Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 776

Chapter 776: World Wind

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"All right! Jing Zhongyue, old water well, anyway, it's yours!" Wan Yao smiled, "but this guy in front of you, if you don't try to save him, I'm afraid he will die!"

"Oh! Such a rescue?" Zhao Yuande was at a loss.

"He was eroded by the well water, you just wipe the well water from his face!"

"Looking at him, it doesn't look like a bad guy, save it first!" Zhao Yuande wiped the well water from his face, but he slapped it on his eyebrows with one finger.

"Since it's not like a bad guy, why should he block his knowledge of the sea?" Wan Yao asked with a smile.

"Carefully sail for thousands of years!" Zhao Yuande replied.

"You really don't seem to be so young, is it an old fox last life." Wan Yao ridiculed.

"Yes!" Zhao Yuande answered definitely.

"Here is... Ah! My head hurts!" The scholar-like emperor Qiang grabbed his head and scrambled up, surveyed the surrounding scenery, and then remembered that he had passed out by the old water well.

"This is Shuijing Alley. You fainted here just now!" Zhao Yuande pointed to himself and said, "I saved you, and thank you quickly."

Zhao Yuande was in a good mood at this time. Although he broke the jade bottle, he got Jingzhongyue.

Although he couldn't feel the real grade of that well in his heart, he knew that it must be extraordinary.

Because he saw the middle-aged man, holding Jingzhong Moon, sweeping the four enemies, no worse than Chaos Arcana.

"Who are you? Why haven't I seen you before?" The scholar-like emperor rubbed his forehead, which was still so painful, that there was a sharp expression in his eyes.

He saw at a glance that the other party was just a minor monk in the fivefold realm of the field, and that such cultivation should actually be rewarded.

"I'm an ordinary cultivator, of course you haven't seen me, but you are a powerful **** emperor, one of the three strongest in Zhenmoguan, with unlimited authority!" Zhao Yuande looked at each other with a smile.

"Sister, look! I left a small backhand, and it really worked!" Zhao Yuande quietly transmitted a voice to Wan Yao, how proud he was in his words.

"Hey! It's really the wind of the world!" Wan Yao sighed softly. "Are all the practitioners now like this?"

"You are very rude!" The scholar-like emperor's voice became very cold, "believe me or not, I'll slap you!"

"It's okay to kill me, don't you have to give me a favor!"

"Death!" The emperor, who looked like a scholar, was furious and took a shot towards Zhao Yuande.

But at the moment when he put out his palm, he found that his soul couldn't walk out of the sea, and his body's blood and blood rolled over endlessly. This light palm was not as good as an ordinary person.

"En Jiang Qiu Bao, right!" Zhao Yuande reached out his hand and pointed to his eyebrows, "I have guarded you against this trick, you die!"

"Zhao Yuande, spare his life!" Suddenly a soft sigh came not far away.

When Zhao Yuande heard this voice, a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth. He gently retracted his finger, turned his head and gently clenched his fist at the man: "Thank you Lei Zun for coming here for thousands of miles."

The person coming is Lei Zun. She is still a gorgeous beauty. Even after meeting many times, Zhao Yuande still feels amazing.

"In fact, it's not exactly for you. The Eastern World is also the hometown of my Thunder Prison family. Our people are framed, and I will naturally not sit idly by!" Lei Zun had already fallen beside Zhao Yuande at this time, treating him lightly. Nod gently.

"Lei... Lei Zun!" The emperor who looked like a scholar saw Lei Zun was coming, and he was very close to Zhao Yuande's attitude, and he was shocked.

He finally understood why the other party was so indifferent. The force behind him must be bigger than the Thunder Priest family, maybe the super powers in the top ranks of the beginning.

Thinking of this, he finally had endless remorse in his heart, if he knew so, he wouldnt do it at all,

"Song Yiping! I want to ask you, who of the three of you is closely related to the glorious world?" Lei Zun gave the scholar emperor a light look.

"It should be the mother-in-law of the thief, her husband and the ancestor of the glorious world have an in-law." The **** emperor known as Song Yiping, when he heard this question from the other side, he did not hesitate to answer, the matter is well known, He did not say that other people knew that it would be better to leave a good impression to Lei Zun.

"Senior Lei Zun, are we going to kill the Xingshi directly and ask for guilt, or let the other two strong men in Zhenmoguan know about this?" Zhao Yuande looked at Lei Zun.

"Go directly to the place of the glorious world!" Lei Zun turned to look at Song Yiping and said, "Song Yiping, are you going with us, or go back and inform them."

"I... go with you!" Song Yiping looked at Lei Zun's gloomy eyes and suddenly seemed to be in the ice cellar. How dare he say half a word.

Others dont know Lei Zuns power, but he knows it clearly. When he was just a Divine Emperor Realm, he had participated in many battles with aliens here. At that time, Lei Zun was the same as his realm. In the enemy formation, it is as easy to pick up the heads of dozens of strong men of the same rank as the sac.

After slashing a Divine Emperor, this Divine Emperor's Master, a strong Emperor of the Divine Emperor's Peak, wanted to break into the battlefield without killing the rules, and slashed Lei Zun. In the end, Lei Zun was cut!

Since that war, Lei Zun has become famous, and in the beginning, it seems to be invincible in the realm of God Emperor. After a few years, Lei Zun was promoted to God Emperor, challenging the strongest forces of the beginning realm. Call it Invincible God Emperor!

And ranked first in the world list of the three lists of the world!

Now that the other party has clearly reached the peak of the Divine Emperor, to what extent will her combat power be strong? Song Yiping didn't dare to imagine, anyway, she was right.

Lei Zun waved his big sleeves, and the three had already appeared before the camp of the Glorious World.

She took the two of them straight into the Glory World Camp.

At this time, the camp seemed to be negotiating something big. When he saw a beautiful and unparalleled woman break in, the faces of the young men who stood at the outermost edge suddenly changed.

"Who are you? How dare you break into my glorious world camp, you ate..."

"Shut up!" An old man sitting in the back had already seen Lei Zun bow his head behind him, like Song Yiping, who was like a younger brother. He was frightened, and hurried to Lei Zun in a hurry. He respectfully said, " I dont know what happened to this girl. Come to our camp in the Glorious World."

The old man is also an old man. Instead of looking at Song Yiping, he asked Lei Zun directly.

"I am Lei Zun from the Thunder Prison Family of the East Emperor Great World. This time I came to find out that my East Emperor Great World cultivator disappeared!" Lei Zun's voice was indifferent, and an invisible coercion covered the entire camp. All Suddenly, he felt that he was being held down by a pair of big hands, and it became an extravagant hope to even move it.