Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 794

Chapter 794: Reveal Identity

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"Ancestor, now is not the time to dispose of me. Should the enemy now solve the enemy! Solve the enemy Jiang Li at his disposal!" Jiang Li looked at Zhao Yuande very resentfully, wishing he could eat his flesh and drink his blood.

"Sin obstacles! I'll settle accounts with you again later!" The old man looked at Jiang Li, who was lying on the ground at this time, still afraid to get up, and turned to look at Zhao Yuande.

"Speak your reason, if it's for you, I'll let you go, if it's not for you, I will kill you to sacrifice my sect disciple hero!" The old man stood up, his body was majestic, as if he was not angry The mighty god.

"My reason is very simple, just to save people!" Zhao Yuande shrugged. "In order to control my sister, this patriarch imprisoned her adoptive parents and younger brother, I just want to quietly leave them! "

"But this matter?" The old man did not turn his head, but his voice pierced Jiang Li's ear fiercely.

"He's talking nonsense! That's my sect disciple Lin Jin'er, when will you become your sister!" Jiang Li looked at Zhao Yuande with a vicious face, "She doesn't have an elder brother at all, her elder brother died long ago!" "

"Lin Jin'er...I know this girl is Jun Feng's disciple! And with a vacant eye, Jun Feng also brought her to visit me!" Speaking of Jun Feng's name, there is obviously between the old men's eyebrows A touch of sadness.

The old man's soft words, in Jiang Li's ears, were like a thunder, which scared him out of his face.

"Jiang Li!" The old man had to show his hair like an angry lion, and his backhand was slapped on Jiang Li's face. "That's my sect's hope. You should...suffocate me. Now!"

The old man said two of you in a row, but did not say the following, but Jiang Li listened to it like a thunder roll.

"Ancestor Rao Fate! Patriarch Rao Fate!" After Jiang Li was fanned out, a grunt climbed up, stunned at the old man, "Jiang Li ghosts are intrigued, Jiang Li is wrong, please invite the old Zu Raoming!"


The old man waved his sleeves continuously and flew Jiang Lishao continuously.

"This old guy didn't play hard! Those are for you!" Wan Yao's voice sounded in Zhao Yuande's ear, "It seems that this old guy is not as reasonable as I expected."

After a long time, the old man's anger gradually disappeared.

"Xiaoyou, thank you for your reminder. Can you let the three people go? I can guarantee their safety." The old man barely smiled at Zhao Yuande.

"Senior, I promised Jin'er to take them to Wanjie City. If you can't worry, you can go to Wanjie City to see Jin'er. She is now a member of the Xianban. Going to Wanjie City is just a blink of an eye!" Zhao Yuande finally got them down, it was impossible to let them go so easily.

"Is Xianban open?" The old man's eyes showed a look of disappointment, but he instantly concealed the past.

"Good!" Zhao Yuande smiled, "Senior, do I have a word, I can go!"

"No! This is just your side. I have to ask the next Zongmen disciples. They..." The old man shook his head, but before he had finished speaking, he was interrupted by Zhao Yuande.

"Senior, I came out this time, but I did not ask for leave with the master and his old man. After a while, the master and his old man couldn't find me, but I was going to get angry! In case I was tired of the senior, I felt a little bit sad in my heart!" With a sneer, a jade card dangled in his hand, "Senior still ask it quickly!"

The old man listened to Zhao Yuande's words, and there was a trace of contempt on his face, but soon he saw the jade card in Zhao Yuande's hands, clearly saw the pattern on the jade card, and the whole body was frightened with a trembling. The trace of contempt suddenly disappeared.

"The old man just made a joke just now, please, friends!" The old man suddenly became smiling and flicked, and the door of the small world suddenly opened.

"Goodbye Senior! I hope you will go to Wanjie City to play more!" Zhao Yan turned and strode away.

"Why is the ancestor? That is just the token of the Bajing Palace. This person should be a disciple of the Bajing Palace in the nearby Yunxiao. Are you still afraid of the Bajing Palace?" Jiang Li slowly stood up, clutching his face and leaning over to face this An ancestor questioned.

"Sin Barrier!" The old man slapped his backhand slap on Jiang Li's face again, flew him up high, and the blood spewed out in midair.

The old man was still not relieved. He rushed up to Jiang Li for a while, kicking and kicking.

"Do you know? It is the real token of Bajing Palace. Those who have this kind of token are not personal disciples or core disciples! If the small world was not broken just now, you can kill him, but the small world is broken. , Killing him is tantamount to committing suicide, and it is still a suicidal suicide! Sin obstacles, how much trouble do you cause me, do you know?"

The old man was not relieved yet, and was another old fist. Jiang Li, who was hit directly, was dying and passed out.

"It was so dangerous just now, thanks to you showing this token! I all feel the old man's killing intention!" Wan Yao said with some fear.

"This old guy is really deep in hiding. At first I thought he was really that kind of fair person. I didn't expect to show his fangs in the end!" Zhao Yuande was also glad. "The last time the master came, I was given a piece Token, otherwise it's really not easy to get out."

"How did you see it?" Wan Yao was a little curious.

"He didn't use Jiang Li's strength at all, and he still communicated with his eyes sneakily, but I had Heavenly Eyes and engaged in these small movements in front of me, hum!" Zhao Yuande was complacent.

After leaving the Dao Sect, he took a starry teleportation and quickly returned to the World of Ten Thousand City.

In fact, Zhao Yuande sent Lin Jin'er's three relatives into the other side of the world for the first time. Their family was very happy.

"Okay, you will be a member of the other side of the world from now on! Jin'er, you are my good sister. I have come to see my mother, and you will be your mother in the future..." Zhao Yuande happily brought Lin Jiner's family to In front of mother.

Lin Jin'er was clever, cute, and cute, and her mother was naturally very happy. She even claimed to praise Zhao Yuande's son for being filial, and found herself such a good daughter.

The family reunited, and everyone set the banquet. Zhao Yuande saw the frost that was carefully supported by the two women.

At this time, she was helpless like a frost, but she was a cultivator, but she was pregnant for a few months, but she was waited for and did not let it move, so she did not let it take, and even someone had to help him even walk.

However, her heart was extremely warm and proud, especially when she saw Zhao Yuande, her eyes were full of happy smiles.

Lin Jin'er happily went up and called a sister-in-law, and the two women had a good conversation.