Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 790

Chapter 790: Void Daoism

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"She is my friend, I naturally have to take care of this matter!" Zhao Yuande looked indifferent.

Although Lin Jin'er was in a state of abnormality just now, the cause was in this Helian Xiuming person. If he hadn't had any troubled thoughts in his heart, he would come up to talk first and Lin Jin'er could not attack him.

"Are you her friend?" Helianxiu raised her lips, "Do you know who she is?"

"Okay! I won't be wordy with you, let's go!" Zhao Yuande was too lazy to talk to him again. Lin Jiner was still injured in his shoulder at this time, and blood was flowing. He hurriedly turned around to help her stop bleeding, and a force of life quietly followed. His finger penetrated Lin Jin'er's wound, and the wound healed instantly.

"Look for death!" Although Helian Xiuming didn't dare to kill Lin Jiner, the man in front of him was so crazy that he dared to let himself go.

The sword in his hand passed to Zhao Yuande's back without hesitation.

The two were no more than half a foot apart. Helian Xiuming's speed was surprisingly fast. The long sword was just close to Zhao Yuande's body.

"This guy is too shameless! It's shameless to have a sneak attack!"

"He is a member of the Helian family? The Helian family is such a family, insidious and poisonous. At that time, the ancestor of the Helian family poisoned his master, and he stepped on the master's body to take the position! His descendants did this kind of thing. Not surprising!"

"It turned out that the Helian family turned out to be such a family. No wonder they have been super families all these years, but their reputation is not good. The original reason is this."

"Are you looking for death?" Helian Xiuming stared at the two people who were talking, but he scorned the next moment!

Because he saw the other party's costume, it was the clothing of the Allied Realm, a piece of starry sky above his chest.


Although Zhao Yuande felt dangerous, he didn't care, just snorted.

A three-foot layer of invisible field appeared outside his body, and a blue vine flew out of his body, a little faster than Helian Xiu Ming, directly entangled his long sword.

Helian Xiuming only felt that a strong force came from his hand. He didn't grab the long sword, and was taken away by the blue vines.

Another vine flew out, directly hitting Helian Xiuming's face fiercely, and he pulled back again and again.


Zhao Yuande drank sharply, and Helian Xiuming suddenly felt that the eardrum was buzzing, his head was sore, his whole body was shaking, and there was blood between his mouth and nose.

Seeing this, Dunshi men and fascinating women stepped back and forth, fearing to catch fire.

"Okay! You're fine!" Helian Xiuming said, his face grumpy downstairs.

"How are you? Are you okay!" Zhao Yuande helped Lin Jiner recover from his injury and asked with concern, "What the **** happened, why are you so reckless? If it weren't for me, you would have suffered just now!"

"Brother Zhao!" Lin Jiner sobbed and rushed into Zhao Yuande's arms.

"What's wrong?" Zhao Yuande felt the little girl helpless at this moment, as if abandoned by others, crying heartbroken.

"Go, let's go for a walk!" Zhao Yuande took Lin Jin'er, except for the restaurant.

Lin Jin'er walked and cried while telling what happened during this time.

It turned out that just a few days ago, there was a big shock to Xu Dao Zong, an uncle of Lin Jin'er seized power, and the entire Dao Dao Zong was bloody.

Lin Jin'er's master was attacked and seriously injured, and died without treatment. Lin Jin'er was forced to become his disciple's disciple because of his adoptive parents.

However, this uncle was too vicious, in order to deter Lin Jin'er and make him wholeheartedly become his disciple, beheaded and killed dozens of Lin Jin'er's brothers and sisters in front of her.

In order to adopt parents, Lin Jin'er silently endured all this, and he was no longer the carefree girl.

This time Xu Dao Zong sent her to the Immortal Class, which was regarded as half of her liberation.

However, she has always missed her adoptive parents, and she has no intention to study here. She never thinks about how to rescue her adoptive parents and get rid of the bitter sea.

"Now it's half a month before the opening of Xianban. I can help you rescue your adoptive parents, but I can't do anything about your master's hatred!" Zhao Yuande thought for a long time and finally made this decision.

Although the relationship between him and Lin Jin'er is not too close, but he likes this naive girl very much, he can't be stingy with his help.

"Thank you Brother Zhao!" Lin Jin'er was delighted. If she could rescue her adoptive parents, she would really be liberated. "But my adoptive parents...they have nowhere to go."

"It's not difficult. There are a lot of vacant places in my world. If they don't dislike it, they can live for a long time!" Zhao Yuande laughed.

He had long thought of this problem.

"Thank you Brother Zhao! It would be nice if you were my elder brother!" Lin Jin'er looked a little sad and sorrowful, "In fact, the adoptive parents had a younger brother, but they fell while exploring an ancient cave house. It's inside!"

"It's nothing, just be my sister! I'm looking forward to a sister too." Zhao Yuande looked at each other's slightly expecting little face and remembered the past.

At the auction that year, in order to help herself buy the picture, she directly offered 50 million yuan. He still remembered her expression at that time, so innocent and lovely.

"Hmm!" Lin Jin'er nodded vigorously.

"Well, in this case, you will walk with me first and talk about the situation of Xu Dao Zong. I will soon bring your adoptive parents back!" The two of them walked side by side to understand some specifics of Xu Dao Zong In the circumstances, although he has a spectacle, he can cover his body, but the other party is indeed vain Daozong, with a mysterious and unpredictable Void Avenue blessing. If he is not careful, he may overturn the boat in the Yin & Ditch.

The Virtual Dao Sect is not far away from the World of Ten Thousand City, and it can be reached by only taking two starry teleports.

It is located in a world of False Spirits. This world has two super-great ancestors with long history, one is the Spiritual Sect and the other is the Virtual Dao Sect.

The gate of Xudaozong is hidden in a place called Meteor Valley. There is an ancient altar deep in the valley of Meteorites. Through this altar, you can reach the small world where Xudaozong is located.

The Xu Dao Sect has a very strict censorship of trying to get out of the sect. A heavenly treasure mirror is hung outside the mountain gate. In case there are other sects or enemies invading, the strong inside will know the first time.

Zhao Yuande owns the treasure of Tongyou Mirror, coupled with his current level of improvement, ordinary cultivators cant see through even the world, fearing that a freak like Lin Jin'er with a hollow eye might appear, or God Emperor Powerful above the realm.