Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 801

Chapter 801: White Tiger Flame

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The golden armored youth is even more direct, with a golden body, as if a **** descended from the sky, a spear wielded the magical power of the Dao, and a huge crack appeared in the already unstable unstable void.

Lin Jin'er, who was also bold and ambitious just now, was a little stunned when she saw this terrifying offensive. She clearly felt that the three of them might be strangled in an instant.

The cold young man who is not far away, at this time, there is a smug smile on his face. Seeing the combined power of the three, he thinks that ordinary gods and emperors cant take it, and such a six-level guy in this field is also sure There will be panic and panic, and may even turn around and run away.

He is even ready to take action at any time!

However, when Lin Jin'er was worried and the cold young man was proud, they suddenly saw Zhao Yuande's finger on the field gently flicking towards the terrifying white tiger.

Suddenly a scream from the sky came, and a huge white tiger's abdomen was cut into a large mouth with a length of several feet, and the visceral blood inside fell down like rain.

"This..." The cold young man who originally planned to intercept only felt cold all over his body. What kind of means was the other party, so terrible, but he was able to cut the solid white tiger's stomach with one finger.

You have to know that he has fought against this scholar who is a refined scholar. He deeply knows the strength of the other party, especially the physical body is beyond many peers, which makes him a little afraid!

The barbarian teenager has already rushed to Zhao Yuande in front of him, and the huge fist has reached the top of Zhao Yuande.

"Let me come down!" Zhao Yuande swayed a big tree behind him, suddenly pulled up a thousand feet, turned into a heavenly pillar, and thick vines fell from the tree, and instantly became a barbarian of giants. The juvenile twine was firm and firm, and swung into the dense canopy.

"Roar!" The young boy roared, madly twirling his fists to smash the tree, but the result was only a burst of loud noises. The teenager only felt that the double fist was hurt by the shock, and he did not hurt it at all. The tree was divided, and even a leaf was not shaken off.

In the end, the young man in the gold armour was unlucky. He was pumped up by a few thick vines falling from the sky, and the blood in the mouth and nose was spurting wildly. The spear of the original mighty spear fell to the ground.

"This..." Even Lin Jin'er was a little stunned at this time. Zhao Yuande was not the strongest state at this time. Although she knew that Zhao Yuande would win, she did not expect to win so simple and so relaxed.

In fact, even Zhao Yuande himself was a little dazed. He didn't expect the cut-off finger to be so powerful, or the undead tree to go against the sky. Zhao Yuande even doubted that he could break this undead tree under the state of chaotic holy body.

"Roar!" The white tiger was wounded and roared wildly. A bright white light ball squirted from the white tiger's mouth. The void around him was instantly melted. Even if it was hundreds of feet away, Lin Jiner felt the white light ball. Blazing high temperature.

"14th Brother, be careful!" Lin Jin'er suddenly changed color and exclaimed.

However, the speed of the white light ball was too fast, even Zhao Yuande just reflected it and directly penetrated his shoulder.

Suddenly, a terrible flame rushed through his body, destroying his veins, skeletal muscles, and all the tissues that could be destroyed.

Even his undead body couldn't keep up with the destruction of this flame power. The power of flame gradually invaded his sea of blood...

The towering giant trees behind Zhao Yuande are gradually getting smaller, which is obviously a manifestation that the life force in the body is gradually decreasing.

"Hey! You're done!" White Tiger suddenly turned back and turned into a scholar who was refined and refined. Although his abdomen was **** like a pillar at this time, he couldn't conceal the smug look of his mouth.

"This is?" The cold and cold youth just wanted to escape, but when they saw the scene of the plot turning, they suddenly asked the elegant youth in surprise.

"Hey! Brother Liu laughed. This is the family white tiger holy flame I stole. The family is only the size of broad beans. It has been hidden in the most secret room. I didn't expect it to be discovered by me at last. I stolen it without knowing it. , Become my killer!" Ruya scholar laughed happily, his face could not conceal the proud look.

"Baihu Shenghuo!" Not only the cold young man was stunned, but even Zhao Yuande was a little stunned at this time. He did not expect to encounter such a thing today.

You know that the white tiger holy flame is equivalent to the root of the white tiger family. It is a symbol. Even if it is the highest power of the family, such as those terrible existences that exceed the **** emperor, even if they dare not use it easily, they did not expect to be used by this guy. Steal it out!

This is equivalent to the most powerful weapon of the White Tiger family. Unless it is time for life and death, the last moment of ruining the family and genocide is impossible to take out and spend!

"14th Brother! How are you?" Lin Jin'er hurried over, his face showing concern.

She heard clearly, however, Baihu Shenghuo knew that it was not a mere thing. Looking at Zhao Yuande's painful appearance again, he suddenly felt a little flustered.

"It's okay! It's still under my control." Zhao Yuande grinned at her and gave her a steady look.

Lin Jin'er took a breath and slowly put a heart down.

Zhao Yuande felt that this was a good loss, and at least sounded the alarm for him. Don't think that you are invincible, and nothing can hurt you.

"Qinglian!" Zhao Yuande was finally helpless and could only wake up the fire of Qinglian, otherwise he would be tortured to death.

"Master!" came the voice of a childish child, and the cyan boy burst into Zhao Yuande's body happily, "delicious!"

Zhao Yuande felt that the flame in his body seemed to be that the mouse had met the cat, and fled wildly in his body, while the cyan boy seemed to be really a kitten, making the flame constantly.

"Qinglian! If you continue to toss like this, I'll be scorched!" Zhao Yuande only felt that the flame burned the body, and the extremely terrible flame passed inadvertently through his internal organs, always leaving wounds that were almost incurable. If it werent for Zhao Yuandes immortality, he would have been tossed to death.

"It's fun!" The cyan boy giggled, and won, grabbed the flame, rubbed it in his hands, and finally turned it back into a white flame.

Zhao Yuande could clearly feel a burst of rumors from the white flame. This white flame also seemed to have brilliance, felt the imminent limit, and begged hard, making people feel a little unbearable.

However, Zhao Yuande was not sympathetic at all. The other party would have to kill himself. If he sympathized, it would be a brain problem.