Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 799

Chapter 799: Visit

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Seeing the embarrassment of the three, many people suddenly laughed all around.

"Hey! It's really bad retribution, and I want to find trouble with others, but in the end it's disgraceful."

"What's it called, lifted a stone and hit my own foot?"

"Be yourself!"

"Leave, there is no more fun to watch!"


"Brother! What should we do? Do we have to swallow so much?" Zhao Yuande, a young barbarian, gritted his teeth, and gradually lost his figure not far away, said fiercely, "Is there no way at all?"

"I don't think it's a good idea. This person's cultivation is strong. I'm afraid it's no less than my brother in Lingbaodongtian, and there is this huge force behind me. If we continue, I'm afraid we won't get any benefits." There was no love in his face. Although he was not reconciled, he knew what was going on.

"No! I can't do that at this time. I went to Brother Liu, I believe he will have a way." Scholar scholars are still a little bit elegant and gritted their teeth.

"Brother Liu? Isn't that the brother of the Allied Realm? If I look for him, I will be relieved!" Jin Jiaqing suddenly heard Brother Liu's three words, and his eyes lit up.

"But Brother Liu didn't have any friendship with us, except that we promised to help him find... that's right!" The young barbarian's face suddenly lighted up, "As long as we... hehe!"


Zhao Yuande and the two had entered the gate of the immortal palace at this time.

As soon as he stepped into the immortal palace, he suddenly felt as if he had entered a vast small world. Inside the palace seats, there were continuous high above the sky. The most important thing was that there was a blazing sun in the sky. The bright red sun sprinkled down, making people feel a refreshing body.

"Every time I walked into the Immortal Hall, I thought I came to the Immortal Realm. The gate seemed to be a door to the void, so that we could come directly across the realm." Lin Jin'er breathed intoxicatedly with that immortal spirit gas.

"I'm afraid it was imitated here according to the environment of the fairy world. The red sun seems to be a broken void wormhole, and the other end is connected to somewhere in the fairy world, so only a thin fairy spirit will leak out." Zhao Yuande Is a thorough look.

"The two are disciples of the Xianban?" Just now, not far away, someone came by and stopped them.

"Exactly!" Zhao Yuande nodded.

"Please show your tokens." The person is a handsome young man, but his body is full of vigor, and he looks very extraordinary. He looked at the two people's faces full of official business.

Both of them presented their tokens, and the other nodded after careful investigation.

"You know the rules of the Immortal Hall! Don't violate it, otherwise you will be expelled no matter what your status is, and you will lose the qualification of the Immortal Class forever!" The youth looked at the two and continued, "I will remind you Come again! First, you must not enter those spirit mountains, second, you must not enter the palace at will, third, you must not fight at will, and fourth, you must not fly!"

"Thank you!" Zhao Yuande thanked by arching his fists.

"The duty lies, I hope you don't make mistakes." The young man didn't talk much to them, turned around a few flashes and disappeared into the distance, the palace.

"Hey! There are so many rules. In fact, I really want to go to the Lingshan Mountain. The spirit of the fairy spirits on the mountain, and when the light flashes from time to time, there must be something amazing." Lin Jiner pointed to the distance Mountain peak, longing appeared on his face.

"There is no way. Now the Immortal Hall is not completely open to us. We can only watch it from a distance, and the stay time is short, and we will be kicked out soon." Zhao Yuande was also helpless. Just before entering the hall, someone reminded You can only stay in the immortal hall for half an hour, and each person has only this opportunity. Only when the immortal class is really opened, everything in it will be open to the disciples of the immortal class.

This is only a small welfare for their disciples, so that they can see the magnificent scenery and rich fairy spirit in the current store, making them look forward to the next screening of fairy world seeds.

"Brother Liu, this is the case. The suspected ancient gods' skill was taken away by the kid, and he also took out the special recruit class to scare us!" In front of a cold man, there was a trace of resentment on his face.

"Can you be sure of the authenticity of the exercise?" The cold young man whispered secretly to the executive. If the other party really got a copy of the ancient divine exercise, there are so many twists and turns, he can indeed come forward.

However, if the three people deliberately distorted the facts, and the exercise method could not be determined, he would not take the risk of offending a special recruit, but did it.

"The material of that book is very special, and there is still a strong life energy rippling, and it is painted with very esoteric patterns, a giant tree stands in a vast ocean, and more importantly, those words are suspected. It is circulated from the distant outer world." The scholars of Ruya mentioned that the power of the book, and suddenly looked dignified.

"Really?" The cold young man's face looked sullen. If this was the case, it was necessary for this book to compete!

"It must be true! I have seen a collection of miscellaneous notes by my master. This kind of text is described above. It seems that it was created by an innate **** called the **** of life. Each text contains a trace of heaven and heaven. Power! And it is said that these ancient gods all came from the mysterious extraterrestrial world."

"That's the case, then you can make a big contribution!" The cold young man, with a look of surprise on his face, "I will go and pass this matter to that person immediately, if he nods, no matter what the other party's identity is, Spit it out obediently."

"Brother Liu also asked us to say a few good things to us in front of that man!" Ruya scholar heard the cold young man say that man, and his face suddenly showed a look of great expectation.

"It's easy to say! It's easy to say! You are here to wait! Maybe you will be needed in a while."

Zhao Yuande and the two had already visited the Immortal Temple at this time. Although the intentions were still unsatisfactory, but the time had come, they were rushed out ruthlessly.

"I really look forward to the day when the Xian class opens. I must practice well and strive to become an immortal!" Lin Jin waved his fist, his face showing perseverance.

Zhao Yuande was completely relieved to see her in this state, and was able to walk out of the shadow of the death of the master and the betrayal of Zongmen, indicating that Lin Jin'er had grown a big step.

"14th brother, where are we going now?" Lin Jin'er looked at Zhao Yuande and asked what he meant.

"Go over there and see."