Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 796

Chapter 796: Exchange

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"Only the first two pages can be seen!" The white-haired youth bargained with the three men while instructing Zhao Yuande.

"Got it!" Zhao Yuande nodded.

This is a rule, otherwise you can read a few more pages and learn the exercises, what else do they sell.

The first page still has no words, just a picture, amidst the magnificent ocean, a giant tree branch with luxuriant leaves!

Zhao Yuande is happy, isn't this exactly the same as in his blood?

The undead tree grows and grows in the sea of blood, almost covering the whole sea of blood.

His heartbeat is so strong, he feels that this book is definitely destined to himself, and he must buy it anyway.

He turned back the second page with excitement and found that there were curved text on it, but he couldn't understand it.

Can't understand? Zhao Yuande is really a bit strange. In the last life, he was a powerful emperor. In order to visit the ruins, he spent a lot of time to learn various characters.

Although he didn't know these words, he could feel a avenue flowing between the lines in the words, as if he was exposing a supreme heavenly way.

"Nameless exercises, from the **** of ancient life, broken..."

Zhao Yuande's appraisal technique immediately determined the value of this book in his heart.

This is not a kind of congenital gods and devil's exercises, but a book of congenital gods! Its high value is difficult to measure.

"I want this book! What price do I need?" Zhao Yuande returned the book to Baifa Youth first.

"I want to change a congenital treasure!" Bai Baiqing said this, and he seemed to feel that the demand was too high. He then added, "Although I can't understand this exercise, and the last few pages are missing, However, the identification of Wantong Baolou is at least based on the belief that the innate gods and devil's exercises."

"I said Weng Tian, you really are a big lion, the innate treasure is a rare encounter! It's a copy of the innate **** magic technique, and it's still a broken copy. It's good to be able to change to a congenital spirit treasure!" A bargaining young man next to him, wearing a golden armor and a strong eyebrow between the eyebrows, although the white-haired young man did not want to hear what he said, the people watching around him nodded and said yes.

"No! A congenital spirit treasure will definitely not work!" The white-haired youth shook his head vigorously. This was brought by my grandfather from an ancient ruin. My grandfather almost fell into it for this book. And one of the insides became a sycamore tree of the emperor, chased my grandfather for tens of thousands of miles, and finally torn off the last few pages of this book! This Emperor Sycamore is an old antique that existed when the world first opened. It lives in that ruin and has grown up. I dont know how many tens of millions of years, even if it drops a branch, it can be made into a Xian sky. Ling, can such a thing that an emperor values, be worse?

"These are your own stories, who knows whether they are true or false! I will produce a defensive innate spirit treasure, a hundred thousand yuan unit, and trade immediately if you can." Jinjia Youth's final hammer price.

"Not for sale!" White-haired youth Weng Tian shook his head.

"Brother Weng, I have two innate spirit treasures, one defense and one attack. If you think the price is okay, you can change it!" The other person is a teenager, with thick eyebrows and big eyes, with a red body and a strong body. At first glance, the man thought of the barbarian. He seemed to know this white-haired young man and bid for two innate spirit treasures.

"Feng Manzi, it's not that I'm unreasonable. Your price is indeed low. If I change it with you, my grandfather won't take apart my bones. No, no!" White-haired youth still shook his head.

"Brother Weng, I really like this exercise. Its not enough that I dont have any innate treasures. How about I give you three innate spirit treasures? What do you think?" The last person was a gentle-looking scholar who spoke very gently. It makes people feel very close.

The white-haired young man obviously has some intentions, and he needs an innate treasure very much.

Because he fancyd a magic pill, the other party bid for something innate or equivalent.

The thing he just said was not made up. His grandfather was hit hard by the dancing tree among the ancient ruins, and finally escaped.

These years of cultivation have suppressed the injury, but the Sycamore tree is proficient in a curse, but it can't be solved anyway. His grandfather is breaking through. If this curse is not lifted, I am afraid that he will die on the way to advanced.

This magic pill is his grandfather's hope of recovery, and he must not let it go.

But congenital treasures are too scarce, and he has no ambition at all to really get one in exchange for something of similar value.

The price of this elegant book is the highest, which makes him a little moved.

"Why don't you add more!" The white-haired youth looked at the elegant scholar.

Scholars with a happy face, but shook their heads and said: "This is my limit, don't even change!

Zhao Yuande saw on the side that the elegant scholar and the young man of Jinjia, the young man of the sturdy and barbarian group, were very obscure in eye contact.

He took a step forward and smiled at the white-haired youth: "You don't have to think about it, I want something! Five innate spirit treasures. But you still have to tell me where the ancient ruins are."

Zhao Yuande spread his hands, two swords, an armor, a sledgehammer, and a wooden hairpin, all shining brilliantly, innate flow.

These are some wedding gifts for his big wedding, and he is not too outstanding. He put his brain on his body. He originally planned to give the Tianyi Chamber of Commerce to let them have an auction, which is just right now.

"Ah! Yes, I'll exchange with you!" The white-haired young man handed the book to Zhao Yuande excitedly, as if afraid of Zhao Yuande's repentance, he said, "The thing is already yours, let's not regret it!"

"The ancient ruins are in the real phoenix domain, the real phoenix world, and the phoenix blood mountain!" The white-haired youth brought this piece of information into Zhao Yuande's sea of knowledge.

The white-haired youth stuffed five pieces of the innate spirit treasure into his storage space, crowded the crowd and ran in one direction.

Zhao Yuande put away the book with satisfaction.

"Sixteenth brother, is this book really worth so much?" Lin Jiner felt a bit of pain when he looked at it!

"It's worth, it's worth it!" Zhao Yuande's face was full of joy, and he gently turned the book in his hand, and the more he looked, the more happy he was.

"My friend, we are the first to see this exercise!" There was a voice from the diagonal thorn, the voice was cold, "You are not doing well!"

Just now, the scholars, young barbarians, and Jinjia youth came to Zhao Yuande and looked at them with bad eyes.

He was still a scholar of scholarship, but at this time his face was no longer gentle, but rather indifferent, and his eyes were full of anger.