Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 797

Chapter 797: You Are Arrogant

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"Who told you to bid lower than me, it's okay to pit people together, but don't think everyone is a fool." Zhao Yuande gave them a few glances. "This is the site of the Wantong Chamber of Commerce. Do you dare to grab it?"

"Okay! You are fine! The three of us are from the Alliance of the Realms. The boy will not let us run into it again!" The young barbarian let go of the ruthlessly.

"Okay, don't be verbose with him, let him know our powers sooner or later!" Jin Jiaqing snorted coldly, all in his words threatening.

"14th Brother, they..." Lin Jin'er looked at Zhao Yuande with some worry.

"Although these three are very high-cultivated, but their combat effectiveness is sparse and ordinary, if they dare to come to me for trouble, I can't even recognize his mother." Zhao Yuande smiled slightly.

"Also, I worry about what you do, I should worry about them!" Lin Jin'er remembered this, the brother in front of him, but even the Divine Emperor dared to resist.

"Let's go! Go shopping again!" Zhao Yuande pointed to the lively and small auction in front of him. "Do you remember when you bought that painting..."


The two said with a smile, they approached the auction and watched the treasures being auctioned. Although they didn't have what they needed, they both watched with relish.

"Come here!" Zhao Yuande suddenly saw not far away, the boy was looking around for something, and quickly waved to him.

"Master! Was the exercise just completed?" The teenager saw Zhao Yuande and ran over with a smile on his face.

"It's a deal! This is for you." Zhao Yuande lost a storage ring.

The teenager took it hurriedly, and after watching it, he suddenly looked ecstatic, and he thanked Zhao Yuande again and again.

"Okay! This is what you deserve! Go busy!" Zhao Yuande waved to the teenager.

"Yes!" The teenager ran away in excitement.

However, the teenager who just ran away came back again and came to Zhao Yuande in a pant. He lowered his voice and said, "Son, be careful when you go out. The three of you are just a group. They may be against you! "

"Got it!" Zhao Yuande nodded with a smile.

The teenager ran away quickly.

Lin Jin'er looked at the young man's back and nodded, "This young man is kind of conscience!"

"Let's go over there again!" Zhao Yuande smiled lightly, pointing to the rows of stalls in front.

"I don't know if I can pick up some leaks today." Lin Jin'er's face appeared expectant. The last time she was on the square of Wanjie City, she saw a big leak with her hollow eyes, and opened a black stone alive. Become innate gold.

"It's a matter of chance! There are not many leaks, you have to have the chance to touch them."


The two chatted while walking, and soon came to the rows of stalls.

"It's all acquaintances!" Lin Jin'er saw many familiar faces here, all seen in the central square.

Many people saw Lin Jin'er, his eyes lit up.

Last time, they all saw Zhao Yuande beside the girl killing the Quartet, and even killed a **** emperor alive. In the end, even Master Zhengyi, a supernatural person who was supernatural, was beaten to death because of this girl. !

"This lady, you are here again!" Some of them greeted her passionately, "Would you like to come to my stall to see, I am not like the dwarf melon, the business is exquisite and faithful!"

"Uncle, you have nothing good in your booth." Lin Jiner glanced at the booth in front of this man and waved his hand apologetically.

"Hah!" The stall owner was embarrassed.

The scene laughed.

They had been here for a long time, and they didn't see a favorite thing, so they walked out of the booth.

"Jin'er, let's go for a walk! Go and see the fairy palace. I just went in once when I signed up." Zhao Yuande was bored and offered to leave.

"OK! Everything listens to the eleventh brother!" Lin Jin'er nodded. "Actually, I only went in once, but just turned around. I was in a bad mood at the time, so I didn't look carefully."

But as soon as they walked out of the Wantong free auction, they saw three people sneering at them not far away.

"14th Brother, it's them." Lin Jin'er's face could not help changing.

"It's okay, it's just chickens and dogs. If they dare to start, hehe..." Zhao Yuande laughed for a while.

"The mothers who hit them didn't recognize them!" Lin Jin'er hurriedly added to Zhao Yuande.


Zhao Yuande didn't even wait for the three people to come to the door, and walked straight towards them.

"Boy, very courageous! Come on! Let's take a trip with us!" The youth of Jinjia exudes momentum, and the powerful world power is actually a powerful person in the later stage of the world.

It is absolutely extraordinary to be able to cultivate to this point at this age.

"Why should I go with you? Are we familiar?" Zhao Yuande stood with his chest on his chest, as if he didn't feel the power of the powerful world.

"No wonder it's so calm, it still has some skills, but in front of our three brothers, it's still a little worse!" The momentum of Jin Jia youth soared again, and the whole person seemed to be a golden **** of war, standing in front of Zhao Yuande.

"Not enough! Not enough!" Zhao Yuande shook his head and sighed, it is simply not enough for you to cultivate!

His body was full of vigorous life energy on Monday, and a square of dozens of feet was squared, and a green grass was drilled in the stone joints. The grass grew madly, and a green ocean formed in an instant.

The black shadows in the green ocean are dancing, as if all the lurking viper snakes will rush out and hurt people at any time.

Everyone around felt only that the whole body was chilling, as if being stared at by a fierce beast.

Suddenly someone exclaimed!

"The realm of life! This person turned out to be the rarest realm of life!"

"This person can be handed in, at least at the moment of crisis can save lives!"

"For thousands of years in my life, I have heard of three cultivators who have the realm of life, one has soared into the fairy world, and the other is in the Pantheon. I heard that it is already the deputy hall master of the Temple of Life. I don't know this What step can people achieve in their final achievement?"

"But I heard that the realm of life is not suitable for combat, but this man's combat power is a bit scary!"

"This person's realm of life may have mutated..."


Jin Jia Youth's face was a little unsightly, his body backed off again and again, he had wanted to give the other party a horse, but he didn't expect to lose ugliness first.

"You're so arrogant! Don't think that there is anything great in the realm of life!" The young barbarian, with a flick of his body, stood side by side with Jinjia Youth.

Behind him appeared a ghost image of a wild beast. This wild beast was a hydra, nine huge heads breathed out the breath of nine colors. The sea fell, and the black shadows disappeared all at once.