Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 772

Chapter 772: Yujing Bottle Crushed

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"What's this?" Zhao Yuande felt the horror that permeated through the black door, which was terrifying. Zhao Yuande initially estimated that at least they thought the powerful existence of God Emperor Realm.


The black door burst, and a big hand with red hair suddenly came out of the door and grabbed Zhao Yuande.

"Cut!" A mirror sword appeared in Zhao Yuande's hands, and he slashed towards the red-haired big hand.


Zhao Yuande only felt a terrifying great force and directly uploaded it from the mirror sword. The big hand directly pinched the mirror sword, and the sharp blade couldn't even reach the other side.

"Release me!" Zhao Yuande was anxious. Although this mirror sword was not particularly valuable, it represented a friendship between Zhong Man and his son. He didn't want to lose it.

A bright star in his palm lit up, and after opening a star directly, his physical strength almost doubled in an instant, and the mirror sword was pulled back.

At the same time, there was a large black blood.

But the black blood quickly melted into the invisible in the clear well water, which was very magical, but Zhao Yuande didn't pay attention to it at the moment.


An angry roar came through the black door. A body wanted to squeeze through the black door, but no matter how hard the other party tried, he could only squeeze this arm.

After the black gate, the monster finally gave up like a defeat, but a red-haired big hand desperately stirred in the well water, causing Zhao Yuande to retreat again and again. As a result, an accident was almost directly shot by the red-haired big hand.

Zhao Yuande's body hit the wall of the well, almost knocking you off his armor.

"I rely on! You want Lao Tzu to leave, but I will not leave, and I will spend it with you today!" Zhao Yuande had the perseverance to lose, blindly dodge the attack of the big red hand in the water, and gradually caught The rule of the red-haired big hand actually started to be easy, and when the big hand came to take the picture, he used a mirror sword in his hand to slash a sword.

Although the grade of this mirror sword is not high, but it is made of the remains of the congenital treasure treasure heaven, the air sharpness is not weaker than the congenital treasure, and Zhao Yuande has a strong power. After the two are added together, the red hair big hand The chopped piece of flesh was blurry, and the monster behind the black gate wailed.

"Sister, do you know what monster this is?"

With this leisure, Zhao Yuande had the opportunity to ask Wan Yao.

"This is the golden corpse in the underworld hell. A red-haired sword and gun are inaccessible, which is equivalent to the top power of the **** emperor! I did not expect this sword to be able to directly open the gate of the underworld hell. I really look down on it!" Wan Yao's voice was full of shock.

"Nether hell?" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but stunned, this sword was too good!

Red hair big hands and Zhao Yuande struggled for half an hour, and finally could not help but Zhao Yuande, and then slowly pulled back!

There was a roar after the black gate, with anger and frustration.

After the big red hair retracted, the black door slowly disappeared, as if it had never appeared.

"If you have the ability, you can open the other doors. Zhao Yuande will never be afraid of you!" Zhao Yuande, holding a mirror sword, swam down the water and swam towards the sword embryo again.


The sword embryo seemed to understand Zhao Yuande's words, and even dissatisfied began to shake the body of the sword, with ripples visible to the naked eye rippling outwards.

Suddenly Zhao Yuande felt an inexplicable thrill. He tried to avoid the ripples, but the ripples were so dense that they easily touched the armor worn by Zhao Yuande outside.

"Huh?" Zhao Yuande realized that nothing had happened. He couldn't help but wondered, but the next moment scared him all his hair.

After the ripples, a quaint little gourd suddenly appeared above the sword embryo, the gourd mouth opened, and a red **** awn suddenly traversed the space and came directly in front of him. The armor he wore was blind to him. Unable to stop.

"This is..." Wan Yao's voice shuddered at the moment, as if she saw something incredible, even her fairy, who was a million years ago, was so distracted.

He desperately tilted his head and wanted to escape the blow of the Red God Mang, but unfortunately it was too late. The Red God Mang directly penetrated his eyebrows, rushed directly into his sea of consciousness, and walked towards the Spirit of God.

Zhao Yuande had a feeling that if the soul of the **** was hit by the red god, it would be annihilated and melted instantly.

"Yu Jing Bottle! Tian Chan Yi!"

These two layers of protection suddenly appeared on the body of Zhao Yuande.


Zhao Yuande, who was fast in the red, was too late to dodge and directly bombarded the Yujing bottle.


A crack appeared on the Yujing bottle, but it still blocked the red god.

Shenmang was blocked, but the potential remained unsettled, and he was still in an offensive and defensive battle with Yujing Ping.

After a moment of stalemate, the Yujing bottle crashed and shattered, and the debris fell to the sea. The unmanageable power of the gods directly hit the sky-thin tianchan clothing.

"Stop it for me!" Zhao Yuande tried his best to mobilize the power of the soul, and kept pouring into the Tianchan clothing.


As if a sharp arrow feather shot on a tough beast skin, no one knows how tough the beast skin is, nor how sharp the arrow feathers are, the final result depends entirely on the beast What level is it.

If it is a Level 1 or Level 2 beast, but it is slightly stronger than ordinary beasts, Arrow Feather will definitely break through the beast skin.

If it is a third or fourth order beast, this is a bit inaccurate. If the material of the arrow is special, it may be broken.

However, if it is a fierce beast of order five or more, the toughness of the fur is not what ordinary arrows can shoot through.

And Zhao Yuande's Tianchan clothing at this time happened to be a fierce beast skin above the fifth order, and it blocked the red gods!

The red **** was exhausted, and finally dissipated in front of Tianchan Yi.

"My jade bottle!"

But this time Zhao Yuande escaped from death, but he was not happy at all, his face was bitter.

"Is it easy to get a defensive soul soldier? I killed so many people and robbed so many geniuses in the Desolate Realm. Finally, I got one. I didn't expect it to be destroyed here today!" Cry without tears.

He no longer dared to doppelganger or carelessly stare at the sword embryo.

Only then did he discover that the quaint little gourd was gone.

"Sister, what was that little gourd just now? Why is it so powerful, just shattered my jade bottle directly." Zhao Yuande thought of Wan Yao's abnormality just now.