Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 804

Chapter 804: White Coat Girls

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"This..." The middle-aged woman raised her eyebrows. Although she didn't like the old man's practice, the three guardians of the Wanjie City shared the same spirit. If he objected publicly, he could not say that the master should blame herself, but she He couldn't get through the hurdle in his heart, and hesitated for a while.

"Well! At this time, it is wrong, Zong Yuan I advise you not to move those crooked thoughts!" What everyone did not think is that the seemingly indifferent young Taoist, at this time, said lightly, "But if you insist on doing so I wont stop you, you have to think about the consequences."

Although the words of the young Taoist have no practical meaning, they express an attitude.

Zhao Yuande looked at the young Taoist. Although these words did not speak for himself, they also had a deterrent effect, which was considered to have helped him in secret.

He nodded slightly to the other party in a hurry, expressing his gratitude.

The old man known as Zong Yuan frowned, and the words from the young Taoist put pressure on him, and the other party's obvious words were threatening.

In his heart, he believed that if there would be any disagreement between the two, it could only be a middle-aged woman, but he did not expect that the young Taoist priest, who had been silent, had opposed himself.

"Okay! I will take care of my own affairs, and it has nothing to do with you at this time!" The old man gritted his teeth and dropped a ruthless sentence. This is to clear the relationship between the two people. If they can pull with the fairy angel If you fail, you may be punished by the master. If this is not in line with the masters purpose, he may be miserable.

"Senior, he also robbed the white tiger torch of my white tiger family, and asked my senior to help me take it together. My white tiger family will be very grateful to the senior." Ruya scholars saw that the old mans attention was fixed, and he immediately added to the old man. There was a fire.

"Baihu family Baihu holy flame!" The old man looked at him with joy, and the power of the Baihu family was not weaker than the force behind his master. If they are added in twos, the probability of winning this matter may be greater.

"Hime nephew rest assured that I have some relationship with the Hu Roo who protects the family. You have given me the White Tiger family!" With the addition of the White Tiger family, the old man finally settled down.

"Have you finally decided to do it?" Zhao Yuande whispered to Lin Jin'er around him, "You lean back, this guy is too strong, I might have to go all out, and I might not be able to control the power for a while, the more I get away The farther the better!"

"The eleventh elder brother be careful." Lin Jin'er nodded, his body continuously receding, and then stopped gradually until he withdrew thousands of feet.

"Hand over two things, and nothing happened to me. If I don't pay, I'll take it myself!" The old man named Zong Yuan walked towards Zhao Yuande step by step, with a greasy smile on his face.

"Come and get it if you have the ability! Will I be scared to see the young man!" Zhao Yuande stood upright, and behind him was a giant tree with a huge tree head, which almost covered the entire starry sky, a huge life force. Flooded, the surrounding trees and trees seemed to be stimulated like crazy, growing wildly.

With Zhao Yuande's troubles, almost the entire Wanjie City felt this magnificent vitality, and the towering giant trees above his head covered the sky and covered the sun. The three circles of the red sky in the sky were empty. It can't illuminate a tiny bit.

"Okay! Very good! Since you want to recruit more people and want to make things bigger, then I will take you down before they come. I want to let you know that your little trick is in the God Emperor. In front of him, it was simply unbearable." Zeng Yuan's denomination became extremely cold. He raised his hand and grabbed Zhao Yuande, and an illusory big hand appeared. A celestial power suddenly suppressed, making the majestic giant The tree suddenly fell three points.

However, Zhao Yuande was not panic. He could clearly feel that the other party was not using his full strength, and he still had the confidence to take over this catch.


The hard-to-tough confrontation broke out in an instant, and everyone only heard a bang, and the entire tree that covered the sky burst at once, exploding the entire void into a huge hole, and the blasted tree became endless. The power of life is rippling around in the space. At the next moment, these powers of life have formed a small tree again on the top of Zhao Yuande's head, still lush and vigorous.

With a big hand that shattered the giant tree, the power has been reduced by at least half, but it is still enough to kill a strong man at the peak of the Divine Emperor, and grabs it again with an unstoppable momentum.


The tree shattered again, but once again reduced the power of the big hands by half.

"Is there only this power?" Zhao Yuande never went to gather the majestic power of life, but his body jumped high, pointing at the unreal big hand.

The big hand was as if a piece of rag was torn by a sharp blade, making a squeak, and then broken like a soap bubble.

Zhao Yuande slowly fell, while Zong Yuan was holding his palm with a very ugly look.

The crowd looked at your scene with dementia at this time. They could not believe what was happening in front of them.

Especially the four cold young people, they are a little bit afraid when they think about it. Just now they were really provoking this person. If the other party really wants to kill them, I am afraid they will crush them to death.

The middle-aged woman sighed in her heart at this time. She did not expect Zhao Yuande to be so powerful. She made a rough estimate. This young man may have some unknown killer skills. Even so, he can rank in the fairy class. In the first fifty!

She regretted it a little, and she should have said a few words just now, so that the young man could feel better about herself.

At this time, the young Taoist was still calm, but his heart was choppy. The strength of this young man was beyond his expectation. He just said that he just wanted to have a good relationship. Right target.

At this time, Zong Yuan was the most frustrated in his heart. He did not use full strength just now. He knew that if he used full strength, the other party could not be so calm. Next, although he was confident that he would take Zhao Yuande next time. , But he still can't do it because there is no chance.

"Who is making trouble in my Wanjie City, don't you know that fighting is not allowed here?"

A majestic voice came, followed by dozens of human figures flying, these people have powerful and frightening breaths, and each of them is a **** emperor or a powerful person above the **** emperor.

At this time, these people surrounded a stunning woman in white, and everyone's face was filled with the word respect.

This woman in white has a temperament that is ethereal and immortal. Although her face always shows a faint smile, but Zhao Yuande can see it, her eyes are full of indifference, as if she is looking down on this world, as if all cultivation in this world The person does not seem to exist in her eyes.