Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 789

Chapter 789: Lin Jiner

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Boring, he boarded a restaurant, where there are many young people who came to participate in the screening of Xianban.

Some people's enthusiasm, apparently has successfully entered the fairy class, especially prominent among a group of friends. And most people are downcast, they are ruthlessly eliminated.

"I heard that there were more than 200,000 confessions that came to register this time!"

"More than two hundred thousand? Only two thousand people were selected in the end? With a one percent probability, it's no wonder I was eliminated."

"I heard that there was a huge outbreak of Shijie and hundreds of people were selected. Wouldn't they just leave?"

"Hush! Quietly, don't let them hear it. It is said that this screening was presided over by a strong fairy power. It is completely fair and fair. It is basically impossible to go back to the door and pull the relationship!"

"So the beginning world has been silent for so many years, and finally it will rise again?"

"It's very possible! It is said that some people in the beginning of this time proposed the establishment of a small organization called the Wanjie Alliance, and hundreds of people have already joined it."

"What else, black gold alliance, blood rain alliance, first alliance... There are many small organizations, it is said that they often meet together, talk about the future of Cheng Xianxian Dao."

"Look over there, that table is the people of the Blood Rain League!"


Zhao Yuande was next to the two people at this time, listening to their discussion and suddenly learned a lot of information.

He watched with the eyes of the two. At a table not far away from the window, a man and a woman were talking, their bodies were wearing embroidered blood-colored raindrops, representing the blood robe's brocade. .

The man's figure is not high, but it's very solid. The woman is charming and charming, and her body is hot. The men around you will unconsciously glance at the place where she has the material.

The dull man on the opposite side couldn't hide the burning in his eyes.

But the woman completely ignored it, but constantly twisted the water snake's waist, giggled, and laughed. The chest waved up and down, making people wonder how her thin waist could bear such majestic peaks.

At this time, Zhao Yuande suddenly saw an acquaintance, a girl, her expression seemed a little trance, after going up the stairs, casually found an empty place to sit down.

The attentive little two came up to greet, and the girl just waved her hand casually and asked for a pot of tea.

Why did she appear here, she looks very decadent to see, did not enter the fairy class? It shouldn't be! With her talents, unless the guy from the fairy world is a fool, how could she let go of such good talents?

Zhao Yuande was thinking about asking about it in the past, but found that a young man wearing a robe of Xueshameng walked up the stairs.

The young man first looked around for a week and saw Dunshi men and voluptuous women. His eyes inadvertently swept over the girl's building, and his eyes suddenly showed surprise.

He nodded to the Dunshi man and the voluptuous woman first, and then came to the girl.

"Sister Lin, I haven't seen you for a long time! This man is full, can I sit here?" The man was very polite and smiled sincerely.

Anyone who sees this man's smile will not be embarrassed to refute his face.

"No!" The girl glanced at the man and shook her head expressionlessly.

The man frowned slightly, and the other party was rumored not to be so impersonal. The other party's inability to do so made many of the words he prepared next suffocate, and he wondered where to say what to say.

"Don't go yet! Are you waiting for me to catch someone?" The girl seemed to hold her stomach in flames, looking for a reason to vent, and even dropped the cup in her hand directly on the ground.

"Lin Jin'er, what do you mean, I just want to get a table!" The man was also jumped, did he admit that he was wrong?

"Humph! Who doesn't know that you are with the two of them, don't you sit with them and come to me, when I am a fool?" Lin Jiner smashed the table in front of him with a slap, looking Very ugly.

Zhao Yuande was also confused by Lin Jin'er. What a nice girl, gentle and kind, even softly speaking, why suddenly became like this?

"Lin Jin'er, do you think my Helian Xiu Ming is a soft persimmon? Today I have to take you down and hand you over to Senior Dao Zongzong!" A slap appeared in front of me.

His figure flashed, avoiding the other's slap, his face turned very ugly, and he beckoned to the honest man and the voluptuous woman: "The two came over to help, this woman is crazy!"

The two are also confused, although this Helian Xiu Ming is a bit romantic, but it is not so good to attract girls to resent it!

However, as a member of the Blood Rain League, they could not stand by while seeing their fellow members seeking help.

"Brother Helian, you..." The Dunshi man was puzzled, "You don't have any grudge against this girl before?"

"Fate to come!" Lin Jiner's long sword flew in his hand, and he stabbed towards Helian Xiuming.

The practitioners who drank and chatted on the second floor all stepped back, giving them a huge space.

"Damn it! Stinky girls, are you crazy!" Helian Xiuming backed away, almost stabbed by the sword wind, "Shoot together, capture this stinky girl, what's wrong with me, one Yes, I will go to the site of Xu Daozong personally and ask, what do they mean!"

"I killed you!" Lin Jin'er's face began to become distorted when he heard the three words of Xu Dao Zong, and he attacked Helian Xiu Ming frantically, as if these three words pierced her pain.

Zhao Yuande frowned, was it what happened between Xu Daozong and Jin'er?

Although Lin Jin'er is very powerful, but the other three people are all selected into the fairy class, the natural fighting ability will not be bad, and soon after joining forces, Lin Jin'er was forced to retreat again and again, and his shoulders were even beaten. Lian Xiuming swept through the sword, suddenly bloody.

"Stop it!" Zhao Yuande could see Lin Jin'er injured, stepped out, blocked Lin Jin'er in front, and blocked the three.

Lin Jin'er was crazy like this, and she was about to attack towards Zhao Yuande, but a familiar voice instantly made her awake.

"Jin'er is me!"

She stood on the spot, her long sword leaned on the ground weakly, and the blood on her shoulders continued to flow outward. She didn't care at all, but looked at the tall and majestic figure in front of her, and her eyes seemed to be filled with tears.

"Who are you? Why take care of our business?" Helian Xiuming looked at the young man in front of him and found that he seemed unfamiliar, and that the cultivation of the other party was obviously a five-fold field, and he suddenly gave a slight contempt in his heart. meaning.

He thought that Zhao Yuande was just a stupid boy who wanted to see the road ahead and the hero saved the beauty.