Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 784

Chapter 784: A Group Of Fairies

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"Okay! Son, I will support you in a moment!" The teenager accidentally told the truth in his heart, "Hey! Son, don't hit me! Pain!"

"Deserve it! I'll tell you to expose your son's short!" The girl clapped beside her.

It was at this time that the door of space in the sky was wide open, and a dozen superpowers came out splendidly.

These strong men are all steaming purple mist above their heads, and they are all powerful existences of God Emperor Realm.

"The Lord of the Eight Great Palaces in the Wild World congratulates Master Zhao and He Meimei! A flame star core is specially presented!"

"The Master of the Eight Great Palaces in Yunxiao World congratulates Zhao Gongzi and gave birth to your precious son! Give a gourd to the source of water! Please also let Zhao Gongzi laugh!"

"Jingtian Great World Eight View Palace..."


The man was stunned for a moment. These dozen super powers turned out to be all the masters of the Eight View Palaces of various big worlds. They appeared at the same time and presented Qibao. This was simply pumping his mouth. Have a face raised in front of the two little guys?

The man only felt a sigh of breath in his chest, unable to expel it, holding him flushed.

"Son! Drink some water!" The girl saw her son's face flushed, and clearly wanted to hold back the internal injury. He hurriedly passed a glass of water to help him straighten his back.

"I can still withstand this kind of blow!" The man was holding on, but his skin kept twitching. "These are just people from the beginning, which means he is still limited to..."

Just as the man said here, the dozen or so palace owners backed away one after another, giving way to a wide road, and a graceful and graceful beautiful woman came.

As soon as this woman appeared, she felt an invisible pressure. Although she tried to suppress her cultivation, she still leaked a little bit, but only a little leak was enough to make this **** ruined. Cultivated in my heart.

Many people are guessing this woman's identity, what kind of cultivation practice is she?

"Elder Feng Qianyi in the inner gate of Bajing Palace wished Gongzi Zhao and his five wives immortal life forever!" The beautiful woman handed Jiang Lanfeng with a pure white belt sheath long sword in her hand and smiled, "This is the ancient sword fairy' The sword of Huayun's name is "Zhengrong!"

"Zheng Rong!" Jiang Lanfeng shivered and almost didn't sit directly on the ground.

Xianjian zhengrong, although it is not a congenital spirit treasure chaotic spirit treasure, but it is a sword fairy lifelong tempered temper, if it is also used by a sword repair, the power cannot be imagined.

At that time, this ancient sword immortal named Huayun, because he offended a certain immortal emperor in the fairy realm, was shot down and rebuilt, and then opened the invincible road of a man and a sword sweeping the heavens and the world!

Until the end, he succeeded in swordsmanship, and finally flew away for the second time.

However, he left his sword in the lower realm, and left it to someone who has love!

I didn't expect it to be taken out as a gift today!

The man was covering his heart at the moment and felt that his heart was about to jump out.

"Zheng Rong! That's all, I didn't expect this guy to marry five wives at the same time!" The man wanted to cry without tears, "I think I'm so shocked, so beautiful, so talented, so... but there is no wife, old Its so unfair!"

"Master! Don't be sad, you still have me!" The girl gently shoved the man, her face shyly said, "It's a big deal if the parents are big enough to marry you!"

"Ah! I'm not alive!" The girl didn't say it was okay, this statement hurt the man's heart, "I have to wait for my little girl to grow up, I simply find a piece of tofu and die! "

"Son, do we still watch? Will you really commit suicide if you look at it again?" The teenager tried to persuade his son to leave quickly, but he didn't use his mind to speak.

"You only committed suicide! Your family committed suicide!" The man was going crazy, this little boy couldn't talk too much, how I valued this guy.

"Even the elders of the inner gate of the Bajing Palace are here. What am I afraid of, and what else do I have to worry about, is there anything more respectable than this one?" The man simply rolled up his sleeves and said bulgingly , "If there were any more, I ate this table raw!"

"This son, we all heard what you just said!" The fellow at the same table listened to this guy chattering for a while, for a while, for a while, and wanted to slap him in the air, but he was suffering from not being the opponent's opponent. Now, there is a chance, he said, "This table will be left for you. Our big guy may see a wonderful performance in a while!"

"Huh! Who is afraid of you! You guys, do you know what the woman represented just now? She represents the face of Bajing Palace. Do you know Bajing Palace? That is a terrorist force that can sit on par with Immortal Realm. Is it higher than this woman's identity?" The man rolled up his sleeves and stepped on the chair, proud of himself!

"You know, we don't have any losses anyway. When you come to eat, we're just listening to people to fart!" Dahan didn't understand the mess that the other person said, just sneered.

"Vulgar! Really vulgar!" The man was arrogant and never looked at the big men again.

"It's not rough to eat the table. I'll wait to see it later!" Dahan fanned the flames.

The angry man almost wanted to slap this guy to death, but at last he refrained.

It's not worth it to be angry with this kind of person! not worth it!

About half an hour later, no more guests came, and there was a hint of relief in the man's face.

"That's right!" A smile appeared on the man's face, and he blinked at the opposite man, "Look, it's gone! I don't have enough to eat at the table, what a pity!"

"Huh! You know a fart, you see that the senior emperor of the Jiang family is still standing there! No one is coming, what is he standing still? Does he like to be punished?" Dahan rolled his eyes, " Wait for the table!"

"Even if someone comes, it may not be better than the elder status of the inner gate of the Bajing Palace!"

"Wait! Do you know what it is, the finale? The higher-status people come later, this is the finale!" Dahan sneered, his face full of gloating.

Suddenly, the man felt that the other party was right, did he consider hurriedly!

"Boom!" Suddenly the sky suddenly became dark, and a huge black cloud covered the whole sky.

"Is it raining?" Someone muttered in a low voice.

"It's not the cloud! It's a palace! Look, the dragons and phoenixes carved on the palaces are very beautiful, like a fairy palace in the fairy world!"

The black cloud in space gradually lighted up, followed by a golden divine glow, beautiful waves of Xianle echoed in the air.

"That's a group of fairies, they're down!" Some people were sharp-eyed and saw a group of people dressed in white slowly descending.