Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 777

Chapter 777: Confrontation

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"Lei...Lei Zun!" As soon as the old man heard the name, he suddenly softened and sat directly on the ground.

There was a sudden silence in the camp of the entire Glorious World, everyone's nervous body trembled, and they were all uneasy in their hearts!

They summoned everyone and were discussing the matter, but did not expect that the other party came so fast.

"Senior Lei Zun, although we went into the Black Wind Canyon with the fellows of the Eastern Emperor Great World, we separated halfway! We also came back to know that they did not return..."

This man is a middle-aged big man, and is another divine emperor realm besides the old man. His face is full of grief, and it seems that he is really sad for the compatriots of the Eastern Emperor Great World.

"Really?" Lei Zun glanced at the person lightly.

The person suddenly felt like he was struck by lightning, and his mind suddenly fell behind, opening his mouth with a spit of blood.

"Senior Lei Zun! Don't think that my glorious world is so bully, I am not afraid of you when Feng Xiaotian, you have the ability to kill me with the realm of God!" A very ugly young man looked at Lei with anger Respect, a feeling of suffocation emerged in my heart.

"Humph!" Lei Zun was about to get angry.

"Senior Lei Zun, don't be angry, let me teach him how to be a man." Zhao Yuande walked out leisurely and stood in front of everyone. "Since you said that Senior Lei Zun is suppressing people by force, my five-fold field is not true. Suppress people! Feng Xiaotian, come on! If you can beat me, the world of the Eastern Emperor, we will leave without saying anything. If we lose..."

"Senior Lei Zun! The words of this son..." The middle-aged Dahan Qiang resisted the great pain of the soul and held a fist at Lei Zun.

"He even said it!" Lei Zun said lightly.

"Humph! How can I lose!" Feng Xiaotian heard Lei Zun's words, and he was so angry that he pointed a long stick at Zhao Yuande, "Come on now!"

"Hehe! Come on!" Zhao Yuande didn't move and smiled and ticked his finger.


In the hands of Feng Xiaotian, a black stick violently heard the sound of cries of birds and birds, and the next moment seemed to turn into a huge three pieces of gold Wu, fluttering his wings towards Zhao Yuande.

"Is that just a little bit tolerant?" Zhao Yuande looked at the three golden Wuwus over there, his mouth slightly cocked.

"Humph! It's not too late to catch and brag!" Feng Xiaotian's body shuddered, and with the three golden black rushed together, the bright fire scattered all over the sky, and the camp suddenly turned into a sea of fire.

Countless cultivators came from all directions and surrounded the area with water, and even more powerful cultivators came from the town of Guanmoguan and stood in the air to watch the battle.

The two figures came across the sky and appeared directly above everyone's head.

When these two figures appeared, everyone couldn't help but bow slightly.

"Have seen the emperor!"

The two were Jian Lao and the old woman. They just wanted to question why someone would fight here, but they saw the figure of scholar Song Yiping.

At this time, Song Yiping lowered his head and stood behind a woman, as if she had lost her soul.

"That's... Lei Zun!" When the two looked at the woman curiously, their hearts were shocked.

Especially the old woman, who was trembling and almost fell down.

The two rushed down fiercely, facing Lei Zun for a while and prosecuting them.

Lei Zun waved his hands, and the two stood like Lei Zun as amnesty.

Those strong men in the sky, seeing this scene, suddenly frightened their legs, and all hurriedly fell down, standing on top of their predecessors, this is simply the act of finding death, I hope the other party will not blame.

The old lady stared at the battle in the field, not knowing what she was thinking.

At that time, the huge three golden Wu Wus in the field had arrived in front of Zhao Yuande. The horrible fire light illuminated the entire sky, and the terrible might even made many emperors and gods secretly speechless.

Zhao Yuande looked relaxed at this time and gently raised his left hand. The silver light flashed in the palm of his hand. A silver moon rose slowly, and the silver radiance sprinkled the earth.

The three high-pitched birds in the sky stopped abruptly, and the black iron rod broke into two pieces and fell directly to the ground.

Feng Xiaotian even fell directly to the ground like a dead dog, his body twitched continuously, and blood foam emerged from his mouth and nostrils like a fountain.

"This..." Everyone is stupid!

"Xiaotian!" The middle-aged man exclaimed and rushed forward, only to find that Feng Xiaotian's body shattered into countless pieces with his help.

"Little beast! Your heart is cruel!" The middle-aged man's eyes burst into anger, he shouted, "Do you know who he is? I am a disciple of the ancestor of the glorious world, if you kill him, it will provoke my family. Zu, you are dead!"

"Really?" Zhao Yuande's eyes were cold, "Let your ancestors come to me and see if I can kill him!"

"You're so arrogant, my ancestor is the **** emperor's pinnacle..." The middle-aged man hadn't finished speaking, and heard an indifferent female voice.

"Let him come to me!" Lei Zun glanced at the middle-aged man, and continued, "Feng Xiaotian didn't know that the sky was thick and thick, and even hit me, I ordered the juniors to kill him and gave you the glorious world face! If you still Its a mess here, I wont be merciless!"

"Yes!" Does anyone still know Lei Zun's cultivation base?

It was said that the middle-aged man, even the ancestor of their family, would not dare to slash in front of her, and could only bow his head obediently.

"Now let's talk about the disappearance of all the people of the East Emperor World." Lei Zun glanced at the people of the Glorious World and said lightly, "At this time, I have actually investigated that the people of the East Emperor World have been pushed into desperation by you, asking you It's just a process. If you admit that the uninformed low-level practitioners can live, if you don't admit it, you must be executed according to the rules of the Zhenmoguan!"

The people of the Glorious World are silent, they firmly believe that the people of the Eastern Emperor World have already died in the Black Wind Canyon, so they will not admit it at all, they only think that this is Lei Zuns alarmist and deceiving them.

When the old lady heard Lei Zun's words, her face changed suddenly. She came out and respected Lei Zun with respect: "Master Lei Zun, we respect your strength, but if there is no evidence, you should not say it well, otherwise If this matter is spread, it may affect your reputation."

"Really?" Lei Zun sneered. "Feng Yumei, I haven't said anything about your collusion with the Glorious World. You jumped out in a hurry. Do you want to remind me?"

"Master Lei Zun, this joke is not funny at all, how can I do that kind of thing?" The old woman looked stiff, she laughed aloud, "I am one of the three masters of Zhenmoguan!"

"The joint mission of Glorious World and East Emperor's Great World was released by you! You and Glorious are in-laws!" Lei Zun glanced at her with a hint of anger in the corner of his mouth.

"It's not bad, but you don't have any evidence to prove that it is the Eastern World, framed by the glorious world, then you have no evidence to prove that I did this!" The old lady's eyes flashed finely and quietly smashed a piece of her hand. Jade jade.