Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 793

Chapter 793: Seize A Word

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"Damn it! Are you crazy?" The Sect Master of the Void Dao Sect burst into rage, and suddenly appeared in front of the mountain, his face suddenly filled with anger.

"I'm not crazy! You're crazy!" Zhao Yuande's figure was a few points faster than the electric light, and suddenly appeared in front of another mountain, punching something hard and breaking the second mountain again, "Don't be with me Talk about the conditions and let me go, otherwise I will kill all the disciples in your small world."

Zhao Yuande also got rid of it. In order to live his life, he could only say sorry to those innocent Void Dao disciples.

"Damn! You are planning to die, then I will fulfill you! Heavenly Taoist Fist!" The Sect Master Xu Dao shouted grimly, and he directly mobilized the power of this small world.

A huge fist fell from the void and drove towards Zhao Yuande.

"Bang!" Zhao Yuande wearing the armor transformed into the Eternal Tower, was still directly approved for hundreds of miles, and smashed all the way. I don't know how many small peaks.

"It hurts!"

Zhao Yuande staggered and stood up. If it weren't for transforming the Eternal Tower into combat armor in advance, I'm afraid that this blow will blow him into utter powder.

"What!" Sect Master Xu Dao was shocked when he saw that Zhao Yuande could still stand up. He knew that the punch was just the power of heaven in this small world, even if he couldn't bear it.

"There must be some great treasure on his body!" The eyes of the Sect Master Xu Dao flickered, and there was more greed in it, "Continue! I don't believe you can stand a few fists!"


Zhao Yuande's body, which had just been repaired, was suddenly blown out again, and this time it happened to fly down the mountain where a disciple of Zongmen gathered. Numerous disciples jumped and fled in panic.

"Since the beginning, don't regret it! I want you to destroy the Dao Sect!" Zhao Yuande looked at the disciples of the Dao Sect who had fled everywhere, and suddenly his face was ruthless.

"Huh! You have the ability to survive and say it again!" Sect Master Xu Dao snorted coldly, and did not believe Zhao Yuande's threat.

"Since that's the case, then I won't cover it up! Heaven Tribulation will come to me!" Zhao Yuande's mouth twitched, and all his momentum exploded.

"Hey! Do you want to provoke your own Heavenly Tribulation?" Sect Master Xu Dao sneered, "I'm sorry, the small world is open, even Heavenly Dao can't perceive your existence."

But when the pride of the Sect Master Xu Dao appeared, suddenly a thunder exploded in the void, and the thunder rolled in the extremely high sky, as if to explode the sky and burst into this small world.

The light film formed by the large array above the small world visible to the naked eye is thinning.

"What's the matter? Why is this? Not good... Underground dragon veins are shrinking!" Sudden Sect Master Xu Dao's complexion suddenly changed, and his body flashed towards the ground.

But at this moment, with a click, the sky shattered, and a thick thunder landed, and almost the entire small world was overwhelmed by the terrifying thunder.

The thunder exploded, and a disciple of the Dao Dao Dao was affected by the thunder, and instantly died a large piece!

There was even a strong man in the Divine Emperor Realm, which was suddenly dispelled by a thunder!

"What the **** is this?" the God Emperor exclaimed.

The strong man had just been promoted to the God Emperor for decades, and the state was still not stable. He was blasted by the endless thunder, and his face was pale, and a **** arrow spouted from his mouth, and he was extremely traumatized.

"Sovereign help me!" the emperor shouted in horror.

"Quick! Bring all the disciples into the body world!" The eyes of the Sect Master Xu Dao burst into flames, and the entire Sect Dao Sect was destroyed. What other meaning did he have? In desperation, he could only save those disciples around him first.

At this time, Zhao Yuande was like a fish, bathed in a thunder war, and beheaded a powerful person above the emperor's realm.

"I will kill you!"

A strong middle-aged emperor with blood-red eyes and blood on the corners of his mouth, he rushed towards Zhao Yuande and tried to save his disciples.

However, Zhao Yuande went without confronting him, turned his body, and let go of the disciple of the mid-level strong emperor, and turned to someone else.

"Escape to that direction!" Sect Master Xu Dao points in one direction. There is an ancient palace with old bricks and tiles but an unknown Daoyun circulation.

Everyone looked in that direction, and there was also a hopeful light in their eyes. It was the retreat of the only ancestor of the Xu Dao Sect, and no one dared to disturb this ancestor until the Zongmen's life and death.

These disciples swarmed to the ancient palace, and suddenly the Heaven Tribulation was blocked outside the palace.

"Sister! Let's go! I feel a strong breath is recovering. It is an old guy who surpassed the Divine Emperor!" Zhao Yuande hurriedly transmitted a voice to Wan Yao.

"Go!" Wan Yao was not wordy.

A magnificent picture scroll rushed out of the ground, rolled Zhao Yuande towards the sky.

"Since you are here, don't leave!"

It has been a big hand, so that he directly blocked the big hole in the sky that was opened by thunder, and also blocked the scroll.

"This old guy is too powerful. It is not at all a fairyland realm, but a fairyland...broken!" Wan Yao in the picture, his brow furrowed.

"What!" Zhao Yuande looked bitter, he felt very unhappy today, "So what should I do? Is it waiting to die?"

"No! Don't wait to die, let's reason with him!" Wan Yao wrapped Zhao Yuande slowly in the small world.

"Who are you, why did you fight against my Dao Dao Zong, and provoke the sky-tribulation, causing such natural disasters and man-made disasters!" A white-beard old man garland came out of the old palace.

He has long eyebrows and white beards, and his eyes are like dazzling stars. Although his face is slightly wrinkled, it is hard to hide the handsome elegance of his youth.

"Speak reason with him! The existence of this detached emperor is the most important thing about the Heavenly Taoist circulatory newspaper. If we talk about it, we will fight with him no later!" Wan Yao asked in Zhao Yuande's ear, "Remember, you must grab a Word management!"

"I want to ask you the lord of the hypocrisy, if he was not deceiving people, why would I risk appearing here!" Zhao Yuande had no choice but to look at the white-bearded old man.

"Junfeng...Well? Junfeng?" The old man turned his head to look at the gods and emperors, his face gradually darkened, and he said angrily to the sect master of the virtual Dao Sect, "Jiang Li, Did your brother go there?"

"Ancestor!" Sect Master Xu Dao was terrified, "Brother Zhou, he... he... died!"

"What? How did he die? Who killed him in the end?" The old man was full of hair and his eyes became extremely sharp.

"No need to ask, because he killed his brother for the sake of the suzerain!" Zhao Yuande saw this scene, and he was very happy in his heart. This guy did it from the ancestor of the sect, and wanted to be born first. Rice cooks mature rice, even if the ancestor blames, things have become settled, and he will not be treated like that.

"Jiang Li!" The old man roared, and with a slap, he drew towards the Jiang Dao Sect Master Jiang Li.

"Slap!" The applause was crisp, Jiang Li, who dared to resist, was slammed and flew out, and fell heavily on the ground, his mouth suddenly bloody.