Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 795

Chapter 795: Hanging Out

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Noisy, only one day later, Zhao Yuande and Lin Jin'er walked out of the other world.

"Jin'er, there are still days before the opening of the Xianban at this time, it is better for us to know more about the same way!" Zhao Yuande suggested.

"Yes, everything listens to my brother!" Lin Jin'er smiled brightly, and he no longer had the sadness of the previous few days.

"Remember, I'm Zhao XIV now, you just call me my 14th brother! Don't call me wrong!" Zhao Yuande is now Zhao XIV with rare life domain. Zhao Yuande's identity is not going to be in Xian. Used in classes.

"Okay! Fourteen brothers, you have told me eight times! Nagging!" Lin Jiner's mouth grinned.

"Cough! The eleventh brother may be old, and his mind is not easy to use! You have to wait more!" Zhao Yuande deliberately pretended to look like an old dragon.

"Giggle!" Lin Jin'er laughed.


"14th Brother! This is where the people in the fairy class love to gather." Lin Jin'er took Zhao Yuande to a huge auction site.

Zhao Yuande looked at the name of the auction house and couldn't help smiling, Wantong free auction!

The Wantong Chamber of Commerce really does some tricks. In order to attract customers, it attracts talented seeds from the Xianban and deliberately opens up a large space for everyone to take out the treasures they dont need, which can be exchanged or auctioned.

Zhao Yuande and Lin Jin'er randomly found a few corners of the people to sit down, and immediately a person from the Wantong Chamber of Commerce came up and presented exquisite refreshments.

"It's really good here!" Zhao Yuande dropped a small bag of top grade Lingyu for the refreshment boy.

"Master, Miss! Do you want to participate in the auction? I'm very familiar here, or you can tell me if you are missing something. If someone takes it out, I will notify the two of you as soon as possible." Laughing became a meniscus and was more polite to them.

"Well, I would like to receive a copy of the exercises to cultivate the Avenue of Life. If you have any, you can come and notify me!" Zhao Yuande thought for a moment and said this requirement.

His current identity has a rare realm of life, but he has no matching skills and cannot exert his most powerful advantages and combat power.

As for combat, he intends to use the celestial fingers. During this period of practice, he already has his own experience and feels that he can use it for combat.

However, Jing Zhongyue could not be revealed until the critical moment. He planned to wear the combat armor personally during the battle of the eternal tower. Zaohuaquan is Zhao Yuandes signature trick, and he cannot use it. As for one gasification and three cleansing, it also belongs to the final hole card, which can't be used until a last resort.

As for weapons, he could temporarily use the chaotic sky seal. Zhao Yuande did not use the chaotic sky seal very often, and the spiritual treasures like the Da Yin are also extensive and would not arouse suspicion.

So all he can usually use now is the cut-off finger, chaos, and the moves are somewhat lacking.

"By the way, if there is any classic magical mystery, you can also come to inform me!" Zhao Yuande added, "If you can help me find these things, I still have a reward. Jiner you? Is there anything needed? "

"No!" Lin Jin'er shook his head.

"That line, you go!" Zhao Yuande waved at the joyful teenager.

"Master, just wait for my good news!" The boy ran away with joy, leaving behind a series of laughter.

"Sixteenth brother, if I pass the Dao Sect's exercises to you, it should be very helpful to you." Lin Jin'er said, "I don't plan to return to the Dao Sect anyway, regardless of their rules. ."

"Alright!" Zhao Yuande nodded and smiled, "Void Dao Zong has a deep research on the Void Avenue. If you study the understanding of the Void Avenue, it is very helpful. But I can't let you suffer, I will teach you the undead body. Practice method, but this kind of exercise must not be circulated! Even if it is dead, it cannot be revealed!"

"Well!" Lin Jin'er nodded vigorously, but she saw the strength of the undead body, and Zhao Yuande could heal instantly no matter how many injuries he suffered.

"Don't practice after the undead body, it will really not die! The difference is so far, the undead body needs strong blood to support, so your blood sea should be expanded again, your blood must be purified again, remember These cultivation methods..." Zhao Yuande not only passed on her undead body, but also passed on the extreme realm of the various levels of practice on that golden paper.

Lin Jin'er is like a treasure, although she is not as good as Zhao Yuande, but it is also a real genius, otherwise it will not be valued by Xu Daozong.

In particular, her hole-eye is very helpful to cultivation, which allows her to discover many deficiencies in cultivation, and she has gone further.

After the two exchanged the exercises, both of them began to practice silently.

There were few people in the corner where they were, and no one bothered them.

"Master! Master!" Knowing how long it had passed, Zhao Yuande felt that someone was approaching himself and opened his eyes to see that boy.

"Why, there is news?" Zhao Yuande smiled as he watched the teenager running sweaty.

"Well! Someone in Hall 3 sold a copy of the exercise method, which is to cultivate the realm of life. It looks like it was handed down from the ancients. The pages are all metal, and I can't understand any of the text above." The teenager probably described a bit.

Zhao Yuande was immediately interested, and it was at this time that Lin Jiner also woke up from the cultivation, and the two went to Hall 3 under the leadership of the teenager.

They are located in Hall 9, which is really far away from Hall 3. No hall is thousands of feet in size, and there are not only young handsomes in the Xian class, but also some merchants or cultivators who hold treasures in their hands. I also expect to sell my treasures here for a high price.

After a long walk of tea, they came to Hall 3.

"It's there! The man hasn't left yet." The teenager pointed to a corner, his face showing excitement.

"Let's go and see!" Zhao Yuandela held Lin Jin'er and quickly came to this corner.

Holding a book of exercises is a young man with white hair. His skin is fair and his temperament is biased toward femininity, but his cultivation practice is indeed very strong, but he was a strong man in the early days of the emperor.

In front of the white-haired youth, three people had gathered at this time. They seemed to be very interested in the book of exercises in the hands of the white-haired youth and were bargaining.

"This Xiongtai, can you show me this exercise first?" Zhao Yuande came near and nodded and smiled.

"Yes!" The white-haired man handed the book to Zhao Yuande at will.

Zhao Yuande took over the book, and suddenly felt that there was a strong life force in the book, and he couldn't help but be happy.

He did not use appraisal techniques to appraise, he wanted to see his own vision, can see the extraordinary of this book of exercises.

The book didn't know what metal it was made of, and it started to sink. The entire cover seemed to be a blue ocean, but there was no word. The back of the book seemed to have been torn off a few pages, and the cover behind the face was gone.

He tried to turn the pages of the book, and suddenly felt a wave of life energy rippling.