Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 77

Chapter 77: Old Man With Goatee

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"Hey! Brother Yuan De, you have to compensate us. The two of us have been waiting here for a day and night, and our hungry front chest is stuck on our back!" Master Yi Jie felt very wronged.

"Good! Boy, Grandpa Xiong's stomach is suffocated. You don't hurry to take us out to have a good tonic!" Black Bear and Yi Jie agreed for the first time, and they all looked at Zhao Yuande disgruntledly.

"Okay! Okay! Let's go to Wantong Baolou and choose some ingredients!" Zhao Yuande was in a happy mood, and his big sleeves flew towards Wantong Baolou.

The three guys soon found a black locust in the Wantong Baolou. This black locust is a fifth-order beast and is of great value. The three of them can only make up the spirit jade.

"That won't work! Who can think of a way to get the spirit jade when we sit down and eat the sky?" Master Yijie was worried. Originally he didn't have much demand for the spirit jade, but this time he almost lost all his panties. Lingyu.

"Hum! Even Grandpa Xiong's storage rings are sold, and then the materials are gathered. Grandpa Xiong is mad! Going to rob!" Black Bear screamed in Zhao Yuande's sleeve cage.

"Forget it, I'm reluctant to make a few furnaces of Xuan-level Elixir, and selling it should be enough for the time being!" Zhao Yuande had no other idea, and could only sell the Elixir.

"Go, let's hurry to pack a Danfang room and get a pot to eat first!" Master Yi Jie heard Zhao Yuande say that there was no more worry, and his first reaction was to eat.

Eating can improve cultivation, and eating can satisfy appetite, why not eat?

"Black Serpent Beast, a rare innate thunderbolt rune in bone marrow, can be used to refine the flesh and stimulate the recovery of sperm and blood... Intermediate ingredients, matching the recipe "Black Serpent Bone Paste", a small increase in the physique of the practitioner and stimulate the essence Blood regeneration is a table of materials..."

"It's really a treasure!" Seeing this message, Zhao Yuande couldn't help but feel a bit fiery in his heart. I don't know how much sperm blood he can restore the black bear this time. Can he break through that layer of diaphragm to achieve yin and yang unity?

Zhao Yuande said that the furnace in the Dan room was removed, and the gluttonous true spirit tripod was placed on the ground fire.

"Hurry up and help! Remember not to damage the bone marrow, it is a big supplement!"

"Oh!" The two guys went up, splitting the black dragon beast with seven hands and feet, removing all the bones, and dividing the flesh into three parts.

It is still the old practice to stop fire control, commanded by Zhao Yuande, the black bear puts the ingredients, the three guys have already cooperated purely.

Two hours later, the fragrance overflowed the entire Danfang, and even spread to other places of Shengdan Baolou.

Many people were greedily scented, and they found Zhao Yuande in front of the Dan house they rented along the source of the fragrance.

Everyone is wondering, what kind of panacea are the people inside refining, and why is there such a fragrance?

However, the door of the Dan Room had not been opened, and they did not dare to trespass. This is the rule of the Shengdan Baolou. No one dares to challenge the dignity of the Shengdanzong.

The scent lasted for three days and three nights, and everyone felt that it was almost unreasonable. Their stomachs began to grunt, and finally someone in the domain couldn't stand it, and left the Shengdan Baolou directly.

However, the legend that the mysterious elixir was being refined in the Shengdan Baolou was spread. A large group of people came to the Baolou to watch. The business of the Shengdan Baolou is getting better and better because of this legend.

Three days later, the door of the Danfang was opened. Zhao Yuande stepped out of the Danfang and was shocked by the scene before him. The black crowd gathered at the door of the Danfang and looked at himself like a crowd of monsters.

Master Yijie was so scared that he hurried back to the Dan room.

"What are you guys?" Zhao Yuande dared to ask everyone.

"Young man, are you alchemy inside?" An old man with a goatee saw Zhao Yuande's eyes lit up and hurried forward to ask.

"Seniors are familiar? We have seen it there?" Zhao Yuande thought the goatee was very good.

"Everyone is from Tianhuo City, so I know hehe naturally!" The goatee touched his beard under his jaw and said happily, "What the **** are you doing, young boy? Why is it so fragrant?"

"Oh!" Zhao Yuande hesitated. He couldn't say that he was drinking and eating meat. His head turned to a panacea. "Well, it's Tianxiang Baodan, which specializes in deodorizing. You know some secrets. Its a stench, and its purely to find a guilt for yourself if you dont bring some of this medicine!"

"Tianxiang Baodan? Why do I smell alcohol?" The goatee shrugged. "And it's still a good wine!"

"Of course, I added a fine wine to Baodan because I like drinking too much!" Zhao Yuande was sweating heavily, and the nose of this old guy was really smart.

"Really?" The goatee seemed unbelieving.

"Hey! I suddenly remembered that there is still a ruin to go exploring today, so I won't accompany you!" Zhao Yuande couldn't resist the doubtful look of the goatee and hurriedly lowered his head out of the crowd.

Master Yijie was also sweating and rushed out behind Zhao Yuande.

"These guys have really sharp noses!" After the two came to nowhere, they stopped breathlessly. The master Yijie was obviously a little afraid, "The old man with a goatee is terrible, I think he is more terrible than my master. !"

"This person is definitely a strong man at the pinnacle of the world." Zhao Yuande also nodded again and again. Just now he was close to the goatee and felt the rhythm flowing in the other person's body. It was a very mysterious feeling. It was the world. A breath unique to the powerful.

"Fortunately, this old guy is not malicious to us, otherwise we can't escape at all." Master Yijie took off his hat and touched the cold sweat on his bald head, feeling a little nervous.

"Take care of him, anyway, now we are safe!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand. "Then this time our two harvests are not as big as Xiongda. It has recovered 70% of its essence and blood. A matter of thought."

"This bear blind man, can really grab!" Master Yijie hated, "If it weren't for grabbing so much, I should break through!"

"Hey! Bald man, don't envy Grandpa Xiong, Grandpa Xiong is just a legend!" The black bear gritted his teeth in Zhao Yuande's sleeve cage and smirked with pride.

"Bear blind man, you are less proud, next time Master will not let you, I want to let you know why the flowers are so red!" Master Yijie was irritated by the black bear.

"Okay, don't be noisy, we are about to lose the appointment!" Zhao Yuande hurriedly took Master Yijie off to make him not excited.

They quickly returned to Piaoxiangyuan. Sure enough, there was already Jiang Tianyue's men already waiting for him.

"Mr. Zhao, my lady asked you to go directly to the entrance to the sunset canyon!" The man saw that the two left only this sentence, and left in a hurry.

"Can the sunset gorge?" Zhao Yuande said in a contemplative moment. "We'll start purchasing some essential medicines!"

"Really looking forward to it! I want to know how far I am from those legendary peerless geniuses?" Then the master Yijie said with a confident smile on his face, "but compared to those Li Tian, long People like Yuming, I should be better than them!"

"Hey! Bald man, don't brag in front of Grandpa Xiong, Grandpa Xiong will beat you, and even your mom won't recognize you!" The Black Bear provoked again in a timely manner.

"The poor monk fights with you!"

Zhao Yuande was noisy with a pair of live treasures, and he was very happy along the way. He quickly reached the outside of the sunset canyon.