Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 785

Chapter 785: Lose And Continue To Eat

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"Lingxu fairy emperor sat down in the name of the fairy emperor and gave a fairy pill! Congratulations to Zhao Yuande's son Zhao and his ladies for their early rise to fairyland!" A white boy was surrounded by a group of beautiful fairies in the center, and the white boy gently Throw a golden pill and slowly fall into Jiang Lanfeng's hands.

Jiang Lanfeng only felt that a refreshing aroma had penetrated into his nostrils, and suddenly a loud sound rang out in his body, and he was directly promoted to the middle of the God Emperor under the effect of this immortal fragrance!

"Boom!" Jiang Lanfeng fell to his knees directly and bowed down.

"Thank you Xiandi for giving Dan!"

The scene was quiet. At this time, everyone smelled the aroma of the Elixir. They hurriedly held their breath and began to urge the body to turn around.

They also want to be promoted!

"Haha! I was actually promoted! The elixir is the elixir!" Someone suddenly screamed in excitement.

"I'm done too! Become! See you poorly!"


After a few breaths, even seven or eight people asked for a scent of aroma and went straight to the realm!

"Why didn't Zhao Yuande, a man from the fairy world, show up? His shelf is so big!" Someone couldn't help but look at the place where the world's first food was originally. Where is Zhao Yuande's wedding now?

"I don't know, but I'm not angry looking at the fairy people!"

"Fairies don't eat fireworks in the world, they are quiet and do nothing, and naturally they will not be angry with mortals!"

"What do you know, Xianjie is more cruel than ours!"


"Hello! Where did you go, didn't you just say you want to eat the table? What do you do under the table, do you have to eat the legs of the table first?" At that moment, the big man looked at the man who got into the table with a smile on his face. Brothers, let's step back and look at this younger brother, who intends to eat that leg first!"

"Brother, can't you fall down!" The man grinned and smiled at the big man more than crying.

"Master! What are you going to do, come out!" The teenager pulled his son hard, but how could he pull it.

"Son, let me help you eat a little bit!" The girl blinked her eyes and looked at the table. She was one foot and a half wide, and she frowned.

"You make me quiet, I want to be quiet!" The man buried his head between his legs, he felt like he had no face!

"Dude, if you really want to pay the bill, then we can't help it, you just stay under the table!"

The big man said this, and the man suddenly felt that the other party was not that bad.

"However, my brothers are all talents. You come to see this brother, known as Miaobi Danqing, and he is best at drawing characters. If you draw your current pose, it will definitely look more like a real person! Its not simple, its called Kuaishu Liu, and hes the best at Kuaishu. Hes sure to be able to paint the sound of what you said on the table today, and this one is even more remarkable. He is known as a half-cent, who knows astronomy and geography. , He can see at a glance that you are very extraordinary, there seems to be Qilin real blood on his body..."

"I eat...Is it okay to eat?" The man was more shocked and more frightened, and the more terrified he heard in the end, hey, what a fuck! It's my nemesis!

"Come out and eat!" Dahan embraced his chest with both hands and looked at him cheerfully.

The man poked his head, looked at the big man, and found that he was still just a plain man, just holding his chest and smiling with a smile.

This must be a hidden old monster. He can see that he is the blood of Qilin, and it seems that he will be planted today.

The man simply climbed out of the table, his head swelled to tens of feet, and he swallowed the table in front of him with his mouth open.

The tables around were all ordinary cultivators, and some realms were not even **** seascapes. The whole scene was terrified by this sight, and almost fell to the table without sitting firmly.

They just heard the conversation between the two of them just now. It was just a joke, but they didn't expect to swallow the table with a real bite.

"Can this be delicious?" Many people had such doubts in their hearts at the same time.

"Crunch! It's not easy to digest like this!" Dahan raised an eyebrow at him.

"Click! Click!"

"Senior, don't you want to play me dead!" The man's face was choked with red choking on the wood stubble, but it was really chewed and swallowed.

To be honest, he is a Qilin parent and child, not to mention a wooden table, even if it is a big mountain chewing, it is not difficult, but he loses his face.

If he was seen by an acquaintance, where would his face rest?

Suddenly he rejoiced, he just found a table casually.

"Okay, sit down and continue watching the show!" Dahan beckoned to the brothers around him.

Several people sat down happily, only to see a smile in the man's eyes.

"Where is the senior?" the man asked, tentatively.

"I'm not an expert." The big man waved his hand hurriedly. "I'm just a person watching movies."

"Senior is humble!" The man was restless. He found that it was a mistake to come out today. Not only was he hit in vain, he also ate an indigestible table.

Fortunately, he also swallowed a dozen good dishes on the table.

"Let's, let's do it!" The two young men carried a large mahogany table and placed it again in front of everyone.

"Several seniors, don't be polite. My host has prepared hundreds of such tables!" One of the young men left such a smile.

"What... what do you mean! Explain!" The man was anxious.

The young man also seems to be a **** who is not afraid of fear, and he bows to the man: "This son, I mean, you can continue to bet, you can continue to eat if you lose, my master has already prepared a lot for you table!"

"Okay! Ok! Even you are joking me! Lao Tzu is out today. If the status is higher than the status of the angel, I not only ate this table, but I also ate this chair! "Man Huo stood up.

"Young Master..." the **** the side murmured in a worried voice, "If you eat even a chair, then sit there!"

"It's okay, haven't you heard people say that you have prepared a lot? The youngest son will stand for a while, and they will be sent soon!" A boy, you are stupid, you are naive, "Hey! My son, what do you twist my ears, my son?" Forgive me!"

The young man was lifted up by the man twisting his ears. The mans face was black like a piece of black charcoal. He exclaimed: "You two little cubs, wouldn't the son lose?"

"Have you ever won?" The young man's grievances were filled with tears, but he still did not forget to uncover his own son's scars.

"God! Come down to Shenlei and kill me!" The man looked up to heaven and howled, even his own servants looked down on him.


A thunder exploded in the sky.