Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 787

Chapter 787: Calculated

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Seeing Long Qingtian's figure gradually disappearing into sight, Guo Qi took a sip. He turned his head to look at the people around him, and there was a sigh in his heart. These guys have to deal with it carefully, otherwise my reputation will be stinked by them.

"Senior, the memories of these people..." Guo Qi looked at the big man. He always felt that this guy was really an old man who came out to scare the younger generation.

"You just do it!" Dahan waved his hand.

Guo Qi breathed a sigh of relief, and the powerful soul quickly covered a distance of hundreds of feet.

The squares are basically ordinary low-level cultivators who have never seen the combination of yin and yang. With his powerful soul, they instantly erase the memories of these people.

After a few weeks of silence, it returned to normal.

"Huh!" Guo Qi often breathed out, the elder with a face drawn.

Soon the two young men sent another table and a chair.

"The rest of the table and chairs, you continue!" The young man blinked at Guo Qi.

Guo Qi really wanted to give him a punch, but he couldn't do it. Bullying a servant was not something he could do with Master Qilin Mountain.

"Boy, I don't think you are pleasing to the eye, or should we gamble!" Guo Qi tickled his finger at the young man.

"I never gamble." The young man shook his head. "If you still want to eat at the table, you can gamble with yourself! I quietly tell you that there are actually big people who haven't come yet!"

"Humph! I don't believe it! Do not believe it!" Guo Qi would believe him, just shook his head.

"This big man's identity is distinguished!" The young man followed the way and tempted, "If you want to continue eating, just gamble again, if you don't want to!"

"Hi! I really don't believe this evil! Can I still call you a little servant to bluff, do you dare to gamble with me? You won me not only eat this table, but also eat these three Chair!" Guo Qi was furious and took the case.

"Hey! I don't have any advantages, just don't do it!" The young man shook his head.

"I will lose to you a thousand more top-grade spirit jade!" Guo Qi gritted his teeth and continued, "However, if you lose, you must bow your head to admit mistakes and say,'Master Guo Qi is the strongest genius of all heavens and all realms'!" "

"It's stingy! It's so funny! But why don't I bet on this steady win, I bet!" The young man glanced at the opposite man, and there was a trace of gloating in his eyes, "This big brother, you come to be witness!"

When the young man saw the big man with a smile on his side, he couldn't help but give him the glance of asking for help.

"Hey! Boy, you are very visionary! I'm witnessing for you, I don't dare to regret this boy!" Dahan grinned and patted the young man's shoulder gently.

"After a while, Lingyu will get it, there is half your elder brother." The young man winked at Dahan.

"Boy, how do you know you want to win?" Dahan thought the young man was too confident.

"Look!" The young man pointed to the distance.

Both Han and Guo Qi looked curiously in the direction of the young man.

"What? Why didn't I see anything?" Guo Qi looked at it for a long time and found nothing strange.

"What the **** are you looking at?" Dahan was also puzzled.

"Two fools!" The young man smiled and scolded the two of them. "Did you see that person?"

"I see, this person is good, the spirit is brisk, the breath is strong, but the cultivation base is lower, but the field is fivefold." Guo Qi still did not understand.

"Fool!" The young man gave him a blank look and felt that there was no way to communicate with the fool.

"You..." Guo Qi almost blew his lungs, "You explain, otherwise don't blame me for not betting this game!"

"That is today's protagonist, our son Zhao Yuande!" The young man's mouth showed a sly smile, "My son has never come out to meet anyone in person, but look at the present, with a solemn and respectful understood!"

"I..." Guo Qi wanted to cry without tears, feeling that he had been counted by this kid. "Can I eat two tables, even those thousand pieces of fine jade!"

"Son, you're still so stingy! It's a shame," the girl murmured softly.

"Why, kid, do you want to pay the bill, do you want me to find some brothers to help you publicize it!" The big man looked at Guo Qi with a smile, "Your kid can really count, people haven't asked you for money. Not bad!"

"Okay! Okay! I don't think so?" Guo Qi's face was ashamed, and he lost the previous Lingyu, just like he lost his wife.

"Just like you, mother-in-law, no wonder no daughter-in-law!" Dahan Baiya.

"Come! Come!" The young man's eyes suddenly brightened.

Guo Qi and Dahan hurriedly looked around.

I saw a gentle and elegant temperament, it seems that the average middle-aged man did not know when to appear in front of Zhao Yuande.

"Disciples see the master!" Zhao Yuande bowed to salute, "Master, please!"

"Huh!" The elegant middle-aged man nodded, his face full of smiles.

"I depend! It turned out to be this guy!" Dahan saw this person, so terrified that his whole body shuddered, and his hair blew up.

He immediately turned around and sat in danger, as if he hadn't turned his head just now.

At this time, there was a voice in the Han's heart.

"Don't make any ghosts here, otherwise the thieves will not be spared!" Although the voice was plain, but the murderous intention made the big man's body shock.

"No, no! I'm just curious to join in the excitement, nothing bad!" Dahan murmured silently in his heart.

The voice didn't sound again, and then Dahan touched the cold sweat of his forehead hard.

"Senior? What's wrong with you? I sweat so much." Guo Qi looked at the big man and thought this person was a little strange.

"I think he is happy. Five hundred jade jade will be ready soon, can you be happy?" The young man tickled his finger at Guo Qi. "Take one thousand jade jade!"

"Why did you give it to me? I didn't lose! This person is a good master of Zhao Yuande, but he is not so powerful. Maybe he is just a teacher who teaches Zhao Yuande's literacy. Zhao Yuande respects the teacher, so he is so polite!" He didn't know this middle-aged man, nor did he think how powerful this middle-aged man was.

"Ah, you! The newborn calf is not afraid of tigers, and dare to say anything!" Dahan wiped his sweat and peeked at the direction just now, and found that the man had gone far, and then mysteriously said, "Get out quickly Thousands of Lingyu came, and I had to leave as soon as I had divided the stolen goods. I dared not stay any longer when I met this man."

"Who is he?" Guo Qi's curiosity was hooked up by the big man.

"Zhang Ling!" Dahan sent a voice to Guo Qi, "How can the identity of the master of the Eight Palace Palace's old palace be horrible! Let's get Lingyu out!"