Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Contaminated Ore

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The black mist in the box was rolling, and the milky ores in the mist shone with a magic red awn, and on these ores, a little blood was scattered.

His soul had just penetrated, and there was a sudden burst of red light on the milky ore, a fang with fangs, and a strange snake with a horn on his forehead rushed out of the black mist, and his mouth sprayed a purple towards him flame!

A strong sense of crisis is coming, he can clearly feel the power of the purple flame, as long as the soul is contaminated by it, it will suddenly disappear.

Zhao Yuande's face changed drastically, and he directly withdrew his soul. During this short period of time, he was sweating all over his body.

"This is the archaic purple flame **** python..." Zhao Yuande's pupil shrank, and he remembered a big chaos that occurred in Zhongyu in the previous life. "This big chaos should only happen three years later. Is it because I have to appear earlier?"

Seeing Jiang Tianyue and Mo Feng rushing over, his footsteps to leave suddenly stopped and walked towards them.

"Jiang Lie, what happened?" The elder of Zhenyang Baolou was a red-faced old man. He strode up and asked the cultivator.

"Elder, there has been a change in the mining area, the **** ore was dug out, and all the mining workers were dead!" The cultivator named Jiang Lie saw the red-faced old man and hurriedly stood up to salute.

"What's in it?" The old man with a red face pointed at the box, his face puzzled.

"Ah!" Mo Feng, who was standing beside Jiang Tianyue, suddenly covered his head and wailed with pain. The corner of his mouth overflowed with black blood, and the whole person fell to the ground all at once.

"Senior Ink!" Jiang Tianyue expressed consternation in her beautiful eyes. She didn't understand why a strong man in a yin and yang environment would appear such strange things one after another.

Only Zhao Yuande knew that only Mo Feng at the scene reached the yin and yang unity, and he had a soul that could rush out to know the sea at will, and only he would be curious to use the spirit to pry into the box. He must have been hurt by the purple flame Soul.

"Don't move him first, this is the soul damage, give him a few Qingling Pills first!" Zhao Yuande stopped a few people who wanted to help, went up to check, "Fortunately, it was not badly hurt, Just rest for a while!"

There is naturally such a panacea for repairing consciousness in Zhenyang Baolou. Someone took a few and gave it to him, so Mo Feng's face looked good.

The crowd refocused on the box.

"Back to the elder, there are some **** ores in it, please check with the elders." Jiang Lie stepped forward and opened the box.

At the moment when the box was opened, Zhao Yuande's heart lifted up suddenly, and his footsteps moved quietly towards the red-faced old man. In case something terrible rushed out inside, the strong man could resist for a while.

But the box was opened, and everyone saw only some ore lying quietly, and the blood on the ore was a little bit red.

Seeing that the box was opened, there was no abnormality in it, and Zhao Yuande let out a breath.

Jiang Tianyue gave him a weird look, and vaguely felt that the teenager in front of him seemed to know something, but this kind of thought was fleeting. As a special envoy to Zhenyang Baolou this time, she had to come up and check with the red-faced old man Explore.

Zhao Yuande also stepped forward, quietly squeezed his fingers and pointed at one of the ores.

"The contaminated ore contains a drop of sperm blood from "Purple Flame God Python", which can help open up the sea of blood, condense the fetus, match the recipe "God Blood Soup", open up the sea of blood, list of ingredients..."

"This... this is going to be against the sky!" Zhao Yuande's heart thumped. If there is blood of Ziyan God Python in these ores, then he must be developed!

After being excited, he still had a headache. Each of the supplements in the ingredients list is a third-level elixir, which is not what he can do now.

When his appraisal technique was directed at other ores, he discovered that they did not contain the essence and blood.

Zhao Yuande watched everyone scrutinize these ores carefully, and also got together.

Seeing that the ore sealed with fine blood was unnoticed, he pretended to be curious and grabbed the ore in his hand from the box and played with it casually.

After watching it for a long time, everyone could not see what was special about the ore, so they lifted the blockade and reopened the business.

"Miss, do you want to tell the family about this?" The red-faced old man asked Jiang Tianyue's opinion.

"No! I will personally go to the mine to check, if there is no clue, it is not too late!" Jiang Tianyue less thought, made a decision.

The people above sent her down to inspect, in addition to wanting to exercise her, there are also reasons to observe her ability.

If she can accomplish one or two big things beautifully, she will definitely pay more attention to it.

But what made her a headache was that Mo Feng was hurt by the soul. I am afraid that he could not recover for some time, so he could not accompany himself to the mine.

"Miss Jiang, I think there is a hint of spirituality in this stone, maybe it is useful for me to make alchemy..." Zhao Yuande grabbed the stone in his hand and turned it up and down, seeming to be very interested.

"Brother Zhao took it." Jiang Tianyue sent a favor to Shun Shui, she was afraid that the other party would not ask for it. The heavier the relationship, the better.

A person who is very likely to grow into the existence of Dan Di, who does not want to send.

Although this thing is nothing to Jiang Tianyue, it means a lot to Zhao Yuande.

With his refined blood, he can open up an endless sea of blood, which is the foundation for his future achievements as a **** emperor.

"Thanks!" Zhao Yuande bowed his hand, did not say much, and turned to go.

"I send Brother Zhao!" Jiang Tianyue came to Zhao Yuande with a lot of money, and her eyes showed a charming style.

The two had just walked to the entrance of the Bao Building in Zhenyang, and there were three on their face.

Zhao Yuande saw one of them at a glance, his eyes narrowed.

It turned out to be Chen Tianchao, at this time he was following a tall and dignified middle-aged man, diligently introducing the situation of Zhenyang Baolou.

The middle-aged man is tall and tall, and his blood is as strong as a wild dragon. It seems that the earth is trembling slightly while walking.

Beside the middle-aged man, a fifteen or sixteen-year-old boy with a proud head, as if a prince came to the country, was full of contempt for everything around him.

The middle-aged man saw Zhao Yuande walking out of the Zhenyang Baolou, and his eyes lit up. He was very optimistic about Zhao Yuande, and he had long regarded him as an internal disciple of Huo Yunzong.

But when the teenager saw Jiang Tianyue walking side by side with Zhao Yuande, his eyes suddenly lighted up.

The contempt in the eyes disappeared, replaced by eagerness!

"Miss Jiang, I finally saw you again, and I said that the two of us are destined!" He stepped forward to Jiang Tianyue, his face flushed with excitement.

"It turned out to be Brother Wei Chi." Jiang Tianyue nodded faintly to the teenager, and there was a hint of disgust in his eyes.

Zhao Yuande subconsciously manipulated his fingertips, first facing Chen Tianchao a little.

"Chen Tianchao, son of Chen Dongfu, general left of Tianhuo City, in the later stage of blood and sea, the body of water spirits... low-grade ingredients, no matching recipes."

It turned out to be a body of water spirits, no wonder that the cultivation speed is slightly faster than ordinary people, but in the later period this physique is of little use, and it is not a genius at all.

He went to the arrogant boy again.

"Wei Chi Yunlong, the grandson of Huoyun Sect, late blood and sea, the body of Yuanling... low-grade ingredients, no matching recipes."

Yuan Ling's body and Water Spirit's body are not much different. They are the most common special physiques. Although they are regarded as geniuses in small schools, they are no different from ordinary people in real power.

This is a slightly talented boy who has been cultivated with elixir! This is the conclusion Zhao Yuande gave him.

Such young people tend to be impetuous and empty-eyed, but soon everyone will be surprised.

For the middle-aged man, Zhao Yuande ignored it intentionally or unintentionally. He felt that the other party seemed to be more powerful by Mo Feng. Peeping at the other party would probably arouse the other party's disgust. Mo Feng's lesson is just in sight.

Zhao Yuande's eyes were finally placed on Chen Tianchao's body. He hated this person very much, but Xiu Wei was not the opponent of the other party, so he could only be forbearing temporarily, as long as he successfully opened up an endless blood sea and wanted to die The other party is not easy.

Soon he turned his gaze back and waved to Jiang Tianyue: "Miss Jiang, I still have to leave in advance!"

"Brother Zhao walks slowly!" Jiang Tianyue faced Zhao Yuande with a lot of enthusiasm and a smile on his face.

Seeing this scene, Wei Chi Yunlong suddenly pulled down a face. He stared at Zhao Yuande. Why did the woman he saw ignored him, but instead greeted the boy with a smiley face.

An unnamed fire burst into his mind.

He stretched out his hand and shot it against Zhao Yuande's chest. He put all his effort into this palm, just want to shoot Zhao Yuande to death!