Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 798

Chapter 798: Get Out

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At this time, even Zhao Yuande felt a burst of pressure. The body couldn't help but take a step back. The two of them were able to force themselves back together.

Although he used only 50% of his power, it was shocking enough. It seemed that he couldn't underestimate the world.

"This is...nine-headed dragon..."

"Really incredible, the legendary nine-headed dragon is a thing in the fairy realm, is this young barbarian a person in the fairy realm? Otherwise, how can he condense the nine-headed dragon's appearance."

"Huh! It's a lively look at this time. I don't know what kind of genius will appear this time."

"Did you see it just now? In fact, the scholar who looks elegant and light is the leader of these three people. I don't know what kind of special constitution he is?"

"You are all wrong, you don't necessarily need a special physique to achieve the avenue. Many powerful existences are counted. They are not special physiques. Take the most legendary Spirit Emperor, he is not a special physique. Invincible, now is the fairy emperor above!"

"There is also the rumored sword immortal, who was laughed at because of his poor health. In the end, one person killed nine swords with one sword, and almost even the king of immortal emperor was overturned. Now he is also the supreme spirit sword immortal emperor."

"There is also the last term, that woman, although she was only a middle-upper capital before Feisheng, but after 8000 years, she is now approaching the immortal emperor, absolutely

"I don't know what kind of powerful genius characters can appear in this session. What a surprise!"

Zhao Yuande was forced to take a step back with the power of the two, and suddenly he was very convincing. The body of life energy erupted, and a towering ancient tree appeared from behind him. The ancient tree seemed to be a sky pillar. How thick, the tree head is like a canopy, covering the earth, almost covering the entire city of the whole world.

The Jinjia youth and young barbarian suddenly felt an unmatched force coming, and the two seemed to be bombarded by two giant mountains, spurting blood in their mouths, and flew back and forth.


At this moment, a figure flew out of the immortal palace, and this person glanced at the hostile parties after landing.

"Don't you know that the Forbidden City is forbidden to fight?" This is a middle-aged man with a straight and majestic body, and his eyes are scorching.

"It turned out to be Master Zhong! We just wanted to say a few words to this one, but we didn't expect him to expand his momentum and shock my two friends." Ruya scholar seemed to know this person, and came up and smiled, "Also Master Zhong, please let us decide."

"Huh?" Master Zhong looked at the elegant scholar and nodded gently to him. "It turns out to be Brother Zhang's disciple, but what you said is true?"

"It's true." Scholar scholars nodded.

Zhao Yuande didn't explain or say much, just looked at each other coldly.

"14th Brother! They seem to know each other, it doesn't matter!" Lin Jin'er was anxious.

"It's okay, everything is in one word, I don't believe they will reverse the black and white, confuse right and wrong." Zhao Yuande said.

In fact, he didn't say anything, even if you reversed black and white, I would beat you back to me.

"Who are you?" Master Zhong's face did not move, just looked at Zhao Yuande and Lin Jin'er.

But soon his eyes were a little hot, because he discovered that the young man in front of him turned out to be a rare realm of life.

With this kind of cultivation as a strong man who can fly two worlds, this child's talent is absolutely terrifying, maybe he can enter the top 100 among the disciples of Xianban!

If you can be drawn into your own family, you are a great achievement!

Thinking of this, the face of Master Zhong changed suddenly and became a little gentle.

"I am also a disciple of the Xian class." Zhao Yuande could not help seeing a change in his face, he could not help but have some understanding in his heart.

"How many classes are you in?" Master Zhong didn't mention the thing he just started, but laughed, "I am responsible for receiving things, why haven't I seen you! But the girl next to you seems to be a disciple of the Dao Dao Zong , Was assigned to the seventh class."

"Have seen seniors!" Lin Jin'er saw the other party knowing himself and hurried over to salute.

Master Zhong waved his hand, indicating that it was not necessary to be polite.

"I am a special recruit." Zhao Yuande smiled. Since the other party's smiling face greeted him, he naturally would not give others a cold face.

"No wonder! No wonder!" Master Zhong's obvious body trembled when he heard the words of special recruit class.

Special recruiting class requires an invitation letter to enter.

Only superpowers with a huge power background will receive invitations, such as the Wantong Chamber of Commerce in the beginning, such superpowers as one of the best are eligible to be sent invitations.

Another situation is that the super powers will issue invitation letters to them appropriately. Although they may not necessarily send disciples to come, they will also fall into the hands of those super powers.

Being able to develop a good relationship with these super powers has a great effect on attracting many lower realms.

The young man in front of him could hold an invitation letter, either a heir of a superpower, or a close person next to a superpower.

Although Zhong Chaotian was a strong man in the early days of the Divine Emperor, he was esteemed by the big figures of the Wanjie City. He could ignore the great forces such as the Dao Dao Sect, but he did not dare to offend those who held the invitation letter.

"Master Zhong, is there anything else?" Zhao Yuande saw the other party's changing expressions, and already guessed in his mind that he was afraid of the forces behind him.

"Oh... It's okay! Oh, I haven't asked my son's name yet! In the next Zhongchaotian, an ordinary elder in charge of trivia in Wanjie City, please ask my son not to be polite if you need something." Zhong Chaotian's posture was very low.

"It turned out that I was looking for Elder Zhong, Zhao XIV." Zhao Yuande arched his hands and smiled. "Elder Zhong is assured, I will trouble Elder Zhong if something happens."

"Young Master Zhao walks slowly!" Zhong Chaotian waved at Zhao Yuande.

"Master Zhong..." The scholars on the side were embarrassed at this time. They wanted to complain to Master Zhong, but when Master Zhong knew the identity of the other party, he almost became the dog's leg.

"Okay! Don't say more, don't provoke this person!" Zhong Chaotian glanced at the elegant scholar, and said coldly, "If it weren't for my hypocrisy with your master, I wouldn't bother to say the following words! You are my I dont know the little tricks you play outside. Im just too lazy to control it, but I dont want to bother to control it. If I get caught up next time, dont blame me for not telling you in advance."

"But..." Ruya scholars looked ugly, but they could only shake their heads helplessly.

"Shut up, let's go!" Zhong Chaotian waved his hand at will. The three of them felt a violent attack. The three flew out involuntarily, and a house collapsed not far from the collision.

Zhong Chaotian sneered and turned away, leaving only three people with angry faces.