Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 79

Chapter 79: Dangerous Place

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Otherwise, there was a heartbreaking cry from the grass not far away. A hand of Chang Yuming jumped up, and on his leg was a **** worm that was thicker than his arm. Open the mouth wide and tear the person's skin directly, and then only see the person dry out at a rate visible to the naked eye.

And that **** fleshy swelled quickly!


The large black larvae swelled to the thickness of the water tank and exploded directly, and a giant mosquito with a length of over appeared in front of everyone.

The giant mosquito fluttered its wings at an incredible speed. It appeared next to another person at the next moment. The mouthparts stabbed into that person's chest. The bright red blood flowed down the mouthparts into the mosquito's belly, and the person instantly shrivelled.

"Animal deserves to die!" The long fish is going to be crazy, and a long sword in his hand draws a sword awn, which directly cuts the mosquito in half.

"Fifth-order fierce blood mosquitoes, extremely poisonous... low-order ingredients, matching the recipe "refining blood and nourishing yin soup", can treat congenital yin deficiency, ingredients list..."

There are even recipes for this kind of malignant thing, and it seems that the effect is not small. You need to collect some.

"Hey! You two, you have to collect any fierce beasts. You can't touch any of these things outside!" Zhao Yuande whispered to the two.

"Is this vicious mosquito going to eat it too?" Master Yijie suddenly felt a little nausea.

"Bald, you won't move!" Black Bear shook his head and said, "There are no bad things in this world. Even if I boiled you, Grandpa Xiong will still eat right!"

"Don't you want to fight, Xiong Blind Man?" Master Yijie is very angry. When he rolls up his sleeves, he will rush to fight the black bear.

"Okay, okay! Two of us, we are here to find materials!" Zhao Yuande only felt a little brain pain, he hurriedly opened the two guys, Xiaozhi moved with emotion, "We want to cooperate! Only by getting more ingredients, can we make more delicious ones, and our cultivation will be improved! I dont care how I play when I go out in the future. The two of you should be sincere and united now.

When it comes to eating, the two guys' eyes light up at the same time, and they feel much better when they look at each other.

"Unity!" Black Bear and Master Yijie high-five, each with a bright light on his face.

The three of them whispered here for a long time, and then there were some big worms rushing out and biting when they saw someone.

But everyone had become vigilant at this time, and those flesh and insects were all filmed into slime, and they can no longer be a disaster.

In addition to the sudden attack that started, Chang Yuming's two men were killed, the others did not have any casualties, but now the power among the people has begun to be unbalanced.

Originally you Jiang Tianyue, Yin could not, Chang Yuming, Long Chengan and Li Tian, each with two men, plus Zhao Yuande three a total of 18 people, now Chang Yuming has become a lonely family, his face is very unsightly , Watching the crowd around him is also full of vigilance.

"Okay! Everyone wants to go further and need unity! Brother Changyu, you can rest assured that no one will do to you!" Although Jiang Tianyue does not want to see this long fisherman, she is indeed the leader of this team and cannot let the team Scattered.

Chang Yuming didn't speak, but nodded silently, but the alertness in his eyes remained intact.

"Hey!" Jiang Tianyue glanced at him and shook his head. "Okay, everybody be careful. Let's move on! According to the information I got from the family, there is a forest in front of less than a hundred miles. There is a lot of wood in the forest. 'S pharmacy!"

When everyone heard the word "pharmacy", their eyes lit up!

I don't know how many years it has been closed. There must be a long period of elixir in the medicine garden. If you take it out for auction, it will definitely be a sky-high price!

Before leaving, the black bear quietly picked up the two mosquito corpses and stuffed it into his storage space, which attracted everyone's eyes.

Instead of feeling embarrassed, Black Bear hummed triumphantly.

Going along the way, I have encountered several crises, all of which are some huge insects hidden in the grass. Except for a person who was unable to be inadvertently, he was accidentally divided by a huge praying mantis, and the others were shocked.

Black bear and Yijie two guys have collected all the bodies of many huge insects along the way, especially the black bear mouth corners.

A huge forest appeared in front of the crowd. Each of these big trees was surrounded by a few people. The height was about tens of feet. From time to time, strange noises came from the forest. It seemed to be a tiger, but it was more than the tigers. The sound is more deterrent.

"Everyone! Let me talk about it first. After entering the woods, you must collect a lot of elixir. Every medicine garden needs an elixir to open, and the matter of refining elixir is given to Brother Zhao!" Jiang Tianyue looked at Zhao Yuande.

"No problem!" Zhao Yuande nodded.

Everyone knew why Jiang Tianyue wanted to invite Zhao Yuande as a weak Danish division. It turned out that there were such conditions.

Zhao Yuande was not surprised. At the beginning, he knew that Jiang Tianyue had not fully released all the secrets, and she must have her purpose by inviting herself.

Entering the woods, the crowd became more cautious. They felt that there seemed to be a very powerful beast entrenched in the woods.

"Everyone be careful, don't touch these trees!" Zhao Yuande suddenly swept over the trunk of the big tree next to him, and there seemed to be something flashing through the thick cracks, even if his eyesight was not clear.

One of Jiang Tianyue's men had already pressed his hand against the tree trunk at this time. A chopstick was thin and a small snake with a length of feet leaped out like lightning. He directly took a bite on the man's neck.

The man only felt very scratchy at the wound, and he would grab it when he reached out. He didn't expect to catch the black blood stained with his hand. The next moment his whole person became black, and he didn't make a hum, and he was directly out of breath. Died.

"It's fast!" Zhao Yuande was a little shocked. If this snake bites itself, I'm afraid he can't dodge, but his skin is comparable to the top-level spirit weapon. This snake's teeth may not be able to break his defense.

"This is an iron wire viper! Very poisonous, but most afraid of flames!" Jiang Tianyue seemed to know this kind of snake, and the first one raised a flame in his palm.

The crowd followed suit and could practice to the extent of these people. It was very simple to cast ordinary flames.

Sure enough, that kind of snake has never appeared. Everyone is a strong man who is close to the yin and yang unity. Since several people died unintentionally, they have become extremely careful.

There are a lot of elixir in this forest. Everyone got Jiang Tianyue's reminder and started to collect elixir on their own initiative, even the low-level ones didn't let go.