Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 78

Chapter 78: I Have A Hot Mouth Here

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Sunset Canyon is rumored to be the traces of battle left by the two powerful and powerful existence wars.

However, Zhao Yuande knew the real reason for the formation here. Prince Jinwu was chased by an innate spirit, and he fought all the way from the vast universe. Eventually, he could fall into the world of the East Emperor. .

And the spirit of Prince Jinwu is still hovering at the end of the sunset canyon, but he cannot get it with his current strength.

From a distance, they saw at the mouth of the valley of the setting sun, where the figure waited quietly for more than ten days.

It was Jiang Tianyue who was the first woman in red.

"Brother Zhao, you are late!" Jiang Tianyue nodded to them with a smile, his eyes swept over the ring and the black bear, and a little surprise appeared.

"Is it just to wait for this kind of person to be worth it?" At this time, an untimely voice rang in everyone's ears, and a young man with a cold and arrogant expression slowly walked in front of Zhao Yuande. His lips were very thin. It's sharp and thin, making people feel a bit harsh.

"Oh! Ms. Jiang forgive me, did something really delay?" Zhao Yuande didn't wait to see this person, so he didn't open his eyes to the other side, and selectively ignored the other side.

The expression of the cold and proud young man was obviously a little angry, but Jiang Tianyue's face didn't happen, but he stared coldly at Zhao Yuande and the others.

"It turns out so!" Jiang Tianyue's face appeared, but he turned his attention to Lengao Youth. "Yin Brother, this is Zhao Yuande, the Xuan-level Dan Master I invited. Without him, we might be difficult to enter the medicine garden."

"It turned out to be only a Dan master! What kind of capable person should I be." Leng Aoqing glanced at Zhao Yuande, his face showing contempt.

"Yin can't, the third disciple disciple of the Yin and Yang Sect, the late stage of the Lingtai pregnancy, the body of Shao Yin... low-order ingredients, matching the recipe'Yin Yang Forging God', tempering the soul, expanding the knowledge of the sea, ingredients list, Shao Yin Body, body of Shaoyang... The difficulty of capturing is ordinary!"

It turned out to be a body of Shao Yin, although it was a little worse than Li Rushuang's body of Zhi Yin, but it was also quite good! It's no wonder that at such a young age, he has this kind of strength. Although his combat effectiveness is not as good as a ring, it is not far away. !

Black Bear has a high status in Huoyunzong, and he has long developed a wanton temperament. He has long seen that the cold young people are not good, he directly pulls Zhao Yuande aside, pointing at the other person's nose and scolding: ""Hey! Boy, look for shit! Believe it or not Grandpa Bear, a **** can kill you! "

Although Leng Ao young people are proud and inhuman, they have lived in the first-class genre of Yin Yang Sect since childhood, and they have become very good habits, but today the black bear opened his mouth and suddenly made him feel a little uncomfortable. Knowing how to interface, the whole person turned red, staying there for a long time without saying a word.

Everyone around looked at the black bear like a monster, this guy didn't have the door at all.

"Hey! Xiong Xiazi, it's wrong for you to curse people like this!" The master Yi Yi on the side seemed to be very distressed at the black bear's foul language. "Actually, you should say a little euphemism. Say,'Have you eaten this Xiongtai? If I didn't, I have a hot mouth here!'"

Master Yijie said, pointing to his buttocks, and performed with vivid voice.

Everyone thought he could tell the truth, but did not expect it to be even more unreliable.

"You... you are looking for death!" Leng Ao young man broke out from shock and humiliation. He directed the young men behind him, "Go up and take these two thieves!"

"Hey! Slow down!" Zhao Yuande didn't want to stalemate with the other party at this juncture. He also counted on the income in the secret realm to buy some elixir.

"Don't be excited, Xiongtai! My two men are actually not malicious. They all came out of the country. They don't have vulgar knowledge. You must not have general knowledge with them!" Zhao Yuande glanced at Jiang Tianyue as he paid.

"Yeah! Brother Yin, why bother and a few laymen generally know, if there is less Brother Zhao in the secret world, we will lose a large amount of income!" Jiang Tianyue also hurriedly persuaded, Xiaozhi reasoned emotion.

"Humph!" Lengao Youth stared at the Black Bear and gave a stern look. The killing intention in his eyes suppressed himself. Lengheng never looked at them again.

"Humph!" Black Bear and Yi Jie both responded coldly, their eyes full of provocation.

"Okay! Don't be fooled after entering. It's very dangerous inside and requires sincere cooperation!" Zhao Yuande patted the black bear and blinked at him.

Black Bear and Yi Jie understood what he meant, and he said no more.

"Okay! Let's go! The secret realm is deep in the sunset canyon." Jiang Tianyue waved his hand and walked toward the sunset canyon first.

As she turned around, a smile appeared on her beautiful pretty face!

If there are no contradictions in the team, there may be some accidents, and if there are contradictions, everyone will turn their attention to the contradictions, and some details may be ignored.

Most of the outside of the sunset canyon are some second- and third-order beasts. For everyone, they can't cause any trouble at all. Their walking speed is very fast, but just half an hour has already penetrated thousands of miles into the sunset canyon.

Soon they appeared in front of a magnificent waterfall, which fell from the top of the canyon, with a drop of thousands of meters, and several rainbows flashed a dreamy luster under the sun, making this piece of endless haunting The place of anger becomes even more serene.

"It's here!" Jiang Tianyue stopped and opened the scroll to observe carefully. "It should be behind the waterfall!"

After the waterfall, the crowd found an ancient teleportation altar. The surroundings of the altar had been damaged for the most part, and it seemed to be unusable.

"This altar has lost its teleportation function. Do we want to return without success this time?" Prince Li Tian of the Dali Dynasty frowned, but for this exploration of the secret realm, he delayed the time to break through the unity of yin and yang.

"Relax everyone! This is just the appearance!" Jiang Tianyue waved the scroll in his hand, and a hazy light shot out of the scroll.

The ancient altar was shrouded in light, and it seemed to be activated immediately. The surroundings began to glow, and a force of spatial distortion gradually spread around.

"Open!" Jiang Tianyue had an extra paintbrush in his hand, gently towards the altar!


The surrounding space fluctuated, and the ancient altar suddenly lit up a white awn, and a white door among the white awns appeared in front of everyone.

"Go in quickly, this light door won't last long!" Jiang Tianyue rushed into the light door after finishing speaking.

The Light Gate seemed to be a teleportation array at a very long distance. As soon as Zhao Yuande stepped into it, he felt the transformation of the surrounding space. The next moment he appeared in a lush grassland.

The grass here grows to a height of half a person, and people standing inside can only show their heads.

"Oh! The aura here is really abundant, ten times stronger than my mountain!" The black bear took a hard breath and seemed a little intoxicated.

"I don't have hair! The poor monk thinks it's a little weird here!" Master Yijie looked around alertly, wondering, "It's too quiet here! Quiet and terrible! You can't even hear the insects!"