light market.

Although the people of the Glorious World did not enter the Magic Light Market, they stayed outside until they stepped into the depths of the Magic Light Market, and these guys left with satisfaction.

"It seems that someone in the Zhenmo Pass is embarrassed by the glorious world!" Zhao Yuande gradually calmed down his anger, feeling that this matter was not as simple as he had imagined. This matter should really not be too reckless and requires some planning.

"You come back to my space first. I will enter the Zhenmoguan alone to inquire, and I will let you out at a critical moment to get justice for you." Zhao Yuande looked at the Zhenmoguan with sharp eyes.

Zhao Yuande soon returned to the Zhenmo Pass by himself. I didn't know why. As soon as I entered the Zhenmo Pass, I felt a bit depressed atmosphere.

Many people are in the streets and talking in a small voice, and all people's faces show confusion and panic.

Zhao Yuande listened carefully and found out that when a rumor came out of the Zhenmo Pass, a mysterious channel was opened by the aliens, which could lead to the Zhenmo Pass.

The reason why the aliens have disappeared these days is because they are accumulating strength and are ready to take the Zhenmo Pass in one fell swoop.