Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 792

Chapter 792: It's Easy To Roll Over

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Zhao Yuande secretly cried a lot, and his body kept escaping towards the depths of the small world.

This guy is definitely difficult to deal with. I am afraid that he is a strong late Emperor of God. If he can take advantage of his spare time, he may be able to make a surprise attack, but if he now faces the battle, he will definitely lose.

Although the killing power of Jing Zhongyue has exceeded the timeless tower, the master Zhao Yuande is too weak.

It's like an adult using a sledgehammer to break a large rock with a hammer, but a baby who can't walk yet, let alone a sledgehammer, it's hard to pick it up.

At this time, Zhao Yuande was a child who had just learned to walk, and Jing Zhongyue was a big hammer. Although it could be moved, it would not be a problem to break bottles and cans, but if you want to break stones, it is simply impossible.

Of course, under the crisis of life and death, Jing Zhongyue can indeed attack on its own, but this will consume its own power.

After so many years, it has been in a state of no ownership, and all its consumption is taken from itself. It has been weakened so far, so Zhao Yuande has the opportunity to surrender it.

If it was Jingzhongyue in its heyday, I am afraid that even if Zhao Yuande was guarded by the Eternal Tower, I am afraid that it would be directly shocked into powder, and even the soul could not escape.

"You can't escape, the whole small world is a big formation, and the space here is stronger than the barrier of the fairy world!" The voice resounded like a tarsal maggot in his ear again.

"Xu Dao Zong really is extraordinary!" Zhao Yuande could easily feel the surrounding world sinking, as if he had been a small bug being buckled in it by a huge cup. The feeling of heavyness and depression made his chest feel dull for a while. .

"Hand over the three people you took away, and I will give you a way of life!" The voice sounded again.

Sect Master Xu Dao is actually a little scared now. He is afraid that if the family of three had something unexpected, he would have no way to control Lin Jin'er.

Lin Jin'er is now a member of the Xianban in Wanjie City, even if he doesn't have the courage to catch people upright.

If he loses control of Lin Jin'er, the thing he has planned for a long time will also be overwhelmed.

That was an opportunity for him to break the threshold of God Emperor. If he missed it, he might have to wait for thousands of years.

Concern is chaotic, the words of the Sect Master Xu Dao let Zhao Yuande seize a moment of vitality.

The other party obviously didn't want these three people to die, at least not now, he can take advantage of this.

"Haha! It seems that you care about the life and death of these three people, so let's go! You let me go, these three people I will stay for you! Otherwise I will burn them with their jade." Zhao Yuande's figure is still moving.

"There is no problem with this naturally. But you have to let people talk first!" The voice came rumbling, it seemed to be above Zhao Yuande's head, giving a great sense of oppression.

"You treat me stupid! have to..."

Zhao Yuande simply began to talk about the conditions with the other party. In fact, he used this opportunity to find a way out.

"Sister, sister! Don't go to sleep, get up and think of a way."

Zhao Yuande thought of the picture in the storage space at this time.

"What's the matter?" Wan Yao's lazy voice sounded in Zhao Yuande's ear, "Huh! This is a small world, full of energy! It really is a good place to practice."

"Younger brother is trapped in this small world, can you let me escape, sister?"

"Gee! The barriers of this small world are sturdy and unreasonable. It may not be easy to break the princess's strength!" Wan Yao sighed. "There is a good dragon in this small world, I don't know. It took so many years to develop to this scale. It would be a pity if it was destroyed!"

"Sister! Now it's a matter of life, my brother and I are being hunted down by six powerful emperors, and there is also an ancestor in the fairyland lurking in the dark, and if you accidentally die, you will be killed!" , I feel that this sister is really a little bit of priority.

"Okay! It's just a small world, it's hard to fail me!" Wan Yao rarely saw Zhao Yuande so embarrassed and found it very fun. "You are now looking for the place with the strongest aura and notify me when you find it!"

With Wan Yao's words, Zhao Yuande suddenly put down 70% or 80% of his heart, and his footsteps were no longer flustered.

He sensed the direction of the aura in the earth, and instantly determined where the aura was the most intense, the highest mountain.

He glanced over and found a towering mountain with a height of thousands of feet. A breath of majestic dragon air wrapped around the mountain as if a real dragon appeared.

"This kid has gone to the Sect Master's Peak? What does he want to do? That found the center of the big formation?" Sect Master Xu Dao, his eyes flashing, but he has been guarding the gate of the small world, here is in and out The only passage in the small world, as long as it is here, no one should flee.

"Lao Liu, take a look at Sect Master Peak and be careful of what might be a powerful killer."

"Yes! Sect Master!" A blonde old man rose to the sky, and then appeared on the Sect Master Peak.

But at this time, the Sect Master's Peak seemed to be covered with a mist, and the mist was getting thicker and thicker, and even felt like you could not reach your fingers.

At this time, Zhao Yuande had already held the horns of Qingtianniu and sneaked underneath the Sect Master's Peak, but only saw a white air dragon resembling a real dragon in the space below.

"Sure enough, this dragon spirit has been raised for another million years, maybe a real dragon can be conceived, but this time it is cheaper for me! Take out the scroll, I want to absorb the dragon spirit here to restore the body!" Wan Yao Dao, "It only takes ten breathing time, this little dragon will become my nourishment, you must just give me this time!"

"Sister! Whether you save me, or I save you, it is easy for you to overturn your car! Maybe both of us will stay here!" Zhao Yuande sweated, "Knowing that there are six **** emperors watching, ten. I'm afraid I've been smashed by a breath!"

"Don't worry, as long as ten breaths, the entire small world will lose its vitality, and the big formation will naturally lose its function. At the time, it is not necessary to leave." Wan Yao followed the temptation.

"Okay!" Zhao Yuande gritted his teeth and said, "Sister, don't hurt me!"

He tossed the scroll towards the front, turned and rushed out of the Sect Master's Peak, and fled towards another adjacent mountain.

The picture was spread out in mid-air, and a magnificent and magnificent picture scroll stretched indefinitely in the space, and finally turned into a tens of thousands of squares in size, directly covering the entire dragon vein in it.


Zhao Yuande no longer hides his figure, a phantom figure of a giant sky emerges behind him, and punches hard at that mountain.


The mountain exploded, and countless disciples who hadn't left were smashed into a blood mist.