Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 770

Chapter 770: Jing Zhongyue

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Zhao Yuande was slightly shocked when he heard this rumor. He was flying all the way in the Black Wind Canyon, and really no stranger found it. He was originally surprised that this rumor might be true.

However, he still shook his head. He didnt care about this matter. What he needed to do now was to find the people of the Glorious World and ask if they had colluded with the senior officials of Zhenmoguan. If this is the case, Zhao Yuande felt that he needed to find People helped, but he could not fight against the high level of the Zhenmoguan. Among them, there were many powerful emperors.

"No matter what, I still have to ask Lei Zun first to talk about it!" Zhao Yuande took out Lei Zun's message to him, which is very far away from the East Emperor Great World, and it takes a long time to transmit information.

Zhao Yuande's body slowly disappeared, and he took out the Tongyou Mirror, covering his breath and figure, and quietly sneaked back to the camp of the Glorious World.

At this time, many cultivators were discussing what was in the camp. A young man of 18 or nine years walked out of the camp and bored.

"This group of dull guys, I still go to Yanliu Alley to see, girl Qiong'er might be waiting for me at this time." The young man's mouth chuckled, and he couldn't help thinking of the slightly fat, soft and abnormal body Girl Qiong'er.

At this moment, he suddenly felt that his eyes were dark, and a figure appeared in front of him as the scene changed.

"What's your name? What do the practitioners of the Glorious World have here? How did you collude with the Zhenmoguan to frame the Eastern World?" This figure gradually solidified, a handsome and indifferent young man, He asked a series of questions without expression.

"You... who are you?" The young man just wanted to yell, but found himself in an unfamiliar environment, and his practice seemed to no longer exist.

"I'm asking you!" Zhao Yuande looked at the young man coldly. "If you don't want to say, I will break your leg first."

"How dare you rob the town of demon..." The young man stepped back again and again, screaming inwardly, "You are dead..."


Zhao Yuande kicked one of his young man's legs and smashed it with a powerful force. The powerful force brought the young man to the wall behind him and then hit the ground.

"Ah! My legs..." The young man screamed fiercely and lost his practice. The young man felt that he was not as good as an ordinary person at this time. The strong tingling pain made him sweaty and he hugged only Half of the thighs wailed in pain.

"Hurry up!" Zhao Yuande's cold voice came, and his eyes looked at the other leg of the young man, "If you don't say that, this leg will be gone!"

"I said! I said!" The young man expressed panic, he hurriedly said, "I am the Feng Xiaozhen of the glorious world. We have two **** emperors and strong men, and six emperor strong men lead our team. Brother was almost paid by the water family Xiao Nizi, so we only started to deal with the East Emperor Great World. As for whether there is collusion with the Zhenmoguan, I really dont know!"

"Humph!" Zhao Yuande stepped on the other leg of the young man without warning.

"Ah!" The young man's other leg was crushed on and off, so that he rolled around on the ground in pain.

Zhao Yuande's figure disappeared in space, and appeared in front of the camp of the glorious world next moment.

If he works on the people of the glorious world, it will inevitably attract the attention of the powerful demons. If several gods and emperors join forces, I'm afraid I can't take it.

"Well! It was raining in time, and Lei Zun even sent a message." Zhao Yuande took out the messenger jade, and when he saw the message above, he suddenly smiled on his face. "Lei Zun wants to come in person, it really is for me." face."

"There is a mysterious place in the Zhenmo Pass, I will go shopping first, and then say!" Zhao Yuande has rescued Shui Juekong's father and daughter, and his heart is also widened. As for the people of the Glorious World and the Zhenmo Pass, they are both I won't go, and I have nothing to worry about.

He remembered that after he became the emperor of the last life, he once saw a well here. From a distance, there was a bright moon floating in it, and this old well would swim around in the Zhenmo Pass.

Many people have also seen this old well, but no one can walk to the old well to see what the bright moon is.

Zhao Yuande walked around the alleys of Zhenmoguan and walked for more than an hour, but still did not see the old well.

When he walked into a small restaurant with some disappointment, he accidentally saw a flash of silver in the alley that he had walked not far away.

His figure was vertical, and he appeared before the silver brilliance.

But at the next moment, he found that the silver brilliance was just a shadow, and the shadow disappeared with the wind and suddenly dissipated in the air.

He simply jumped on the roof, and the soul radiated around, and he didn't believe that this ancient well would be so magical.

Soon, on the edge of the radiation of his soul, he felt a sharp air rising into the sky. Even as strong as his spirit, he felt as if it was cut by a sharp blade, and a sharp tingling came.

"I saw you!" Zhao Yuandeqiang endured this huge pain, and his body disappeared in a dim alley for a moment.

Before the distance of less than three feet in front of him, an old well stood quietly. Looking at the mottled bluestone and the green moss on the bluestone at the old wellhead, he couldn't help but frown slightly, which was clearly a real well.

There seemed to be grunts in the well, as if someone under the ground had overflowed from the bottom of the well, and the small gas bubbles had broken.

He was not eager to step forward, but explored slowly with his soul, and explored underground, and found that the water well and the earth were as one.

But at the moment when he probed the soul into the wellhead, a silver light shot out of the well, as if a bright moon rose slowly from the well, instantly cutting off the fragmentation of his soul.

Zhao Yuande's body shook slightly, and a violent pain from the soul almost made him cry out.

"That's not the moon, but a sword!" Although Zhao Yuande's soul was cut, he still clearly saw the picture in the well. A long sword just trembles, and a bright moon rises, and the bright moon rushes out. The moment at the wellhead disappeared.

Seeing that Gu Jing didn't seem to leave, Zhao Yuande couldn't help but took steps to walk towards Gu Jing step by step.

"Don't go forward! Otherwise, you will be crushed by Jingzhongyue!" Suddenly a familiar voice came from his storage space, turned out to be the woman Wan Yao in the scroll.

"What Jingzhong Moon? Is that the sword?" Zhao Yuande thought the name was appropriate.

"No! That sword is just a shadow. I am talking about this well!" Wan Yao's voice was a little clear, and it seemed that this well was really unusual. She warned, "You must not be rash, don't know how many The strong are strangled by Jingzhongyue, and a lot of them are stronger than you!"