Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 80

Chapter 80: Pharmacy And Distribution

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Soon they saw a cloud of medicine garden, a clear fragrance of the elixir came out of it, so that everyone could not help but relax.

It's a pity that this medicine garden doesn't seem to have a gate, and no matter how they search, they can't find a way to enter.

Everyone started to want to break it violently, but they tried it many times, and there was a strong prohibition around the drug garden. With their current strength, they couldn't break this prohibition.

"Look here!" Jiang Tianyue had clues from the family, and soon found a square altar in one direction, with three grooves on it, and the name of an immortality written under each groove.

"Azure Pill, True Pill Pill, Blood Boil Pill! These three types of pill are all spirit-level pill." Jiang Tianyue turned his attention to Zhao Yuande and asked, "Brother Zhao is sure!"

"No problem! Let me give the collected elixir to me!" Zhao Yuande nodded confidently, as long as it is a panacea under the Saint level, it is not difficult for him.

He is now a cultivator of the blood-sea **** fetal realm, the blood sea is infinite, the spiritual power is naturally endless, and he also has certain confidence in refining the holy medicine.

Black Bear and Yi Jie stepped forward to collect all the elixir of everyone, sort them according to his requirements, and handle all kinds of simple things.

He took out an ordinary panacea, and under the control of the familiar road, it took less than three hours to refine the three panacea.

When he handed the Elixir to Jiang Tianyue's hands, the dignified color appeared on everyone's face.

Ordinary people can achieve a 30% success rate in alchemy, and their refining time is very long. The dynamic is that they can continuously regenerate the three furnaces in three or five days or even ten days and eight days. They Never seen before!

In particular, Jiang Tianyue's eyes showed a strange light, and the heart she wanted to win over Zhao Yuande was even more heated!

Although the other party is a chaotic sacred body that cannot be promoted to a higher level, but at the end he is at least a holy pill master, and his alchemy speed is rare in the world. If it is drawn into the family, it can also add a lot of color to himself. .

However, she did not express that kind of meaning now. She also wanted to see the other party refining other immortals and wait for the secret to be negotiated.

Jiang Tianyue placed the three immortals in the grooves one by one according to the requirements. The entire altar came to life at once, a ray of light flashed through, the ban on the entire medicine garden was instantly lifted, and a door was opened for everyone.

All kinds of elixir in the medicine garden are lush, and the aura in the medicine garden is full of water.

The black bear is not too cold for these flowers and herbs, so he is not very excited, and Master Yijie does have a pair of thieves with round eyes. If Zhao Yuande did not catch him in time, he would definitely go up and grab it.

"After everyone's efforts, this first medicine garden was finally opened. Most of the elixir here has been in flames for thousands of years. Although they are all below the third order, they are worth a lot. I have six people here, so it is better to divide them into six. How is the share?" In order to show justice, Jiang Tianyue proposed this distribution method.

"Tarn didn't make any effort, why should he divide it into six?" Master Yijie was obviously unhappy, "This way is unstoppable and safe, these people just collected some ordinary elixir, and they have to take one sixth. The elixir is not fair!"

"Your servants are also qualified to talk about things here and not give me back!" Chang Yuming is a lonely man at this time. He can only rely on one side. The nature he chose is Jiang Tianyue. Seeing someone questioning Jiang Tianyue, Naturally, he has to stand up and wield his young master.

"What are you thinking of?" Master Yijie is very high-spirited. He is the peerless arrogance of the celestial monastery, and the master is the palm of the monastery, which is countless times stronger than the Changyu family.

"You... Believe it or not, I'll abolish you now!" Chang Yuming was so humiliated in front of the beautiful woman, she suddenly couldn't blame her face, and she started to move towards a ring.

"Okay! Brother Changyu, what this person said makes sense!" Jiang Tianyue did not get angry because of Master Yijie's words, but stopped Chang Yuming. "It's better to do that, brother Zhao, take half, and the other five of us share equally. . What do you think?"

Jiang Tianyue set his sights on others, and everyone else expressed no opinion.

Although these elixirs have a long period of time, their value is always limited. For these geniuses who are born in giants, this benefit is nothing.

"Cough! I want to say something!" Prince Li Tian coughed slightly and stepped forward to say, "It is better to distribute according to work in the future, whoever gives the most power will get the most things."

"I agree with Brother Li's statement!" Yin could not coldly glance at Zhao Yuande and agreed.

"Boy, your eyes are not honest, don't you believe it? Grandpa Bear picks you out and squeezes to play!" The black bear waited the most for seeing Yin and couldn't see him. He saw his eyes turned from here and suddenly started pointing at his nose. scold him.

"Okay! Brother Zhao takes care of your men." Jiang Tianyue spoke before Yin couldn't be angry, although there was some blame in the words, but the tone was a kind of conspiracy, "We haven't encountered it now. Danger, but it does not mean that there is no danger. The biggest treasure here in the family record is a mysterious altar, guarded by powerful fierce beasts. If we are not united, we will definitely return without success."

Perhaps Jiang Tianyue's words played a role, or maybe Yin couldn't be afraid of the black bear's mouth. There was no conflict between the two. After each took their own elixir, they continued to move forward.

As Zhao Yuande moved forward, the powerful spirit split a ray to classify the elixir in the space, and sent some lower-level elixir into some empty storage space.

Now there are fifteen people in the team, Jiang Tianyue, Chang Yuming and Yin can't walk in front, Yin Can always approach Jiang Tianyue intentionally or unintentionally, but the other party's attitude has always been very ambiguous.

Although Chang Yuming hated his teeth, but he thought he was not a rival that could not be yin, he could only sulky beside him.

Walking in the middle is Zhao Yuande, who is now Dan Shi, and is taken care of by everyone.

Behind them are the calm Prince Li Tian and the Yin Yang Zong Long Chengan who has been silent.

Since Yin couldn't come to the team, Long Cheng'an never spoke again, and didn't know what he was thinking in his heart at this time. When his eyes swept over Yin and couldn't help, he was full of ruthlessness.

The team soon encountered a powerful block, and a large group of piebald white tigers with wings spread over the crowd.

"Fourth-order fierce beast split-winged tiger, the wings contain a lot of wind-based spiritual power. Those with wind-based physique can increase the speed of food... low-level ingredients, matching the recipe "Flying Tiger Spirit", improve the speed of the cultivator. , A small chance to improve your understanding of the wind attribute, list of ingredients..."

Seeing the results of the appraisal, Zhao Yuande couldn't help but brighten his eyes. Although this fierce beast is only fourth-order, it has such an effect and is worth having!

"The two of you go up to help and get more of this tiger meat!" Zhao Yuande whispered to Black Bear and Yi Jie.

The two guys heard the sound, and their eyes lit up, and they roared into the battlefield excitedly.