Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 775

Chapter 775: Sibling

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"Sister! Let's dig a well!" The boy's cute and innocent face showed a little anticipation.

"Okay!" The girl clapped her hands and hurriedly started digging in the wet mud by the river.

Her small face was covered with muddy water, but she couldn't stop the joy in her eyes.

The well was quickly dug, and they carefully used a few small stones to get out of the well platform.

"Sister, look, it's exactly like the well in our village!" The boy kept jumping with joy.

"Yes! Listening to the mother saying that there is a moon in the well, it is better to put the moon in." The girl took a branch of tree and inserted it into the well. "Every night, the moon will float out of the well, and the imagination is really beautiful."

"Well! Let's watch the moon here tonight!" The boy looked forward.

The picture changed, and a beautiful girl with a handsome young man walked slowly by the river.

"Brother, you are going to go outside tomorrow! You must be careful!" The girl looked at the teenager worriedly and asked him softly.

"Sister assured, I will definitely come back alive, I will bring a lot of good things to my sister, the best rouge, the most beautiful dresses, the most exquisite jewelry... I want to marry my sister!" The teenager looked forward, looking forward to that The day is coming.

In fact, they are not brothers and sisters, sisters are just the little orphans picked up by their parents.

"Sister is waiting for you to come back!" The girl crouched down and said to her brother, "Brother, do you remember our little well when we were little?"

"Remember! We were still waiting here for a night, waiting to see the moon rise from the well, and finally beaten by Dad!" The teenager recalled the past, with a simple smile on his face.

"Let's make another bite!" the girl suggested.

"it is good!"

The water well was good, this time it was much more beautiful, and the teenager also deliberately found a broken iron piece to insert it into the bottom of the well as the moon.

"Brother, be sure to come back!" The tears rolled in the girl's eyes, spilled into the small well, and rippled.

"wait for me!"

The picture changed again, and a tall, beautiful woman stood by the village looking at the sky, tears blurred her vision.

"Brother! For ten years, you promised me to come back. My rouge, dresses, and jewelry are all gone. I only want you to come back!" The girl choked with a hoarse voice.

"Fathers and mothers have passed away, where should I go? Will you come back?" The girl's eyes were a little bit lost, as if she had lost the courage to live.

The light and shadow flowed in another ten years. The beautiful woman's forehead hair was pale, her tears had dried up, her eyes had lost her spirit, and she stepped out of the village step by step toward the unknown distance.

On this day, a magnificent high-rise building slowly emerged from the void in the sky above the small village. A heroic young man slowly walked out of the high-rise building and fell into the village with enthusiasm.

The young man carried a few large bags filled with beautiful clothes, fine jewelry, and rouge with a light fragrance.

He walked briskly, and regardless of the awe and strangeness in the eyes of many villages around him, he trot all the way to the corner of the village, the familiar thatched cottage.

Soon the young man uttered a heartbreaking cry, because the grass hut in front of him was ruined. In front of a grave in the small courtyard, a whitish wooden sign erode by wind and frost was erected. name.

"Dad! Mother!" The young man dropped his bag and bowed his head.

"Sister! Sister!" The young man seemed to think of something and ran out frantically, asking the tearful neighbors.

What he got was an answer that made him feel like he was struck by lightning. Three years ago, his sister's eyes were crying and blind, and she stumbled out of the village towards the direction where he disappeared.

The young man leaped forward, rushed to the sky, and continued along the way out of the village.


Flying to a hill, the young man was struck by lightning, and his body crashed to the ground, smashing the ground out of a huge hole.

On the top of the hill, a bone stands against the tree, and one finger points into the distance, as if looking at the endless distance.

The young man grieves and walks up to the top of the mountain step by step. His feet are as heavy as lead. Every step he takes will make his heart cramp.

He didn't want it to be what he thought, he just wished he could never finish this distance.

The boy knelt in front of the bone, knocked over again and again, murmured again and again, and passed out again and again.

In the end, the boy put the bones in his storage space and brought them with him, and constantly moisturized with his own flesh and blood.

He vowed to work hard, to enter the nether **** to resurrect his sister...

Returning to Zongmen, the young man began to build a water well in his cave house. There was a rough sword embryo in the well. Every night he would accompany the white bone to see the moon reflected in the well...

Over time, the bones grew out of spirits and suddenly walked into the water well one day. A bright moon rose from the wellhead, and the bright and beautiful light spilled over the cave house to disturb the cultivation of the people inside.

At this time, the young man was already a middle-aged man. He looked at the bright moon in the well, and his eyes were in tears.

The middle-aged man had already had magical power at this time, and when his palm turned over, the well fell into his hands.

"Sister! I'll take you to kill the enemy!" The middle-aged man's voice was hoarse and his fingernails penetrated deeply into the meat.

The sword embryo in the well trembles slightly, as if the woman nodded gently.

Since then, one person, one well, a round of bright moon, in a chaos of endless chaos, kill evil spirits and deter the heavens and the world.

"Buzz!" Zhao Yuande opened his eyes violently, and now he had tears all over his face.

The hilt held in his hand was still trembling gently at this time, and a slight whimper sounded, as if gently telling the past!

"I will definitely cherish you! I will definitely return to the place in your memory! I will not live up to your glory!" Zhao Yuande gently stroked the hilt, and the voice in his mouth was firm and decisive.


A sound of sword sounded in Zhao Yuande's ear, he felt a space change and found himself standing in the alley again.

And there was a small ancient well in his left hand, and a bright moon flashed in the well.

"My name is Zhongyue!"

A lonely cold voice slowly sounded from his sea of knowledge.

"My name is Zhao Yuande!"


Zhao Yuande waited for a long time, he could not help scratching his head when he heard no more voices.

Only then did he see that a white scholar was lying near him.

Bai Shusheng's face was pale, and a few drops of crystal water glinted silvery on his face.

"He is the strong man of the **** of the Guanguan God who peeped at you just now!" Wan Yao's voice rang in his ears at this time, and his voice was full of leisurely fascination, "I can't think of the famous old water well being surrendered by you! "

"She is Jingzhongyue! It's not that I surrendered her, but that she chose me!" Zhao Yuande shook his head, a trace of sadness appeared on his face, remembering the scenes just now, and his heart as strong as iron, There were tears in my eyes.