Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 800

Chapter 800: I Was Responsible For Killing

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Zhao Yuande pointed to a lush mountain forest not far away. There was a hill in the city of Wanjie, which stretched for hundreds of miles.

Originally this hill was on the edge of Wanjie City, but after many years of development, the whole hill became a scenic line in Wanjie City. People deliberately left the hill, which also gave Wanjie City a green color.

From a bird's-eye view, you can clearly see that the shape of this hill is like a scimitar, so it is also known as Daoshan.

Coincidentally, in the other direction of Wanjie City, there is a Great Lake of Flames. This is the Great Lake where underground lava spews out stars. Numerous refining alchemy shops are located around the Great Lake of Flames. This is known as the Sea of Fire.

The sea of swords and mountains of fire is called the two wonders of the city of the world.

"There are many legends on Daoshan Mountain. Those legends are gods, but they can't help but make people want to explore. For example, some people say that there is a secret forest in Daoshan Mountain, which can be directly connected to the immortal world, the Spiritual Void Emperor who rose to the fairy world , He once met an old fairy in the mountains, got the old fairy's instructions, this spirit virtual fairy emperor sang all the way, and finally broke through the barriers of the fairy world, becoming the first success of the blockade of the fairy world, the collapse of heaven Fairy ascension, there is..." Lin Jin'er is like a few family treasures, said with a frown.

"I'm all a little bit moved! Let's go and see!" Zhao Yuande's face showed curiosity.

"It's all nonsense! Jiyang only got to that point with his own efforts. What old gods are all nonsense!" Wan Yao couldn't help talking at this time.

"Sister Sister, don't be angry, it's just rumors, which shows that he is very respected."


Soon they came to Daoshan, which is actually very small for practitioners.

"Huh?" The two were looking at the scenery of the Wanjie City at the top of the mountain. Suddenly, Zhao Yuande felt a strong momentum coming toward Daoshan, and the four figures fell in front of the two.

"It's you again, who did you find to support you this time?" Zhao Yuande glanced at the four of them. The one in the front was cold, giving a very uncomfortable feeling. The three in the back were acquaintances, scholars, and barbarians. Juvenile, youth in gold armor.

"What's your name? It's a disciple of that family?" The cold young man glanced at Zhao Yuande, and there was a sneer in the corner of his mouth. The tone of the speech was domineering. That feeling.

What kind of character is Zhao Yuande, and he hates this kind of tone and attitude most. If you are a divine emperor, its okay, at least you have the strength and the attitude to qualify.

But the cold young man who had just stepped into the emperor's realm in front of him clearly said that this kind of person Zhao Yuande could stab to death with one finger!

Such a person dare to show off his power in front of himself, pretending to be a big-tailed wolf, how could he give the other party a good look.

"Who's dog is not tied up, barking out!" Zhao Yuande didn't seem to see this cold young man, but sneered at the three people, "The three of you hurry to take me away, otherwise don't blame me for bringing the dogs together !"

The three were stunned. Although they were rampant, they also had a limit. They would look at people to serve food. In front of him, several of his identities respected. There was a huge family standing behind him. And most importantly, the three One of the envoys was his Liu family in the fairyland.

This envoy was still a generation with him, and he was one year younger than him. After meeting, they were also very face-saving and asked him to be his cousin.

Its such a great character who is called his cousin, and he is more deliberately flattered by many people, so that the vanity in his heart is constantly expanding. He feels that other practitioners are not as good as his dharma eyes at this moment. Human feeling.

He also showed his face frequently, so that many people remember him, the cousin of the fairy, this amazing identity.

A few days ago, this cousin summoned him and shot him a glorious and arduous task to search for the relics of some ancient gods.

It is said that this matter is related to a big plan in the fairyland. If he can complete it successfully, the benefits of Tianda will be waiting for him.

Of course, this was just an excuse that people found out in order to make him look for things in vain.

However, he believed, holding a feather feather as a command arrow, instructing a group of his friends to start searching in the city, and these three people are the three people he arranged for.

Unexpectedly, when he met this stunned youth, he didn't know himself, and he still insulted him so much. He felt that he was going to stand up. Otherwise, there will be many such stunned youths in the future, and his work will not be carried out well.

"You are looking for death!" The cold young man's face turned black, his teeth gritted, "The three of you put me on, and I was responsible for killing me!"

"But Brother Liu, this is Wanjie City. It is forbidden to fight. What if a strong man arrives?" Ruya Shusheng looked at the brother Liu with a sullen expression.

"Relax, I'm on top of everything!" The eyes of the cold and cold youth stared at Zhao Yuande with a cruel light.

"Okay! Just wait for Brother Liu's words!" The elegant scholar, with a greasy smile on his face, turned his head to look at Zhao Yuande, "You don't think there will be such a day!"

"It really scared me!" Zhao Yuande sneered again and again, "I have reminded you just now, since you don't listen, don't blame me for not dying."

"You're still talking! The two brothers, we beheaded him together!" The scholar's body suddenly turned into a fierce white tiger, culling towards Zhao Yuande.

"Oh! Yes, descendants of the White Tiger, you slaughtered a pot of meat today!" Zhao Yuande grinned cruelly.

"Jin'er, be careful, fearing that their dog will jump into the wall!" Zhao Yuande secretly told Lin Jin'er.

"Eleventh brother! I am also a genius, don't let me think too much, if they dare to do it, I will let them taste the power of the hollow eyes!" Lin Jiner quietly gathered his forehead's hair.

"Okay! This is my sister Jin'er! To be honest, I'm really looking forward to..."

The huge white tiger passed by, and the terrible fierce anger instantly enveloped the entire space. Lin Jin'er hurriedly retreated and withdrew hundreds of feet away, and then stood still, and there was a trace of shock on his face.

The barbarian youth did not show the Nine-headed Dragon phantom this time, but went into close combat, his body expanded into a giant of tens of feet, and he punched him towards Zhao Yuande with a punch.

The whole world shivered under the power of this punch.