Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 774

Chapter 774: Slash Beast In The Chaos Sea

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"Do you want me to pull it up?" Zhao Yuande looked at the rough hilt of the sword embryo and thought the idea was good.

"I don't know, if you dare, try it!" Wan Yao was not sure, "but it's better to turn around and leave, I always feel a little too dangerous."

"It's all here!" Zhao Yuande no longer hesitated, reaching for the sword hilt.

He grabbed the hilt, and nothing seemed unusual.

But at the next moment, he felt the sword shake gently.

His body shook involuntarily with the sword.

Suddenly there was a flower in front of him, the scene changed.

This is a vast heaven and earth, the sky is high and the ground is vast, and there are a group of tens of thousands of giants on the endless wild land that is slowly moving.

In the ancient village, a group of trembling barbarian humans looked at the group of giants in the distance.

"Fight to the end! Guard home!" A tall warrior among the barbarians waved a big axe in their hands, but there was still some deep fear in the depths of their eyes.

The behemoths, although slow in action, came to this ancient village in a few steps, and the big feet enough to cover the entire mountain trampled on this group of barbarians at will.


The tall warrior with an axe roared with a roar and jumped violently towards the big foot.

But he was too small for that big foot, as if the cricket shook the tree!

When all the barbarians were hopeless and helpless, a bright moon rose from an ancient well in the cottage.

The bright moon floated out of the wellhead, and the bright moon rose into the sky, and the bright silver light sprinkled the earth instantly.

Under the bright silver light, the group of behemoths were suddenly cut apart.

The blood seemed to flow from the bodies of these behemoths like an endless wave, forming a **** river flowing eastward.

The barbarians all knelt on their knees, and uttered strange words in their mouths, as if they were grateful, as if they were paying homage.

"Behead the monster and protect the barbarian!" Zhao Yuande couldn't help thinking of this scene, "Is this old well suggesting me?"

In a blink of an eye, the picture changes again!

A towering giant city overlooking a chaotic ocean below.

On the walls of the giant city, a respected man in a golden armor held bows and arrows and was shooting continuously at the bottom.

One arrow after another, like a meteor, fell suddenly, even a **** emperor will be directly spiked here.

There is also a young monk dressed in white. Their white swords flutter in their hands, constantly cutting towards the bottom of the city.

Countless brutal monsters swarmed out of the chaotic sea and attacked frantically towards the walls of the giant city.

These monsters have tens of feet on their heads, three on their eight arms, and sixteen eyes continually shoot out terrible gray rays. As long as they hit the city walls, a powerful god-man will become a stone statue.

Once a god-man becomes a stone figure, another person will be replaced behind him, and the god-man stone figure will be pushed relentlessly, using the last power to stop the attack of this group of terrible monsters.

"These monsters are each stronger than Zhao Yixin. Where is this place?" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but have a huge shock in his heart. "Is this the legendary chaotic sea..."


A terrifying giant beast rushed out of the chaotic sea. This giant beast seemed to be a huge octopus with countless tentacles flying. A black beam of light shot from the tentacles and hit the wall of the giant city. It was suddenly a big hole. .

"Turn on defense!"

An angry roar came from the city walls, and an elder bearded man in gold armor suddenly rose into the sky, a round of bright golden gods tearing the sky and cutting directly on the body of the horrible beast.

Suddenly dark green blood spilled over the sky, and the horror beast was directly cut into two pieces.

"it is good!"

Thousands of golden armor gods and monks in white shouted thunderous cheers.

But at the next moment, the horror beast that was torn into two segments turned into two and turned into two horror beasts. Although the breath was slightly weakened, it rushed toward the giant city more crazily.

A thick black beam of light poured down like a rainstorm. The old man with golden beard and long beard still staying in the sky was instantly submerged by the black beam of light.


Countless golden armor gods screamed in anger, arrows in their hands poured out frantically, but they fell on the body of the horror behemoth as if itching, they could not stop their footsteps.


With a sigh, a middle-aged man in white clothes stepped into the sky one step at a time. His five-finger rhythm, five Jianshan mountains resembling Foshan Yue fell down, and suppressed toward the two horrible monsters.

The terror beast was cut into pieces of flesh in an instant by lightning.

Countless white monks have not yet expressed an excited expression on their faces, and the cut flesh, re-condensed again, turned into a tentacle-covered big hand, slammed down towards the giant city.

Countless tentacles shoot out a black beam of light, block the sky, and retreat the white-robed middle-aged middle-aged man back and forth, hemoptysis constantly, and the white robe on his body becomes bloody, like a blossoming plum.

The middle-aged white man in white lost his center of gravity and fell back into the giant city.


At that time, the big hand had already been shot down, and the upper part of the tower was severely smashed.


Suddenly an ancient well in the giant city glowed, and a bright moonlight rose from the well.

The moonlight spilled over the ground, and countless gods and white monks lying in the big city glared at the same time. They only felt that their injuries were healed in an instant.

Those broken buildings were constantly being repaired, and under the horror palms that covered the sky and the sun, the tower was restored at once, and the palms flew all at once.

The bright moon rises, shining on the entire void, and the big hand makes a frightened squeaking sound, as if the mouse held by the old cat dare not move.


The big hand exploded, turned into a little dark green blood and fell into the chaotic sea, disappeared in an instant.

And the countless monsters that rushed out of the chaotic sea were all shattered by the bright moonlight.

The city was full of joy, and the golden armor and the white monk jumped with joy.

"Is this really the Chaos Sea? Is this picture a scene where Immortal Realm and the Pantheon teamed up to fight against the Chaos Sea monster riot?"

Zhao Yuande murmured, only thinking that with the battle just now, the battle between Shijie and the aliens was like a child playing a house.

"Where did this old water well come from, and why is it so powerful?" Zhao Yuande had all this question in mind.

His vision changed again, a huge world full of golden light, a quiet little river, a man, a woman and two childish children playing with mud.