Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 783

Chapter 783: Ancient Barbarian

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He really loved and hated the little guy in his heart. Recently, he even put some noses on his face. Don't think that he is very spoiled for him, so dare to surpass the limit between master and servant.

He was about to raise his hair in anger, but found that a rainbow in the sky was slowly falling, falling into the square.

After the brilliant sword light fell from Shenhong, it turned out to be a beautiful woman dressed in white. They were carrying long swords behind them, just like a sword immortal.

The first woman in the front, although cold and frosty, was a peerless beauty. After landing slowly, she bowed to Yi Jie and Jiang Tianling's younger brother: "The sword of Wanjianyu is floating!"

"Yuande has already prepared a position for you, and the girls come with me!" Jiang Tianling stepped forward and took this team of female sword repairs to their position.

"Goodong! The sword is drifting! This pervert is here too!" The man swallowed hard and almost choked himself to death.

"I have never eaten such delicious food! Eat slowly, we will not grab with you! Some are!" The big man at the same table, pointing at the man, laughed.

At this time, the man still has the mind to listen to the ridicule of others, but the name of the sword drifting is echoing in his heart!

"Son, she is the sword known as the first swordsman genius in the lower realm?" The girl saw her dementia and suddenly knew she was right.

"Sword drifting! A sword drifting for nine days, I didn't expect that I saw this goddess again!" The man was demented, feeling like he had fallen in love instantly.

"Son! Don't be delusional! I heard that this peerless goddess has come out, and if you want to marry her, you must be able to beat her. Do you believe?" The girl was not comforting her son, but a little bit Gloating.

"Hey! Take a blow! Take a blow!" The man stuck his head on the table and his face was decadent. "I wanted to identify whether this guy is famous or not. I didn't expect to be deeply stung! I want to leave, not here Play here!"

"Son, can't bear this kind of blow?" The girl smiled, "Why don't we help you confess to that sword drifting sister!"

"Forget it! I still want to live two more days. If the aunt and grandma were angry, they cut me directly. The old man probably wouldn't dare to seek revenge." The man was sullen.

"Master Lei Zun is here!" A thunder bridge came from the horizon, and a melodious thunder roar came.

Dozens of senior members of the Lei Hei family headed by Lei Zun came together.

Among these dozens of strong men, the **** emperor and the strong men are twelve!

"Participate in Lord Lei Zun!" Almost at the same time, everyone stood up and bowed their heads to Lei Zun in the sky.

"Good!" Lei Zun's peerless face showed a faint smile.

"Master Lei Zun, as well as all my fellow brothers, please follow me!" Jiang Lanfeng sighed with anger and greeted everyone in the Lei He family, leading them to important seats.

"This is Lei Zun! The first person in the realm of the realm of the realm deserves to be the first person, the guardian of the East Emperor Great World, is admired by thousands of people! If I have such a day, I will die without regret!" The man saw Lei Zun, suddenly When the spirit came, he also saluted with the crowd.

The person he admires most is Lei Zun. Since childhood, Lei Zun has been his direction of effort. Although he has been a bit decadent in recent years because he has met many strong men, he still has not extinguished his enthusiasm.

This time, besides seeing whether Zhao Yuande matches his name, the most important thing is to hear that Lei Zun is about to appear, so he appeared here anxiously.

"Is this Master Lei Zun? It's so beautiful!" the girl murmured. "If I can have a name of 10,000th of her, I will be satisfied!"

"Don't dream! This is the idol of the son!" The teenager did not forget to hit the girl at any time.

"Humph!" The girl sneered unkindly.

"Okay, stay here for a while, you can't make me quiet for a while!" The man found himself mad at these two little guys today, or maybe he was hit by too much today, and his mood became It's bad, so I can't help being angry.

"Don't blame you, let's see if your son is angry!" The girl stared at the boy fiercely, turned her head to help the man peel a spirit, and delivered it to the man's mouth, "Young man, eat a fruit to get rid of it!"

"Still little girl knows to be considerate!" The man smiled comfortably, took Lingguo, and stuffed it into his mouth.

"Dragon! Dragon!" The girl suddenly jumped up in excitement, pointing at the horizon with her arms dancing, "That's an ancient barbarian dragon!"

"Cough!" The man Lingguo just entered, and the girl was so scared that the fruit directly slid into the throat, and suddenly made a violent cough.

"Son! Son! What's wrong with you!" The girl saw her son, flushed, coughed violently, and hurriedly beat the man's back.

"Poof!" A peeled fruit squirted out of the far away, the man gasped hard, he looked at the girl crying!

"My auntie grandma, what the **** are you going to do! My son is not mad at you, but also choked to death!" The man looked at the girl with a sad face, but found that the other party didn't look at himself.

"Roar!" At this moment, a roar of dragon roared from the sky above.

An earthy dragon with a length of tens of thousands of feet slowly fell from the sky, and a tall figure descended from the dragon's body.

"Boom!" The ground in the central square was directly smashed into a huge pit by this tall figure.

Around dozens of tables and chairs were flew out at once, hundreds of people became rolling gourds.

However, none of these people dared to show a little anger, just stood up and stood dumbfounded.

A tall, majestic tall man stepped out of the giant pit, scratching his head a little embarrassedly while watching his hard ring.

The dragon landed on the ground and turned into a man with a body of earthy yellow armor, followed closely by the tall man.

"In the wilderness area, Feng Wujiang has seen Yijie brother, hey! I was not sure just now, and the person who engaged in it was so embarrassed!" Feng Wujiang smiled at the one ring.

"It's okay! Brother Feng comes with me!" What else can Yi Jie say, he hurriedly signaled the attendants around him to clean up.

"That's a real barbarian dragon! At least it's more than eleventh order, but it's a barbaric beast!" The girl looked at the little star, but didn't find her master staring at him fiercely.

"Okay! Son, I won't say it!" The girl lowered her head, a little wronged on her small face.

"Son, let's go! This is too shocking!" The teenager quietly pulled the man's clothing corner.

"Why do you want to go! When I was promoted to the emperor, Feng Wujiang and Jianpiao Ling did not come, but also came a lot of heavyweight genius, I was not hit, I will not go!" The man gritted his teeth, "I just I dont believe that there will be any big figures coming!"