Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 773

Chapter 773: Soul Ghost

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"That's... the soul-cutting gourd! At the beginning of the world, an innate **** came to hold this thing, and a red awn cut through the chaotic beasts! I didn't expect this sword embryo to be able to attract a projection of the soul-cutting gourd... You are really lucky, lucky!" Wan Yao's words were clearly fearful, "I think, you should leave now!"

"No! I feel that the sword embryo's breath has become much weaker. I may be able to get closer to it as long as I persevere again!" Zhao Yuande's eyes became more determined. He felt that this was a great opportunity. If he was not sure Live, I am afraid I will regret it for life.

"Okay! I won't persuade you anymore! Everyone wants to seize it, but I still want to remind you that your loved ones are all by your side. If something happens to them, they might... " Wan Yao's voice gradually disappeared, but Zhao Yuande's face was slightly pale.

The other side of the world is upon yourself.

"Okay! Then I will try again. I can't help but find another opportunity!"

His body went downstream again, his eyes staring at the sword embryo.

"Buzz! Buzz!"

The sword embryo oscillated, making a sound like a bee flapping its wings.

Zhao Yuande frowned heavily, this was the case every time, and he couldn't see what the other party wanted to do.

But soon he knew that the buzzing sound was getting louder and louder, the sound was deafening, and the sound was so fraught, that the whole jingle was trembling, and the whole town demon quake was shaking, the whole starry sky All started to whisper...

"What the **** happened?" In the Zhenmo Pass, the three strong men were discussing in a hall. Suddenly, the entire Zhenmo Pass started shaking, and their faces suddenly changed.

"Is it an alien attack?" One of them was an old man with a long sword on his back. His eyes were sharp like a sword. His eyes turned outside the Zhenmo Pass, but no one was found.

"It seems... It seems that the source of the vibration comes from Shuijing Alley..." An old woman with white hair gleamed in the eyes, and the voice seemed to be a little trembling and shocked.

"Did that well appear again?" The last man was a scholar-looking young man, wearing a jade crown and white lips, and his face was full of curiosity, as if thinking of something that made him scratch his head.

"It should be! The last time it seemed that it was three hundred years ago, a strong man in the Pantheon heard the rumor that he wanted to come to see and see, but the old water well was angered, and the body was instantly crushed, even the soul of the god. When he fled to the wellhead, he was chased and killed by a moonlight." The old man with a sword on his face smiled bitterly. "Since then, no one dares to provoke the old water well. Does anyone want to conquer it today?"

"Forget it, let's continue our own business! That's a great god, we can't afford to provoke it!" The old lady waved her hand, "As long as we don't provoke it, it will not bore us in trouble, in its We may be just ants in our eyes."

"I want to see it. I don't know if the two dare to go together?" The scholar looked at their horrified eyes and couldn't help saying, "If we just look at it, it shouldn't cause trouble. The two are afraid what?"

"We're not going to go by ourselves, we dare not!" The old sword-backed man hurriedly shook his head. "It's like a fairy fighting, a mortal going to watch a war, a fairy doesn't mean to kill a mortal, but can a powerful force shoot mortals and escape?"

"Lao Jian, let him go, let's continue to discuss the matter of aliens!" The old lady was too lazy to even talk to the scholar, you don't want to look for our expression when you die.

"So, I'm going to see it even more!" The scholar's figure flashed and disappeared into the hall.

"Hey! Don't listen to the old man..." Jianlao sighed, "Okay! Where did we just say... Let's start!"

"Don't worry about him..." The old lady's eyes showed a deep excitement.

The scholar came to Shuijing Alley, and really saw an old well being deep in the alley. A sound like Hong Zhong Da Lu was coming out of the old well, and the trembling surrounding buildings were trembling!

Although this sound was deafening, the scholar didn't feel any threat to himself. He couldn't help but have a thought in his heart, and he went to see what was in the well.

He walked curiously towards the old well, ten feet... five feet... three feet...

His body rushed forward quickly, and appeared at the mouth of the water well in an instant. He had heard the legend that he could not explore the old water well, otherwise it would be ugly to die.

He leaned out of his head, just glanced at it, and when he saw the picture in the well water, he was dumbfounded!

Someone was in the well and seemed to be fighting against the mysterious existence in the well.


The man's body swelled suddenly, as if to lift a breath.

"Pummy coax!"

A sound of Buddha poured out from the population, and the body of the man suddenly shrank back to its original size.

The loud sound of Buddhism suddenly turned into three ancient characters and crashed towards the bottom of the well.


A terrible explosion sounded in the old well, and the monstrous water wave rushed out of the wellhead. The scholar couldn't dodge, and a few drops of well water were splashed on his face.

"It's so cool!" The scholar felt a sense of coolness on his face, but the next moment he exclaimed in horror, "No... this is impossible... my soul... seems to be transformed!"

He fell to the ground suddenly and fainted.

Zhao Yuande spit out the three-word mantra of Buddhism, and he almost didn't collapse directly, but fortunately, he resisted the terrible shock sound, and the sword embryo at the bottom of the well couldn't help sinking a bit.

When the strong explosion came, he had no choice but to seize the stone cracks in the well wall, so that he must not be blown away by the impact, otherwise this effort might be wasted.

"I didn't expect you to be proficient in the six-character mantra of Buddhism. If this magical power is fully understood, it will definitely be one of your biggest killers in the future." Wan Yao just squeezed sweat for Zhao Yuande's crisis. The sound of shock just now , It seems to be plain, but it will only get stronger and stronger. If you can save the power to the end, I am afraid that the whole starry sky can be shattered directly.

Zhao Yuande was fortunate to be able to decipher this kind of concussion sound, and use the three-character mantra decisively.

"Hey!" Zhao Yuande also felt a little lucky, "I don't know what this guy has!"

He saw that the sword embryo seemed to sink a little, and there was no other movement, so he stabilized his body again and swam towards the sword embryo.

This time it went exceptionally well, and he found that there was no room to block, but only a few breathing times came to the bottom of the well, before the sword embryo.