Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 786

Chapter 786: Don't Take It Seriously

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"God! I'm just talking about it! Don't take it seriously!" The man grunted under the table, his face pale.

"Come out! Someone is here! I guess you will have to eat this table!" Dahan, you are looking at the trembling man under the table.

"Humph! How is it possible!" When the man heard this, he suddenly let his mind down, and some of them panicked out from under the table, looking up at the sky.

The huge immortal palace in the sky has long disappeared, but I saw a huge thundercloud coming from the sky. The thunder cloud was rolling, and it seemed that a strong man stood on the head of the cloud and overlooked the entire world of the Eastern Emperor.

The thundercloud gradually fell, and everyone could see clearly. There was a huge palace above the thundercloud. The gods and men wearing golden armor stood in rows in the palace.

"Haha! Brother Zhao, you are overjoyed today, my enemy wants to come and beg for a wedding, I don't know if it's welcome or not!" A young man of ordinary looks, but possessing this unparalleled power, strode out of the palace .

"It turned out to be Brother Zhang! It's a guest from afar, please!" A tall figure jumped into the sky from the wedding banquet home, and it was Zhao Yuande who personally welcomed him.

"Who is this person? Actually let Zhao Yuande greet him personally? Just know that Immortal Emperor sat down with the boy and he didn't move at all!" Someone suddenly became very interested in this ordinary-looking man.

"I don't know, but it is absolutely extraordinary to watch the power!"

"Do you see that palace clearly?" Suddenly someone pointed to the palace above Thunder Cloud and exclaimed.

"What? Is there anything special about this palace?" Many people looked in the direction of this person's finger, and suddenly found that there were no other carvings on the palace, all of which were dark clouds of various forms.

"That's the Pantheon, the symbol of Moyun Palace!" Someone suddenly realized, but then a shocked expression appeared on his face.

"Mo Yungong... he's still surnamed Zhang..." The man looked at the two people walking side by side in the sky, and suddenly felt like a stinky **** compared with others.

"Hey! This is the young man of Moyun Palace!" Dahan pushed a man and smiled at him mysteriously, "Do you know why he said he is an enemy?"

"I don't know!" The man shook his head sullenly.

"Because he still has an identity, he is one of the three great ancestors of Demon Realm, a true disciple of Zhenyi Demon Emperor! And he is also one of the four major holy bodies, but a chaotic thunder fire body!" Dahan did not use his mouth to say this time , But sent the soul to the other party.

This relationship is too big, even the big guys are reluctant to take this risk.

"Goodong!" The man finally rolled into the bottom of the table for the Nth time.

"All right! Don't install it! Isn't it just a table and a chair? Get up and eat, and after eating, there will be more exciting!" Dahan kicked the man with no eyes.

The latter's eyes were full of despair, almost crying.

"Son! Don't cry, it's a big deal. I'll take this chair for you!" The girl saw her son's eyes were red and suddenly stood up. "Dragging your son's child under the table. come out."

The man looked at the girl's anxious eyes and couldn't help but feel warm in his heart. I didn't expect the little girl to care about me very much!

But the next little girl's words almost made him pass out.

"Huh! You don't support my son with me!" The girl pointed to the teenager who had no consciousness on the side, she said, "If the son will eat the table and chairs next time, I won't let you, you Let the son sit."

"And next time! Haha!" The tables next to them almost laughed.

"I have decided! I will never bring you two out next time!" The man finally made such a wise decision.

He took a hard breath and forcibly suppressed his terrible mood.

"Isn't it just a table, a chair?" The man said, his skin twitched, but he kept muttering, "No one knows himself, or his face will be thrown to grandma's house." Now!"

"The two of you get up! Don't delay my son's eating!" The man yanked the two little guys aside, enlarged his head again, and swallowed the table and a chair at once.

This time the action is adept, it seems that the practice makes perfect.

"Click! Click!" The man chewed.

"Okay! Simply! It's really the young master Guo Qi of Qilin Mountain!" Suddenly a thick voice came from not far away.

Hearing that this person who ate two tables and one chair turned out to be the young master Guo Qi of Qilin Mountain! Everyone's eyes lighted up at once, and the name of this legendary young master was almost universally known, but I didn't expect it to happen here!

Guo Qi is a long-established figure. He broke through the level of the realm early, and entered the realm of the emperor like a bamboo, and the Qilin family is naturally strong. He once ranked in the top five in the earth list.

Because of his talent, the ancestors of the Qilin tribe were all proud and showed a high profile.

Just as Guo Qi was promoted to the Emperor's Realm, he held a banquet for one month, inviting friends from all over the world to celebrate, the scale of which was no less than that of Zhao Yuande's banquet today.

At that time, Guo Qi's enthusiasm was strong, pointing the rivers and mountains difficult, the scenery is infinite.

The man called Guo Qi now had a stiff expression on his face, and he turned his head very hard to look in the direction of the sound.

When his eyes touched the young man walking towards him, Guo Qi suddenly had the urge to find a ground seam.

"Dragon... Long Qingtian! Long brother, what a coincidence!" Guo Qi's mouth protruded dryly, his face flushed at the moment, his face was slightly distorted, and he had to show something uglier than crying Smile.

"Unfortunately! I came here specifically to find you!" Long Qingtian's face was deliberately angry. "You will not notify me even if you come, do you still treat me as a friend?"

"Oh! Actually, I have just arrived." Guo Qi smirked.

"Dragon Master, in fact we have been here for a long time! My son is lying to you!" The girl standing on the side, without hesitation, exposes his son's shortness.

"Go back and tidy up you!" Guo Qi's face with blue muscles waved his arms viciously towards the girl.

"Humph!" The girl rolled her eyes with her small tongue.

"Brother Guo?" Long Qingtian smiled, in fact, he also found this guy long ago.

"Cough! Brother Long, I don't like hilarity, just sit here!" Guo Qi's face was embarrassed. He didn't want anyone to know that he was eating at the table, especially there was a woman in his heart that he liked.

"Okay!" Long Qingtian shook his head with a smile.

"Don't talk nonsense with my goddess, otherwise I will not recognize you as a friend!" Guo Qi hurriedly asked.

"Relax!" Long Qingtian waved his hand.