Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 803

Chapter 803: Shameless

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Those big men let them follow the other two immortals to the lower realm, in fact, they also want to inspire many immortal species in the lower realm, so that they have a hard goal and let them not be restless.

The beautiful woman in the middle and the indifferent young Daoist could not help moving slightly when they heard Xiaoxianjun.

"Who are you, why dare to ignore Xiaoxianjun's order?" The old man turned his gun head suddenly, and spoke sharply to Zhao Yuande.

"Oh!" Zhao Yuande was almost amused by this guy. He sneered a little, "What do you know? I'm talking nonsense here before I understand the situation. What does his command have to do with me?"

"Hello brave, believe it or not, now I can make you lose your qualification to enter the fairy class!" The old man was angry, his black eyebrows and moles began to tremble constantly, he threatened fiercely, "Xiaoxianjun is a fairy, representative Immortal world is supremely majestic, and his orders are the will of immortal world. Do you dare not respect?"

"Shut up! I feel sick when I see you. Are you used to kneeling and licking other people's feet! Is that what you said?" Zhao Yuande sneered. "Your little fairy wants you to contribute your wife, Will you send it over immediately?"

"Yes! If Xiaoxianjun had this request, I would send all my wife and concubine of twelve houses immediately. This is their supreme glory!" The old man with a mole on his head raised his head, and his face was taken for granted.

In fact, the old man with a mole on his brow is secretly paying attention to the cold young man. He hopes that his words can be passed to Xiaoxianjun through this person!

"Bah! What a shame!" Lin Jin'er, even behind Zhao Yuande, couldn't help feeling a disgust.

The middle-aged beautiful woman frowned slightly, looking at the eyebrows with moles. The old man's face flashed with different colors. It seemed that she didn't expect the other party to be so shameless. She stepped back slightly, meaning that she wanted to draw a line with this person.

She vowed secretly in her heart that she must keep her husband away from this guy in the future.

The indifferent young Taoist shook his head gently when he heard such remarks. He felt that he had known each other for hundreds of years. Only now did he really realize how much the other side has no limit, he suddenly felt that he needed to know each other again. .

As for the four people rescued, in addition to the excitement of the cold youth, the other three were also dumbfounded.

They feel that their three views have been refreshed by this person. I am probably ashamed to this point to the limit!

Basically, Zhao Yuande has nothing to say. He waved his hand, "Don't show your loyalty here. If it's okay, I have to leave first, otherwise the food I ate a few days ago will vomit!"

"You still want to go, hand over Xiaoxianjun's things!" The old man is already shameless, so no matter how sneered Zhao Yuande is, he seems to have turned on the filtering mode, his momentum exploded, this is a mid-level strong emperor , He came to Zhao Yuande step by step, with a sneer on his face, and stretched out his hand towards Zhao Yuande, "If you dont pay, I wont kill you, but you will be disqualified as a disciple of your Xianban and will expel you. I can still do it in Wanjie City."

Although the old man was very powerful and powerful, but he just reached out his hand, but did not directly go to Zhao Yuande.

Although he wanted to kneel and lick Xiaoxianjun, but the power behind Zhao Yuande was not clear at this time, he wouldn't do it too.

If kneeling and licking are unsuccessful, he will offend the power behind the opponent and it will be miserable. He leaves room for it!

Even if kneeling and licking were unsuccessful, it was just a bit of infamy, which did not matter to him. Without touching the bottom of the force behind the opposite, I believe that the other party will not care about himself when he looks at his master's face.

"Okay! I'm waiting here. You cancel one!" Although Zhao Yuande doesn't understand the other party's ideas, he also sees that the other party doesn't dare to be too arrogant. After all, this is Wanjie City.

"Whose class is he?" The old man simply did not ask Zhao Yuande, but turned to look at the four.

"It seems to be a special class!" Ruya scholars whispered.

"Special recruiting class!" The old man suddenly felt very tricky, and his face was uncertain.

"Liu's boy, what does the immortal master want to do with this person?" The old man felt he still needed to ask clearly before saying that he quietly passed on the voice to the cold young man.

"It's a practice method, at that time..." The cold and cold youth said about the cause and effect of the incident, of course, a reduced version. In many places, it was deliberately arrogant to say Zhao Yuande, and it was unreasonable to force buy and sell. Take away the favorite skill of the immortal.

There are many loopholes in this statement, so that middle-aged women and young priests can't help but wrinkle slightly, they know that the other party is lying, and they can only guess the truth of the matter.

However, the old man with a mole on his face was full of joy, and looked at Zhao Yuande's eyes full of gloating expressions.

"You dare to **** even the things that immortals make adults value, is it because you have a powerful force behind you? If you act like this, even if you fight against the forces behind you, I will take you to the immortal envoy, Then let the forces behind you come to lead people!" The old man said righteous words, he just needs the words of the cold young people just now as a reason, he kept talking to the other party whether it was true or false, anyway, he stood in a rational Supreme, its right to say anything,

Even if he loses his guard and hurts the other party, it is also due to the other party's inconvenience and has nothing to do with him.

"It's shameless! How could there be someone like you in Wanjie City?" Lin Jin'er couldn't control the anger in his heart, trembling at the old man's body.

"Okay! There is nothing to say about this kind of person. Since he wants to go to war, come on!" Zhao Yuande patted Lin Jin'er on the shoulder and whispered in her ear, "It's no big deal to reveal your identity."

"Two seniors, what do you think?" Zhao Yuande suddenly turned to look at the middle-aged woman and the young Taoist, both of whom also represented the forces of Wanjie City.

In fact, these three men had seen him a long time ago, and it was this middle-aged woman who sent him the invitation letter. She was one of the guardians of the three giants of Wanjie City, the disciple of the woman who was surrounded by purple mist. The young Taoist is the disciple of the middle-aged Taoist, and the old man with a brow and mole is the disciple of the red-clothed boy.

Among the big three, Zhao Yuande's most disobedient is the red child. This person has some yin and yang strangeness. I don't know what practices to practice and cultivate myself into a child. Although I was polite when I met at the time, I was still in the bones. There was also some high arrogance, and there were some sneers and sarcasm with guns and rods, and it seemed that he still looked down on Zhao Yuande.